Natasha Reloaded Season 2 Episode 21


“Excuse me boss, you have a text..” Froshberry ended the message alert tone and read the message from Raphael.

“Very good” he muttered to himself. “Raphael has move in, get ready” He said to Alex.

Natasha was somehow suspicious of the cab driver. He wasn’t taking the normal route to Lex’s house. though the one he followed still led to same direction, it was longer and more lonelier.

The fact that the driver hadn’t said a word to her was definitely worrying her.

“how much is my fare?” She asked in a bid to get the driver to say a word but he still kept quiet.

“I will stop at the next bus stop” she said feeling uneasy.

“Wait, don’t you want to reach your previous destination?”

She observed, his voice was too deep even though he tried making it formal.

“Why is he hiding his face?” Natasha thought as she moved to the other side of the passenger’s seat but yet she couldn’t see his face clearly.

The cab had gotten to the bus stop where Natasha was to drop but the cab man didn’t stop his car, instead he stepped on the accelerator and swerved into a route leading to a lonely and bushy path.

Now Natasha knew that everything was wrong. She wanted to shout but of what use will it be with all the glasses sealed up. She tried her best to open the door but the doors can’t be opened, the cab man had pressed a central lock on the dashboard that locked the doors automatically.

She reached for the button but the driver caught her hand just before she could press it and turned facing her not minding the car was moving at a high speed.

“Ra..Rapheal” Natasha stammered as she saw his full face. It was then she knew she was in a deep

Raphael let go of her hand and concentrated on the bushy road with no people or houses near by.

“Cooperate Natasha, that is if you don’t want to get hurt” he said with his deep voice.

A tear rolled down her eyes. She knew she was toasted at that time but yet, she wasn’t ready to go down without a fight.

Natasha removed the high heeled shoes she wore stylishly in a way that even Raphael didn’t notice anything.
Using all her strength and might, she gave Rapheal a hard blow straight to the head with her heels that blood began to gush out from his head.

Raphael didn’t expect such maneuver from her. He felt great pains surged through his body as he stepped on the break with force.

The car came to a sudden halt and before Raphael could say Jack, Natasha was out of the car already as she dived into a near by bush.

Raphael quickly recovered from the attack though his head was still bleeding. He brought out his phone and quickly typed a message to Froshberry and the made men.

He came out of the car with his handkerchief pressed to his head as he took the same path he saw Natasha running into.

Elvis sat down with his four super agents in a room designed for urgent meetings such as these.

“Men, this is definitely weird. It seems Ben had disappeared from the surface of the earth”. Lucy said feeling concerned.

“Don’t say that Lucy. I know Ben is definitely coming back” Ken said.

“You’re such an optimist Ken. Always believing on the bright side of things” Lucy said again.

“But that’s what we should probably do for now” Elvis cut in ” our thoughts can’t be negative, it should be positive”

“But why do I have this bad feeling something isn’t right” Evans spoke out.

“Oh oh, you know Evans and his instincts, always right” Lucy said softly.

“That’s enough. I will dispatch each and everyone of you to go out and search for him. I believe by tomorrow we will have something good. Me and the remaining staffs will be here trying to track him and….” Elvis haven’t finish his statement when their secret line began to ring. They were all surprise. Could it be Ben?


Froshberry smiled and kept typing on his system. D–n, today was too good for him. He had rummaged Ben’s bag pack which Leo had found when he (Froshberry) sent Leo to go back and look for anything Ben must have left behind.

Fortunately, Leo had come back with a bag pack that Froshberry found very useful. He saw some IDs and many flash drive in it. He guessed Ben was their computer geek.

Stored in one of the flash drive was the hacking software that was made by Natasha. He was perplexed at the rate of her intelligence. The software was a definition of perfection.

He was a little sad she was among the enemies. She would have made a great impact working in FLEX EMPIRE.

Apart from the hacking softwares he found. He was able to get lots of information about the little group named Five squad team that was aimed at destroying Donflex which was never going to happen.

After getting their secret line, he called them with an encrypted line. As he was putting up the call, some of his most trusted computer geek staffs were trying to get the location of the base as soon as the called is answered.

“Hello, Agent Ben” came a thick voice from the other side.

Froshberry kept mute as they tried getting the location and the seconds were counting.

“Hello, Agent Ben. Can you here me?” The voice spoke out again.

They were closed to getting their location, just two seconds left and then, the call was ended from the other side.

“Sir, we couldn’t get the location. The call was ended two seconds earlier”

“D–n, I think they’re trying to avoid being located” Froshberry said with a wicked smile.

“Should we call them back sir?”

“No, not now” froshberry said and wanted to stand up when he received a message from Raphael. He quickly read the message and his smiles changed to a frown.

“D–n, What’s wrong with you Raphael?” He asked no one as he opened his laptop and began to type.

“Change of plans guys, Raphael quickly need assistance” he clicked on the send column and watch as a message that reads delivered pop up in the screen.

Five Squad Team, base.

“What’s wrong, did he say anything?” Lucy quickly asked Elvis as he came back to his seat.

“No, he didn’t”

“But how are we sure he is the one that called?” Ken asked.

“I think something is definitely wrong. Ken and Sam, go over to Natasha’s house and check on her. I think we will make out something meaningful at her house”

“Alright boss” ken and Sam said as they both stood up and left their base.

Natasha kept running with all her might and strength. She knew she had gone far but she wasn’t sure if she had lost him.

She stopped for a while, under a mango tree. She sat down and brought out her purse, she checked inside to see if her phone was there but to her greatest dismay, it wasn’t there.

She remembered she must had left it there inside the car. Natasha was very tired, she was still sitting down breathing very fast when she fell asleep.

A tap on her shoulder made her jolt. Natasha realised she must have slept for long as everywhere was now dark.

It took time for her eyes to get used to the darkness and she could see four figures standing before her.

“Sleepy sleepy, time to go” a feminine voice said and before Natasha’s brain could process the voice, Lisa had already taken her out with a hard blow to her face.