The Brat and The She Devil-Episode 32


‘’Hey, let her go you fool, let her go!!”’ john jumps up
Ikena stops him “’Bros John, no need for worry, i will take her home and i will make sure that she is safe, calm down””
‘’I came with a cab i can take her home, he will not carry madam home, if he likes we can continue from where we stopped,”’ he flexes his hands, he looked pitiful.
‘’which cab? We are leaving and we won’t leave Miss here at night and go, that won’t do sir”
‘’what stupid question is that, i came with a cab and he is-’’’ he turns around to point, “’Wait where is the cab, he was parked just there?’’
“’well he isn’t, must have driven off when you both decided to fight, no one wants to stick around to see blood, or be picked up by the police if it turns see why we have to take the Miss home?’’
John is speechless “’Well we would get another cab”’
‘’well, i won’t let her be here, and He wouldn’t either so you are outnumbered on this sir John, let it be”’
‘’No!!’’ he pushes Ikena away, but Ikena’s grip on his hand causes him to wince
‘’Who the hell are you?’’ John looks at him in a different light, this didn’t feel like an ordinary driver now, who the hell was this Ikena,the way he speaks, his command of English, even his show of strength without showing strength, the fish was smelling way up to the high heavens and it was foul.
‘’I am no one but a driver Sir John who doesn’t want you both to fight , especially over a woman who has no idea you both are fighting over her attention’’
‘’I am not- you are a driver, do not say stupid things, let me go Moron “’
‘’Yes sir!!’’ Ikena nods smiling, but he doesn’t’ let go off him.
“’Let me go Brian”’ i push him
‘’Would you stop, i am trying to get you home, you asked my driver before and i am just obeying, what’s your problem, you women are indecisive, pick a struggle woman?’’
“’Really? You weren’t thrilled about the idea before why did you change your mind?’’
‘’because my name is Brian and i can, can you get into the car?’’
‘’No!!’’ i slap his hands away, we are close to the car, i keep slapping it shut as he opens the door
‘’Get into the car Adora”’
‘’It is Miss Adora to you and i am not entering the damn car, i am going with John and atleast he knows how to speak to his superior “
‘’’Really? The guy is a duffus!! And he has no idea on how to talk to superiors”’
‘’He does!!’’
‘’Does not’’
‘’Does not’’
‘’He does and i don’t care what you say i won’t enter into your damn car”’ i fold my hands
He is staring at me, why the hell was he staring at me like that ‘’ what?’’ i ask him,but he says nothing but continuous staring at me.
Brian is staring at her, why the hell was he and not saying anything was lost on him, one minute he wants to fling her over his shoulders and spank her very very very soft tush,not that he is violent in nature, actually he is rather a very gentle and passionate lover, but he wants to spank her because that is what they do to naughty girls right ?but she is not naughty, she is mean and hot tempered and a witch, a pretty witch upclose, he shouldn’t be staring at her like the way he is doing right now.
For a stubborn woman she was pretty,especially the way she was pouting and throwing tantrum the way she was doing right now. ..
He feels like pulling her mouth, the way a mother would pull the mouth of her young stubborn child whose mouth has been going off nonstop, the way it is termed “’Sharp mouth”, but Adora wasn’t a child, if he pulls her mouth now he bets she would give him a slap which would be deserving and if he flings her and spanks her, maybe today, she might use her heel on his head, well he wouldn’t want to have to explain that to his mother .. she might knock him too, telling him he doesn’t know how to treat a lady.
What would his mother and father say about treating a lady? He smirks..
Be nice to her, say please ,treat her like a queen, open the doors for her, rub her feet, bring her breakfast in bed, say nice things to her, kiss her hands, her feet, her face…make love to her body and her heart…and let your souls entwine together and let your forever be that and a day more…
They told him to treat a lady like that, well he treats ladies good. But Adora wasn’t a lady…she was a witch.
He is staring at her,
A Pretty witch, with cute lips, and a cuter face when she is angry and pouting like she is right now..
But why won’t she get into the car, there is no way he was going to let that dog take her home, nope, he may not like her but he would tolerate her…
Okay…why does he feel unsettled seeing her with John like that, why the hell did it bother him.. that too was lost on him, he feels…he feels…Argh damn woman!.
“’Get into the car Adora”” he tries again
‘’No”’ She says
What would he do now, time was going, Gesto would bite his head off if he is late, they might have to drop him at the club first then take her home….
‘’No!!’’ she retorts
He sighs, closing his eyes and rubbing his temple
‘’N- what?’’ I am taken aback as he says please, Brain, Brian almighty said please, without being asked..
‘’What did you say?’’ my eyes bores into his, did i hear it correctly, maybe he said Witch!
He sighs , ‘’you only get to enjoy it this minute so enjoy it well, Please Adora, can you get into the car so i can drop you home?’’
‘’I…er..’’ i eye him.. he said please, i can’t believe it, now my tongue is tied…mtchewww!! fine, whatever, it’s late, i need to get some sleep anyways, well he said please and my momma says to be nice to people who says please,even if he is someone you hate. I shrug
‘’Please, pretty please with sugar ontop please..’’ he says as his tone changes, he notices something about her just now, as he tells her please, her mood softens, so please seems like the magic word for her hmm, nice.
‘’Fine, i am only getting into the car because i don’t see the cab John brought’’
’’That’s okay, ‘’ he replies hiding a smile, no you are getting into the car because i asked nicely with a please, women!!!
Sighing , i turn and enter into the car and he shuts the door after me, i watch him walk away to the men, Ikena seems to be talking to John, now i am worried, how will he get home. They can’t leave him here stranded, but i wait, hoping that they aren’t that heartless.
‘’Ikena, we have to go’’ Brian tells him as he comes closer
Ikena lets go off him, and steps back..
‘’I know who you are?’’ John says, ‘’I saw your file’’
Brian looks at him sharply, ‘’You do? You did? And what did you find ..John the stupid dog?’’
‘’Brian?’’ Ikena touches his arm
Brian hits his hands away, well its good someone else knows who he is in the company aside Emeka and his father’s spies, maybe John would have a little respect for him..
But wait, if he knew who he was, he wouldn’t dare challenge him when he knew who he was and whose son he is, he would be scared, he would be really scared because not just his job would be gone, maybe his head too..
‘’Yes i do!!…your know what it says about you?’’
‘’No please, enlighten seeing that my driver is here’’
John spits ‘’Your file is empty!! Nothing is in it, it’s blank..absolutely blank and no information other than your name, your picture and your referral which is a Mr Kenekan Lolo . And you are directly supposed to answer to Mr Emeka, but do you know what i find strange about all this is that you have no respect for Mr Emeka, you don’t report to him nor give him respect or give him any recognition, and aside that, i checked out this Kenekan Lolo, guess what, doesn’t exist. And then i decided to do a background check on you..guess what again, i have to have a level A pass to get behind that firewall that is in your profile online, even the Hr doesn’t have the access keys and codes to that. So you see, something is smelling about you Brian, and i don’t know what it is but i am going to find out, and all this you do here, carrying your shoulder and acting like a lord, i will bring it down and i swear to God…this thing that happened tonight, we will repeat it and you will be the one on the floor and your face would be unrecognisable same as your oversized ego.’’
Brian laughs, now understanding. Kenekan LoLo, who the hell came up with that Alias? must have been his father, really smart dude. A combination of his middle name and his mother’s nickname..funny, really classic dad.
And why his father wanted his identity kept secret, what did he say again?
So that people would learn to respect his ability, his strenghts and his capability in himself, admire the works of his own hands, applaud his own hardwork and be able to praise him for his own endeavours and achievements as a person standing alone, not to be clouded by the mere fact that he is the son of one of Nigerian richest man, from a rich family that riches had always been their second name for as far back as the generations his father could recount.
He had said “’Son, what i want for you is what every father wants for their sons, that people should know and respect you alone not just because you bear your father’s name and carry his wealth on your shoulders like a crested award and his for you money speaks and thus everyone wants to now bow and lick the ground you walk on..NO!. i want people to respect you because when they see you, they don’t see your father, they don’t see his wealth attached to you like a cloak..they see you, and then they are able to separate you from your father’s glory and give you your own because despite what your father is and the wealth he carries, you strived to get your own, you bent your knees, dirt in hand and your nails, you worked day and night tilling the earth to carve your name and made it a foundation all by yourself and your own glory became your own, and then when they call your name , your name Brian means something, it means patient and hardwork, and humble, and respectful and go getter, and lover of people and chaser of dreams and achiever and what more, that you made people to realise that with or without that which you bare or carry, that within that great loot of your father, you made your tiny rain of achievements from your sweat and labour, and you ended up being someone that matters too. See where my joy is fulfilled, that when i hear your name son, when i hear Brian Andrews, i do not want to smile when they say he made his fathers, or he is this because of his father’s, or he is that because of his father’s and that since his father died, what his father had and left is still what the son has and owns.. no addition and subtraction, i want to hear them say, despite being the richest son of Mr Johnathan Kenekan Andrews..Mr Brian Andrews, sole owner, manager, this and that, he made this out of this and that, he is the youngest man to actually achieve this and that without his families influence or his father’s wealth.
Oh yes his family is wealthy, but i want to introduce you to the boy who left the syndrome of my father’s own is my own , he went out, knee deep and he made something out of his name, and now, we do not just know him as Mr Andrews son, we know him as Brian Andrews, the man who broke all steroetypes, and showed us a different game of being someone other than who and what we were born into. Son, that is what i want you to be , Brian Andrews..the game changer, that is why i am sending you to Port Harcourt, not as a leader but as one who would serve so you can learn to appreciate that when eventually work under you when you do become a leader, that is why i won’t let anyone know who you are and where you come from so when they begin to love and respect you, you will know its from their heart and not because of who they see behind you and the wealth you come out from.“
That is why his father was hell bent on making his identity secret, he wants him to find himself, to work hard at something, to make a name for himself and have people love and respect him for him not forced or coerced to just because he is his son. so basically, that was why he was in this shit hole in the first place.

He never asked his father for advice on this matter, he didn’t want to be part of his father’s stupid plan to humble him, he was humble, he didn’t need to see pig-faced Emeka, or John the stupid dog or Adora the witch or Gesto and Telema the bodyguards with fat heads and thin legs or even Ikena, the annoying driver slash body guard slash military man, slash army man slash all things man when you want him to be..
He didn’t need all this, but when Kenekan sets his mind to do something, even his beautiful wife Lolo can’t change it.
If only they had given birth to another son, they would have let him alone, but sadly, his mother couldn’t have anymore children.., so his dreams of having another brother to take his place was thwarted.
Now, because of all this annoying people and most especially the witch, he is here, talking to this fool who thinks he knows him, thinks he has some information on him that is as stupid as his ugly dog face.
He laughs..
Oh he wished John had seen something that would shut him up and make him apologise in a second and then he would have use him to clean his toilet floor,. but no.
His father was too smart for that, knowing just incase someone came crawling and snooping around, he would find nothing. but his father wasn’t so smart, because when they don’t find anything, it becomes really suspicious and thus they keep digging and digging and when they still find screams red flag, didn’t Emeka tell him that? It would look as though he is a criminal trying to ghost himself from the authorities or worse some mafia hit. He sighs.
Father should know that if you want the public off another’s person’s your trail, you give them bone, with a little information that would make their thirst be quenched, they should have him the son to some lame ass couple with a comfortable job and ecetera..but no, they made profile blank, now this fool thinks he had stumbled into some goldmine that needs digging.
”’John!! you are free to do whatever the hell you want, you have nothing on me, until you do, you are a little boy who is lacking playmate and sadly i don’t do men, Ikena, let’s go”’ Brian says walking away
‘’But Sir, how would he-“’ Ikena began looking at the back of Brian who raises his shoulders up with both hands to the sides raised upwards
‘’Don’t know, don’t care, it’s a cool night, the night breeze would clear his dense head, let us go,. God didn’t give him two legs for nothing, when you don’t have a car or a bicycle..what was that joke i heard again about trekking? LEG-GEDIS BENZ!, Very cheap, no need for fuel or buying another tyre, just drink water, eat food you can trek to your destiny. Ikena, let us go!!’’ Brian is by the car now
Sighing Ikena turns to John, he dips his hands into his pocket and hands him two notes “Here, for your troubles sir, “’
‘’Are you trying to insult me Ikena, you a common driver?’’
“’Nope!!’’ he takes John’s hands and places the money “’I am trying to reimburse you for your troubles, no one else will, and even if the Miss would want to..i don’t think you want to have another fight with that strong head there so, take the money, get yourself another cab and then…everyone is happy, “’ he says turning “And please sir John, don’t take what Brian says to heart, he is alot of things but sometimes he is a good person.”
And with that he leaves , entering the car and driving away.
John squeezes the money in his hands and curses to the high heavens and then back, while he walks down the lonely road because he would not be able to get a cab inside the residential area that is strangely really fortified with securities. Well he knows every residential are is fortified, even where Miss Adora is staying, but this estate looks like only the high and mighty spouses and their kids or those related to them stay in.
He makes his long trek down to the gate, passing securities and being checked a few times despite them checking the cab he came in, they asked him a bunch of questions why he wasn’t with the cab and why he was alone and how he got the swollen black eye and the lip.. by the time he was done convincing them he had a fall and it was nothing serious, he had spent an hour there already.
They allowed him to leave in two when they were done calling every check point within to know if there was a fight or a break in, satisfied they let him go opening the last gate for him.Sighing as he gets a cab exhausted.
He makes a call when he reaches his house, throwing his cloths away he waits as the phone rings at the other end and for someone to pick.
‘’Hello, hi Tony, it’s me? I need you to do me a favour and i need it now, yes it’s about someone, how do you find a ghost who doesn’t want to be found, or rather, how do you get a bio or a profile of a john doe hidden from the radar?’’
Then he smiles as the person speaks.. ‘’Great, his name is Brian Andrews.., i would be waiting to hear from you.’’
He cuts the call and makes another “’Hey, badt guy what’s up, no my brother i no forget you, how business?’’ he scratches his head “’Oh nice nice! my regards to the family. Are you alone, i need to discuss something with you, yes, codedly”’ he waits
‘’Can i talk? Okay, i need you to take care of someone for me, and i need the person to know i am the one who sent the hit. No, e no go gel? ‘’ he waits thinking “’Okay, you be badt guy, i understand where you are coming from, just incase it goes sour so it doesn’t come back to me, sha you make sense. Okay sha just organise the hit, make it smooth and bloody, yes, i will tell you when and where, until then, pass me your account number make i find you something wei you fit use they hold belle, maybe tidy some chicks while you are waiting ‘’ he laughs ‘’No wahala bro, i go pass you the code when the time comes, thanks, “’ he speaks in english and pidgin dialect
He cuts the call and then smiles to himself at the mirror touching his broken swollen lip and stares at his black swollen left eye “’let’s see who would be the last man standing Brian, let’s see how you can keep your pretty boy’s face intact, if i don’t do your strong thing for this PH wei you come, then my name isn’t John Efegor, your father Brian!!!’’ he laughs.