The Brat and The She Devil-Episode 47


He looks down, yes he was hard.
”Down boy”‘ he whispers
”Come on Brian, i know you want it””
”Actually. I was thinking about her when you were touching, possibly the reason for this rising bulge but don’t worry,
She scoffs ”how tacky, but like i said, it doesn’t matter, you can think of a thousand women, as long as i can rock that it’s fine by me, i am not the jealous type” she walks towards him he move away placing his hands before him ”Well, i am jealous for me, that’s enough to cover me and the girl i like”
”Does she know you like her?”
”does she like you back?”
”Well…i don’t know” his brows furrows
She laughs ”You are pinning over a girl who might actually not like you?”
”I am not pining over a girl who might actually not like me, we kissed, twice, and she was jealous i was going out even though she didn’t want to ask me and flares up, i think the feeling is mutual somehow, i just have to find out” he says more to himself than to her
”Come here Brian, i think you need a mature woman like myself who knows what she wants than a little girl who can’t tell what she feels”
;”I think i would take my chances with the little girl, but, she is lady, all class, beautiful, sexy, intelligent, annoying, temperamental, but…i think i would hope on that ship and see where it goes. I would come pick your computer later and fix it up for you Ma’am, thank you” with that he turns and leaves.
She laughs ”No one has ever turned me down before until you Brian, even the more reason why i like you. A little more push and you will fall, and lucky for you i have all the time in the world” she smiles going back to her seat; she opens her drawer and pulls it out.
Then she turns the channel back to what she was watching before he came in. She opens her legs and slips it, closing her eyes as the vibrator works between her legs.
Brian comes down to find Vicky leaving the kitchen, she takes one look at him and busted out laughing.
He stares at her then it dawns on him ”Why didn’t you tell me? Why didn’t you warn me”
”Sometimes you need to find out for yourself, so, i guess you are her new lap dog for the time being?”
He shakes his head

”No, she can find someone else for that, not interested”
”she doesn’t give up easily”
”she hasn’t met me before then, i am pretty stubborn too”
Vicky smiles ”Good luck then, you still haven’t eaten, we have less hands in there so hurry up”
”Thanks ”
He goes to eat, it wasn’t much but it quenches the hunger in his tummy.
Maybe it was a bad idea to go up there, he would just have to stay clear away from her while he works here.
”So, it better be good Tony”‘ John says as he turns to pick his call, he yawns.
”so i asked a few staffs around, he just started working there of recent, something about paying a debt, they weren’t exactly aware, they say he comes in by 8pm and leaves around 4 mostly, every day”
”So that means he would be there tomorrow and the next and the next?”
”Well i suppose”
”Okay good, i need you to do something for me okay, be at the club tomorrow too, maybe for the next two days, just to make sure, go before eight to see when he comes, and chill till after four to see when he leaves, i need to know how he can be reached”
”it would cost you more, i am a tech person not some baby sister”
”Whatever, i would top what i am paying you for this, just do it and let me know okay?”
”Okay. Thanks man”
He cuts the call, turns on his bed and goes back to sleep.
Sometime during the night, he goes back upstairs and knocks on her door..
”Come in”‘ she says
He steps in to see her lying on the couch, ”came back for me?”
”The computer, i would have to lossen it and work on it downstairs, the light here is too dim, ”
”sure, go ahead.”
He goes to the desk, unplugs it from the socket, and lifts it, taking it out of the room and closes the door.
She smiles ”i have patience Brian, too much of it” she says leaning backwards smiling to herself.
Two hours later, it was past four when he lifts the computer back to her office, he knocks but no answer..
He knocks again. Gesto comes up the stairs to find him there.
”Madam left an hour ago”‘
”Oh okay, i need to fix this up back in her office”
”go ahead, she said to tell you to check her table, she dropped a package for you there.”
”trying to get into the Boss’s good graces?”
”Nope, just looking for extra jobs to cash in Gesto, not everyone is looking for ”Good Graces”’
Gesto smiles climbing the rest of the stairs, he opens the door for Brian to enter, he stands at the door as Brian places the computer back on the table and sets it up. Tomorrow she would see that the glitch is gone and her files are safe. Done, he looks at the table to see an envelope with his name on it, he picks it up

”Guess this is what she meant”
”what is that?”
”Payment for that” he indicates to the computer
”Oh!! Buy me a beer?”
Brian looks up smiling ”Sure!!”
”Doesn’t mean we are friends though, i would still break your balls if you mess with me” He steps away for Brian to pass as he closes the door
”I think we would have a twisted friendship, you and i Gesto. ” he goes down the stairs
Gesto laughs ”whatever that means, hey, you going to buy for Telema too right?”
”Any other family members you want me to buy for Gesto?”
”Heh!! That would be all”
”Great, happy to hear that, can i grab my stuff first? I feel violated walking around with briefs and my bulge in view.. can’t wait till the debts is paid”
”Well, you give the girls a good sight, most of them actually come to check out the hot cute waiter” Gesto laughs as he mimics how a girl would say it
Brain laughs ”yeah right!!”
”For real, let’s make a deal, you help me get a girl and i won’t break your balls”
”Nah, i don’t pimp Gesto, you are a man, get your own damn girl”
Gesto sighs ”But you are still getting me that beer”
”Well, that i can do, see you at the bar in a bit then, unless you want to watch me dress up?” he opens the door to the changing room where he dropped his jeans and bag.
”No, but i would wait, don’t want you skipping on the beer”
Brian laughs shaking his head.
As soon as he reaches home, he hits the bed immediately.

Morning came faster, he sighs rolling off the bed, dragging himself to shower.
He was putting on his jacket when he hears Ikena drives in, grabbing his jacket he leaves his house locking the door.
”Goodmorning Sir!!” Ikena greets him
”Goodmorning Ikena, i wish the night were longer” he slips into the car, resting his head back and closes his eyes.
”Long night?”
”you have no idea”
”Miss Adora, we are picking her up right?”
Brian sighs ”yes we are!!”
I see the car drive in, not as though i was waiting on them but, i wasn’t sure if they would come. I was on the verge of calling John or some taxi company after pacing the length of my room when i turn to see the car drive and park, the horn goes off.
I peer out of my window to see the second person in the car.
At least he came too, i thought he would rather prefer to skip being in the car with me. i grab my bag as the horn goes off the second time, keeping a straight face i step out, lock my door and slip into the car Ikena holds the door open for me.
”Hello Ikena, thank you” i smile at him, i enter the car and frown, not sparing him a glance
”Goodmorning Madam!!” he nods
”Morning Miss Adora” Brian says, his eyes were closed, resting his bead backwards. So he wouldn’t even look at me?
”Morning!” i seat back, cross my leg and face the road. We reach the office in less than twenty minutes, i was out of the car before Ikena would open the door, ”Thank you Ikena ” i say stepping out, disappearing up the stairs and into the building.
”So, are you going to sit there like a kid and won’t fix this, whatever this is?” Ikena slips back into the car
”I will, just feeling abit tired this morning, plus, i don’t want to fix this infront of you, you are bad mojo for my rep Ikena” Brian opens and steps out of the car, he stretches ”plus, i am hungry, i can’t fight a woman with an empty stomach, you know how women are, i would be too hungry to coordinate my thought.”
”Hmm, i see, okay, where do you want to eat? Have you got means, you know i could borrow you but your father would kill me, but i can give you a thousand naira, he wouldn’t have to know”
”Nah!! Today, i am proud to say i made my first cash, all with my hands” he taps his back pocket
”Oh really, how?”
”Fixed up some computer having some glitch, got paid for it”
”Oh lucky-you, i didn’t know you were all sense and intelligent and handy aside-” he lets it trail off
”Aside what? Spending money, women, booze and living a rich son’s life?”
”Well!” Ikena shrugs
”well, i am more than meets the eyes Ikena, more” Brian looks around ”Do me a favour, there is this lady that passes here selling food on a wheelbarrow, if you hear her, call me, please”
Ikena smiles ”The king looking for scraps to eat”
”What choice do i have, plus, it wasn’t much, the pay, doesn’t mean i have to spend it on five star restaurants that would finish it in one sitting, i have to be smart, and think of other days,”
Ikena nods, ”You are learning, that’s a good thing Brian”
”it is Mr or Sir Brian to you, just because we talk doesn’t mean you don’t know your place ” Brian smiles, Ikena smiles back
”Aye capt Brian,”’ he salutes
Brian laughs shaking his head ”See you later Ikena, guess i have to go coax her some”
”yes, you should.”
”wait, shouldn’t you be advising me against it, like she is my boss and stuff”
”it never stopped you before to do what you want”
”well, this isn’t about me doing what i want, this is me ..liking her, wouldn’t you advice me that i shouldn’t, she is my Boss, and all that jazz?”
”Nope, i think no one should advice anyone about a woman when he is old enough to decide what he wants. And besides, if you both like each other, it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks”
”but the thing is…i don’t know that”
”then you find out”
”okay, you have a little sense too Ikena”
”Yeah!! I am not all driver and bodyguard and military man Sir Brian”
”No” Brian shakes his head ”You are not all that”.
The knock on my door causes me to raise my head; i have been waiting for that door to open for the past one hour, and for him to enter. i clear my throat.
”Yes, come in”‘ i grab files from the desk and opens it. He comes in and shuts the door behind him ”Ma’am, good morning”
I raise my head frowning ”John, how are you”
”You sound disappointed, where you expecting someone else?”
I close the files ”No, i wasn’t ” i lied ”what is it”
” I came to apologise for my behaviour yesterday, i am truly sorry”
”That’s fine ”
He sits, i raise an eyebrow up ”i don’t remember asking you to sit down” i was still hoping he knocks and comes in. Not because of anything though, i just.. I don’t even know what i want, i sigh

”I am sorry Ma’am, i just want to help you with anything you may need. ”
”Nothing at the moment John, ”
”Okay, ” he nods getting up ”should i get you coffee, snack, anything?”
”No John, thank you John. I already asked the intern to help me with that when she is free”
He nods leaving, i stare at the door for a few more minutes, by the time it clocks an hour. I knew he wasn’t coming. Maybe, he meant it when he said he didn’t want to kiss me again, or want my answer anymore. Maybe he was really really angry with me.
I bite my lips, maybe i ruined this. Whatever this is. It was my fault, my fault. And i ..kinda miss him, that Brian, the one whose smile reaches his eyes, the gentle one, the one who said he liked me, wanted to kiss me and actually kissed me. The one who causes my throat to close..the one who..
***Knock knock***
I stare at the door; i already gave up on him coming. It must be John or maybe Lucy, the intern.
”Yes, come in” i sigh turning away.
The door closes, the person doesn’t move. Frowning i look up, there he was, resting on the door, staring at me. Not only did my throat close, my heart catches in my chest.