Natasha Reloaded Season 2 Episode 22



“Sleepy sleepy, time to go” a feminine voice said and before Natasha’s brain could process the voice, Lisa had already taken her out with a hard blow to her face.

Natasha’s uncle came back from work feeling exhausted and tired. He saw the door locked up so he bent down and checked under the doormat where he saw the key.

Entering inside his house, he walked straight to his room where he took a shower and changed from his work cloth to a singlet and jeans short.

He walked straight to the kitchen and opened the pot but was surprised to see all pots empty.

“What the? So Natasha didn’t even cook?” He asked himself as he closed the pot and opened the cupboard beneath the pot. He brought out two sachet of noodles and poured a little water inside a small pot which he kept on the burner.

He checked the time, it was late already. If Natasha isn’t coming back, she was supposed to call and inform him that she will be spending the night outside which he will disapprove.

He brought out his phone and called her line for about six times but it wasn’t going through. He finally gave up and kept the phone inside his pocket.

*Door bell rings*
“Yes come inside” Donflex shouted keeping his paper work aside.

Froshberry and professor Johnbull walked inside with an ear to ear grin.

“Good day your Excellency” they both greeted in unison as if it had been rehearsed.

“Yes, you can have your seat”

“Thank you” they both said and sat down.

“Hey, what’s up with your mischievous grin?”

“Your Excellency” Froshberry began, “I think we have something important to show you right now”

“Like right now?”

“Yes” Professor Johnbull said.

“Can’t you just tell me. See am busy with some paperwork”

“Don’t worry my Excellency, it won’t take your time and you will be glad to see the surprise package” Froshberry said still smiling.

“Alright” Donflex said standing up, “it better be good or you guys are toasted”

Ken and Sam stopped some buildings away from Natasha’s house. They did a quick survey and found out that the building they were was deserted. It could be that the occupants were on a vacation or they aren’t back from work.

Swiftly, they climbed to the top of the roof and they have a nice view of Natasha’s house.

“It looks too quiet” ken said as he observed the house through his binoculars.

“Whose that?” Sam asked, he was with his own binoculars too and saw a man coming out from Natasha’s house.

“That is her uncle” ken said “look the expression on his face, something is definitely wrong”

“Yes ken, I agree with you. He look as if he’s looking or searching for someone”

They watched as Natasha’s uncle stood outside the gate for some minutes looking at the streets. After about thirty minutes of standing, he turned back and went inside.

“Are you with that x ray binoculars?” Ken asked Sam.

“Yes, I brought only one though”

“Give it to me” Ken said and Sam brought out his bag pack. He zipped it open and brought out the binoculars which he gave to ken.

“thanks” ken said collecting the binoculars from him. He turned on the x ray mode and watched inside the house.

The X ray mode made he see through the walls but not in a normal way. He could only see the skeletons of living things through the wall and with his high level of intelligence, he will be able to tell if it is a man or woman.

After seeing only one person in the room, he turned off the x ray mode and kept the binoculars aside.

“I think I know who he is looking for”



Donflex, Froshberry and professor Johnbull took the Elevator and moved straight to the underground floor. The Elevator stopped with a bing and the doors gave way.

Froshberry came out first, Prof second and Donflex last as they started to walk. The underground floor was occupied by few staffs and they were surprised to see Donflex there.

He hadn’t been there in a long time. They greeted him as they all continued their work on their computers but were still looking at them from the corners of their eyes.

Froshberry led Donflex to a room and opened it. They all entered inside the room and they closed the door.

“So?” Donflex asked.

Froshberry moved over to the covered body and removed the white cloth that concealed the body.

He saw the unsatisfied look on Donflex’s face and quickly spoke out.

“The dead man you see here is a member of the Five Squad team. He is in fact a field agent”

“And what in the name of Moses is Five squad team?”

“They are a group of underground agents with one aim, to destroy you. They were also the cause of our recent misfortunes”

Slowly, it was a smile and then it became a grin “wow, so you guys have taken down one of their agents?”

“Yes your Excellency. We still have many information that can bring them down”

“Wow wow wow, keep up the good work.” Donflex said patting Froshberry on his back. He came close to the body and observed it. The body was big and muscular, just like his made men.

“And you Prof, don’t you have anything for me?” Donflex asked professor Johnbull who happened to be quiet all this while.

“Follow me your Excellency” Professor Johnbull said and took them over to another part of the room. He opened a cupboard and brought out five test tubes with some liquid inside.

“These you see here are upgrades, for the Made Men. It will increase their speed, strength and Agility hundreds fold”

“Wow, this is exactly what I wanted to hear from you, nice work Prof, nice work”

“And we saved the best for the last. Follow us sir” they both said and moved closed to a wall.

They pushed a little button and a secret door from the wall gave way to a secret passage. Donflex was amazed. He didn’t even know there was something like this in his empire.

They all walked through the secret passage to a hidden room where a young girl that had been tied with ropes sat down unconscious.

“We give you Natasha, the daughter of late scientist ken.

“It can’t be” Donflex said filled with surprise.

“Yes it is and soon enough, there will be a family reunion” Froshberry said with a wicked grin.

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“Hmm, so Natasha isn’t at home and Ben too is missing” Sam said suspiciously.

“Yes and from the little experience I have had with Natasha, I have come to realize that Natasha isn’t someone that stayed out for long”


“They have been abducted” Ken said with an expressionless tone.

“Oh my God, where’s Natasha? Where is this girl for crying out loud?” Natasha’s uncle asked no one in particular. He thought about calling the shadows but maybe it was too early, moreover what he did seven years ago was still in his mind.
Natasha’s uncle, Captain Val, Idris and Konami were sitted in a black van parked in front of Natasha’s uncle house.

“Am very sorry for your loss” captain val started “we did our best but our best wasn’t good enough. from now on, we guard Natasha with our life.”

“no need” Natasha’s uncle started “I think it will be better if you don’t watch, guard or come close to her”

“why” captain val asked surprised.

“all she needs now is a sudden start over. I believe that with time her wounds will heal but please just do these for me, your men shouldn’t come close to her please”

“what if she’s in danger?” Konami asked.

“then you can protect her but please am begging you guys, I want her to be left alone. My apologies, no offence”

“none taken. we will obey your wish but should in case you need our help, just call” captain val said.

“alright. thank you very much” Natasha’s uncle said coming down from the car as the SHADOWS drove away.

“let me wait till tomorrow before dropping the message” He said going to his bedroom to have some sleep.

Natasha’s uncle quickly composed a SOS message to the Shadows.
He was restless, he couldn’t sleep. He was busy thinking about Natasha that he couldn’t go to work. Just then he heard a knock on the door and quickly ran to the door thinking it was Natasha.

“Oh my God Natasha where have……” He couldn’t complete his statement because as soon as he opened the door, a hard blow to the face knocked him out and sent him to the floor.

“Time for a family reunion” a thick voice behind the mask said!!