Natasha Reloaded Season 2 Episode 7


Elvis walked into the basement with a smile on his face. Elvis had been training a secret underground agents, he just received some troops from the US and he knew that they will be of help.
Elvis knew that though the military were strong and well trained, they can’t defeat Donflex and his made men, this is what prompted him to establish and underground agent that hopefully, will be of help in defeating the made men.
He got to the training room and stopped. The five agents were all looking strong, big and muscular. They were…..
KEN, leader of the group. He is the strongest, swiftest and fastest among all. His skills in martial arts and handling of guns were extraordinary. He was brought in from Russia and his accent was that of a Russian too, though he is dark in complexion.

SAM, the co-leader. He is very tall. Dark in complexion and very smart. He have great skills with guns and bombs and he is the silent type.

Lucy, smart and witty but very dangerous with her sniper.

Ben, the computer genius amongst them and lastly,

Evans, he is a bomb dictator and very good in deactivating bombs of any sort.
Together, they form a dangerous group known as the Five Squad team {FST}.
“Very good. You all look nice and strong. I love this” Elvis their boss spoke out “Donflex have single handedly turn Nigeria into a country filled with hardship and sorrows. Till he is caught and thrown behind bars, he will forever rule as slaves. Now everyone is afraid of him. No one wants to get in his black list. That is where you guys come in, as underground agents, you will attack them from the inside out till they fall down. Am I clear?”
“Yes sir”
“Am I clear?”
“Yes sir!!!” They shouted with force this time around.
Natasha was busy streaming through the videos she downloaded, the one that contained information about the made men.
She was sad when she came back to find out that she downloaded load of viruses when she left her laptop earlier. Without wasting time, she used her antivirus software to clean her system. She checked again and the file she wanted had been removed. Left with no choice, she was browsing through the made men.
“Froshberry” she muttered under her breath. Froshberry claimed to be a computer geek. Natasha knew that she was also a computer genius. Then an idea came into her head.
“I am about to hack into your server, try stopping me if you can” she typed and sent it to froshberry. She got his contact via his Facebook account.
Not less than two minutes, a reply was sent by froshberry. It reads, “who are you?”
“Call me baby N, your worst nightmare. You were lucky I wasn’t around when you uploaded that virus to my system. Nice try” she typed back to him.
“So you were the one that hacked into our server earlier. Don’t worry. Baby N or whatever you call yourself, I will surely catch you and put you behind bars” was the reply from Froshberry.
“Big, big words. I am invisible froshberry. I will not stop till I see you all thrown behind bars. will you be smart and do your work. I said I am about to hack into your server, you should be trying to stop me not chatting with me. As for this number, don’t waste your time trying to track it, it is encrypted ” she typed and sent to him.
She waited for his reply and since non came, she took her laptop and began to type.
“Baby N” Froshberry said to himself in frustration.
He couldn’t believe that anyone could be so brave as to hack into their server, then send him a message indicating himself, or herself as the case maybe.
He tried tracking the number against Natasha’s orders and the result he got wasn’t what he expected. His computer was showing him that the owner of the phone number was contacting him from Mars.
“D–n it, I knew this software isn’t perfect” Froshberry said clicking on another software. He tried it again and got another result. That the owner of the phone number is contacting him from Pluto. He tried all his tracking softwares and got hideous reports.
“Baby N, no. I refuse to be outsmarted by a female. Not in this world” he said to himself and it was then he realized that Natasha might have hacked into their server.
“S–t” froshberry shouted as he quickly took his laptop, opened another app and ran through it. True to his thought, Baby N was already tempering with their server.
Without wasting any time, he took his phone and called his office.
“Shut down everything. Right now. Do it ASAP!!!” froshberry commanded.
“But sir, we are about to save the last piece of the data forwarded to us by you” a voice spoke from the other end.
“S–t, shut down everything now. A hacker just accessed into our server. How she is doing it, I don’t know but if she sees and reveals the data I sent to you to the public, then we are doomed”
“OK sir, we are shutting everything down”
“OK, do that quick. I also promise to bring the hacker behind bars very soon”
“OK sir”
“Good, have a nice day”
“D–n it” Natasha spoke out. She knew for sure that Froshberry couldn’t stop her. So he had their server and everything shut down.
“I thought you are genius, seems to me that you are scared. You can run for now but I will surely get you” Natasha typed and sent it to froshberry. There was no reply so she assumed he was too ashamed of himself to reply.
She stood up from her bed and walked towards her mini fridge. She took a can of chilled coke and drank from it. Her eyes were still fixed on her laptop. She was thankful to God for her prowess and high IQ with the use of computers. It’s true the saying, knowledge is power.
She walk to her bed and sat down, she clicked open the first file she downloaded from their server, the files that are in it were of no use to her. She clicked opened the rest and saw nothing captivating about them too. Then one got her attention. It was captioned.
“Plans on how to kill the minister of aviation afairs Mr Charles Thomas on the opening day of Benin Airport”
Without wasting anytime, she opened the file and read through it. Mr Charles Thomas the minister of aviation affairs was among the few remaining citizens of Nigeria who stand boldly to fight Donflex.
Mr Charles Thomas wasn’t afraid of Donflex for one bit. He believed that people as mean and wicked as Donflex should be put behind bars. There was no way Natasha will just sit down and watch Donflex put an end to the minister’s life.
Recently, Donflex was banned by Mr Charles Thomas from using the airport. How silly, for a minister to stop a whole president from using the airport, surely he’s gonna pay.
Natasha read through the files. She knew it was confidential but she thanked God she came across it. The date planned for the killing of the minister was few days from now, when Benin will be opening their airport.
“I won’t let this happen”
“You won’t let what happen?”a voice said from behind.