The Brat and The She Devil-Episode 46


”Brian?”’ John sits up, he was watching Tv when the call came in, he frowns.
”where did you see the asshole?”
He reduces the TV volume as he speaks.
”I am in Gra, you know that chill place next to Cubana, around that area Cassablanca is?”
”Close to erm, old M’BIGGS, or KFC?”
”Yes, yes there, so i was with my chick okay and we were ordering and he comes to take our order and i swore he looked like someone i know okay so, i strike a conversation with him and bingo, he is the one, Brian Andrews he introduces himself to him and it just clicked, the picture you sent to me, the one you got off his file and scanned to me, that was how i recognised him somewhat”
”Oh okay, but, it’s just registering, you say he is a waiter? Or you are mistaken?”
”i know a waiter when i see one, he was wearing them black briefs, white shirt and bow tie looking like a pretty hot fool, my girl was gushing all over him,”
So he works in a cool company in the morning and a waiter at night, he definitely doesn’t own that house he is staying in, or he is playing a double life, keeping more than two jobs so no one would suspect his illegal activities.
”but are you sure though?”
”Dude, a guy dressed like that and carrying orders and serving is definitely a worker here, a waiter”
John laughs ” and he acts like he is better than me. How long has he been working there? ”
”Oh well, i don’t know. ”
”what time does he come, what time does he leave?”
”Dude i don’t know”
”Then find out now eh, i need that information”’
”For what though?”
”I pay you not to ask unnecessary questions Tony, just give me the information, and find out who this asshole is for me.”
”Fine, no problem”
John relaxes back on his chair, he rubs his jaw ”Brian Andrews, empty file, kenekan lolo, Waiter, official car, office, big house. Firewalls blocking off his internet profile. Hmmm, definitely a criminal, but it doesn’t matter, it doesn’t matter at all. The party will definitely go down and he would be the turkey served on a cold stake.” He smiles.
”A waiter in a club? Atleast one more jab to throw at him when he feels like Bruce almighty!!” John laughs loudly, increasing the volume back as he watches the football match.
”Thank you Ikena” i told him alighting from the car, entering and locking my door as i heard him drive off.
I take a cold shower, slip into my PJ and climb my bed, grabbing juice and biscuits from the fridge i nibble on it as i watch a muted soap on Netflix.
After taken two bites i sigh pushing the biscuit away, drinking juice and place the half empty glass on the table.
I grab my pillow and tossed a couple of times before i finally relax..
I checked my phone a couple of times.
Who am i fooling? He doesn’t even know my personal mobile number neither do i. And even if he does he wouldn’t call me and apologise.
Same way i don’t want to apologise for what i started. Silly silly me!!
I hit my head as i sign turning to my left.
”He doesn’t want to kiss me again? Well he shouldn’t, i never asked that he kiss me before anyways, so whatever. i don’t care. He doesn’t want an answer right? i wasn’t going to give him one so i really don’t care either. He is annoying , very annoying, who wants to kiss his stupid lips, not me, not ever . stupid!!!” i turn on my right side
I touch my lips with my finger, closing my eyes, remembering the kiss.
It was a good kiss. No, an amazing kiss.
How can he say he won’t or doesn’t want to kiss me again, i thought he liked the kiss, i thought he liked me. Or that too was a lie?
Argh!! But i got him angry, for no reasons, because i was curious where he was going to and going to meet girls.
I am not jealous, never been a jealous person. Okay i am quite territorial but not possessive. And what the hell was i saying; i am not even dating the guy. I could never date him; he was my PA, not my type. So all this talk was unnecessary. Tomorrow, it would be professional like normal.
Boss –PA. Nothing more, nothing else.
It turn again to the other side of my bed and wills sleep to come, and it did, albeit slowly and i dreamt of kisses and lots of kisses.
It was about past midnight, when Vicky comes to him. ”I left some left over dinner for you in the microwave, you should eat before you drop, i could hear your stomach growling from a mile away.”
Brian turns after dropping off customer’s used plates and glasses. ”Thank you” he says wiping his hands
She nods ”I have been willing to ask you though, why do you keep coming back?”
”I don’t understand your question Vicky”
”I mean, other people would have left that first night and not returned, i would have, i mean who gets to be forced to be doing a job that they had no idea of, cleaning and wiping puke, having strange woman and men grab their sensitive and delicates as they like and doing other things that would have their mother’s shed tears for. So why do you keep returning back, why not just run?”
”Because, one, what’s the point in running, a good name is better than riches, isn’t that what the good book says? Plus my father always says to take responsibilities for your actions and thirdly..i don’t have a choice, if i don’t learn to pay my debt, i would never appreciate the little i will have eventually , plus, this is a learning process for me”
”hmm, when you started you grumbled and cursed and always got in an almost beat down from Gesto and Telema and screaming if they knew who you are or who your father is, now, now you speak calmly, as one who has accepted their fate and making the most of it”
”Maybe i have”
”Okay, but, it would be over soon, your debt duration, then what? You go back to your life?”
”Well, i do miss a decent night’s sleep. But hey, do you think i can speak to the manager concerning working here after this though, so i get paid”
”You want to continue working like this?” she frowns
”No, something other than a waiter or body guard, something more,…erm, more engaging maybe”
”i don’t know, you would have to talk to the madam sha, only she can give you a job here”
”Okay,” Brain says walking away
”Hey, where are you going to?”
”To see the Boss”
”Er, your funeral”
”why?” he pauses and turns, she smiles
”Oh, you will see” Vicky says laughing and walking away
Brian shrugs going up the stairs
He knocks twice and waits, then he knocks again.
”Come in, ” he hears her voice, he opens the door, the office was cold, too cold for a man who had only briefs and white shirt on.
”Good-” he looks at his watch ”Goodmorning Ma’am, it is past midnight after all” he chuckles, she doesn’t smile
”What do you want, who told you, you could come upstairs?” she is crossed legged, a clear view of the hall downstairs was visible to her, she could see everything and everyone.
”i erm.. i came to speak to you about something Ma’am”
”what about? You still have a couple of days to pay up your debts to my establishment ”
”what why are you here, ?”
”i wanted to ask for a job!”
She raises an eyebrow ”You already a have a job, a debt job”
”No i want a continuous job, aside the debt job i mean”‘ Brian scratches his head
”you want to continue to walk as a waiter?”
”No no” he smiles ”Something else other than that and a bouncer, i wouldn’t want to embarrass Gesto and Telema with my dry chest and no physique as pumped as theirs ”
She smiles

”You have a nice sense of humour eh?”
”Brain Andrews!!”
”Brian, say i would consider you, what can you do other than, what you are doing now?”
”Well i am good with my hands, and my head so… i don’t mind lifting things around if your need, er.. i am good with tech, i could help you fix up some of your computer clichés i notice, if it is software related i can twig it, i got managerial skills as well, and designing but, i don’t think it would be useful to you”
”Hmm, interesting, where did you learn those?”
”School. I did go to one ”
”so what is a good good-looking and polish guy doing owning an establishment like this money, how come you take a girl outing and have no money to pay?”
”big story and i didn’t bring her here, we met here and i did have the money to pay up until when it happened but you wouldn’t believe me, it’s a long story. So, what do you think, would there be any place you can fix me in, regardless of the pay, i will take it”
She gets up walking to him as he places his hands before him. Her eyes runs through his body, he had a great body, she had been watching him all night, bidding her time before she lures him in. He comes to her, wasn’t it nice? She smiles.
”how about inventory, and when we have issues with our computers and other tech things, you come in, twenty thousand a month, 3-4 times a week, you start immediately your debt is paid” she sits at the edge of her desk.
Brian smiles, that was small but it was better than nothing ”Thank you Ma’am. I will take it, i appreciate it”
”Hmm”’ she openly stares at him ”So you say you are good with your hands eh?”
”yes i am” he frowns
”How good?” she bends her eyes to the side, taking proper view of his ass, his hands covered his bulge
”Very good ” what the hell was she asking about how good his hands were and why was she looking at him like that?
”Good!! Maybe you can help me fix something later today, my computer have that clinching thing, maybe you can fix it ?”
”Sure Ma’am” he nods
”Great! You can take a look at it now though, to ascertain what the problem is…” she points at her computer behind her
He nods, ”Excuse me” he says, as he walk pass her, causing her to move so he could pass. He goes round the table, slouches a little on the table and puts on the computer. It takes a phew minutes to come on, he punches a few buttons on the computer and waits..
”Okay, it does have a glitch, good news is that is isn’t hidden into the system, it’s something an override than work, i would have to loosen the system up, get to the bother board and correct it, reinstall new windows and edit the software programming, it’s a virus and it isn’t a type A so it’s workable ” he says punching in a few more characters and getting a response ”Ýep, workable”
While he is there, she leaves the desk and comes round to meet him, standing behind him she leans, her breast slightly brushing against his shoulders as she peers into the computer the way he is doing..
”Hmm, so you can start working on it tomorrow, yes? I have so many important documents in there ”
”i thought it would be when my debt job is over”
”why wait eh? I will pay you up front for this if that is what you want” she leans away, looking at him again, and leans back ”So much do you charge for it”
Brian frowns, clearly uncomfortable with the way she was talking and leaning close to him like that .
How much would he charge, eh?
”I guess anything you give me is fine, i haven’t really priced my skills so i wouldn’t know which price would be suitable, i just know i can fix that glitch as long as it’s a tech/software issue and it is so..anything would be fine.”
”NGN5, 000 thousand then?”
”Er okay” he straightens up, Five thousand is okay. It should give him a few mama-put meals for a few days, he can work with that.
She leans close, too close now. She touches his back, trailing her hand down it and then rests on his bottom..she squeezes.
”i can pay you more if you use those hands on me though, those big strong hands of yours, i have been watching you, i like what i see” then she moves in closer, wrapping her hands around his waist as he backs her, he tenses
”Er, Ma’am”
”Hmmm” she breaths, her hands round his torso she feels his chest over his shirt, and then his tummy and then she goes low until she grabs his bulge and squeezes, ”Ah!! This would do just fine”
”Okay okay Ma’am” Brian pulls her hands away from his member and steps away from her, and takes another step back ”What are you doing ?”
”Oh, you are mature enough to know what it is i am doing, i am feeling you up, to know how you will fill me up”
”But-“‘ he trails off
”But what? I am what technically you’re Boss? Bosses are humans and they have urges, and you Brian are one hot bile, i like my men fresh and hot..and you would do”
”No i won’t do Ma’am”
”Why, you got a girlfriend?”
He frowns deeper ”Come-on..”
She laughs stepping closer ”Just checking, so what’s the problem, look, i will pay you if that is what you want, you want the money right? You are obviously looking for another job because you need the cash, i can give you all the cash you want..and i will treat you nice, and no i am not asking for anything other than a good hump every now and then, a few nice treats that’s all, and maybe i can set you up with a better job, like make you my assistant, pay goes for NGN50,00K per month, 6pm to 4am till you leave you help me around the office here, and love me up at the same time , what do you say handsome “‘
Before now, he wouldn’t have minded taking her up on her offer, he liked women, she was what, a few years older than him but she was a beautiful woman with all the right curves, she wasn’t married, her finger was empty.. plus it wouldn’t have been he was breaking any law or anything, besides she offered.
But, today he had decided to be better, do better, that means, things like this shouldn’t be in his idea of being a better person, all the women and the sex and all that jazz.
Yes he needed the money, but it should come as a result of his hard work, his labour and works of his hands, not when he is flicking her sensitive core and giving her a good rump.
Nope! Thank you but no thanks Ma’am, Satan! Not today.
”So what do you say pretty ball” she was close to him again, she unbuttons her shirt to reveal beautiful bosom. ”We can start now, ”
He stares at them, maybe he should just give in, what’s the worst that could happen, later he can continue his quest for a better person.
”Hmmm?” she takes his hands and places them on her bosom and squeezes, ”you like?”
He is quiet.
She moves in closer, pressing herself to him, rubbing herself to him, and then she goes on tiptoe and places a kiss to his lips. ”Tell me you like, tell me how you want it and i will let you take me however you want handsome ” she reaches down and squeezes his member. He was wearing a brief so it was easy to slip her hands into it and feel him up better.. ”Oh…can’t wait to have this big rod inside of me,” she runs him, teasing him as she rises again and kisses him
He closes his eyes…
It did feel good, it did.
He hasn’t had a good rump in a while..and sometimes the blue balls after a boner can be painful, and since wanking isn’t a thing for him, a cold shower worked everything.
He sighs, he didn’t return her kisses as she kisses him again.
”let me help you with that rod baby” she bends going on her knees and pulling down his briefs as he pops out, she wraps her hands around him, smiling as he eye sparkles as he increases in size. ”A little mouth movement would make you ready” she smiles
It did feel good to be wanted, to be desired, by a woman like this. He loved women, he loved to sink into them and enjoy the moment, never worried about nothing.
Kissing them, caressing, filling them up and taking them to the seventh heaven was a thing for him. He missed that. He could feel her rubbing him, he closes his eyes. It did feel good to have a woman want him like this…
A woman with deep soulful eyes, lips too generous for her mouth, soft breast, softer tush, whose body melts into his as he holds her and kisses her, who squirms when he touches her feet, who shivers when he kisses her, whose lips tastes like honey and sweetened sugar..
And it’s those lips he would love to kiss, her bosom he would love to caress and suckle on, her mouth he would want on his body, kissing him in places he would kiss her, and who wouldn’t have to offer anything to him because he would want to be with her, he would offer him to her.
Yes!! He would love to make love to Adora, kiss her lips, her shoulder blades, trail his tongue down her body, part her legs and nipple on those lower lips, fan her desire until she would be squirming in delight, he would bury his head between her bosom and suckle on those perkiness, and he would build up that excitement that would cause her to quake from desire, and then, just when she can’t hold off anymore, he would leave her to calm down, and when she is calmed, he would begin again, again and again until she is begging to be had, then he would make sweet love to her, like he had never done to any woman before.
It’s her, Adora, he would rather be with.
Not some random women, not some random boss. Before she could take him into her mouth, he pulls away from her, he bends and grabs his brief walking away

”I am sorry Ma’am, i do have someone i like and i would like to respect that, what we have, whatever it is we have, even if it’s a kiss which i want more than a kiss but, -” She frowns getting up

”You are speaking gibberish, you said you don’t have anyone”
”well, it is complicated, i do like her, alot actually, she can be annoying and temperamental but i do like her, and i do want to do more than kiss her and stuff and ..i can’t be with other woman”
”well i don’t care about whoever she is, plus i don’t mind if you have a girlfriend, i do have a man as well but i still get my freak on with who ever i damn please, so if you can come back here let me help you with that rising bulge hard enough to run through a walll”