Natasha Reloaded Season 2 Episode 6


Lex waited, Lisa was as well looking at the direction the noise came from. Lex stood up and walked towards the place the sound came from.
It was a large desk. He effortlessly raised the desk and what he saw puzzled him. There was a young boy that is behind the desk.
“What’s the meaning of these?” Lex asked.
“Who are you, are you sent to spy over us?” Lisa asked as she raised the young lad by the neck and his legs were no longer touching the ground.
“Nothing..I just hid there to watch you guys train” the boy spoke out without strength, her grip on him was slowly taking his life away from him.
“Lisa, let him go” lex commanded and she let go of his neck.
“When next you try that, consider yourself being dead” Lisa said to the young boy who was now breathing hard, he manage to stand up holding his neck as he ran away.
Lex and Lisa came out from their training room. They both walk in silence as each one made way to his/her car.
“Would you care for a cup of coffee at my place?” Lisa asked lex with the hope of Lex saying yes.
“Am busy, maybe some other time” lex said as he entered his car, revised and drove off while Lisa stood disappointed looking at him. She knew that was playing hard to get but it won’t be long he will be hers, she thought as she entered her car and zoomed off.
__××code encrypted××___
__××Access denied××___
___×{password incorrect}×__
“D–n, d–n” froshberry shouted in frustration. He was tired of this d–n computer and it always bringing password incorrect.
He took the telephone by his side and punched some of the buttons, without any form of delay, professor Johnbull picked up.
“Hello, Prof.”
“Hello frosh, any good news?”
“No Prof, I have been unable to hack into their data base”
“What? How is that possible”
“It is Prof” froshberry replied as he was typing some command on the keyboard with his other hand. Professor Johnbull had told him earlier to hack into the shadow base system and see if he could get any information about them. For the last seven years, the shadows hadn’t showed up again and professor Johnbull had a bad feeling about it.
“Their system and everything they do, including their server is well protected by state of the art softwares. Even if I am able to hack into their system which is impossible, my system here will be override by virus.”
“Hmm” Professor Johnbull said. He was tired of these computer guru and their up and Downs. “You know what? I am driving now. As soon as I get home, I will call you”
“Alright, have a nice drive home” Froshberry said ending the call.
He looked at the screen of his computer. He was thinking, with hundreds of ideas passing through his mind.
“Of course, why hadn’t I think of it before. That is surely the only way to hack into their server” froshberry shouted so loud that the rest of the IT department workers looked at him, thinking if their boss had gone nuts.
He came closer to his keyboard smiling. He adjusted his glasses and typed on the keyboard so fast like a typist who had been given a contract that worth millions.
After about thirty minutes of more typing and less clicking, he clicked on a green space on the monitor and another column came out, then he started typing again. After he was through with his endless typing, he clicked on the enter key on his keyboard and waited patiently.
__**Processing please wait**__
He waited as ordered by his computer, then something came up in bold letters.
–××ACCESS DENIED××–[colo
He stood up angrily and barged out of the office.
—××{password correct}××—
—××{Access granted}××—
Natasha smiled, she just hacked into Flex empire without any stress. She thought Froshberry will have their server protected but it wasn’t so.
Well maybe it was so but back then in school, Natasha had been taught on how to hack illegally into any organization without raising an alarm.
“Yes of course, that’s what am gonna do to get a job in the empire” she said to herself and smiled.

She clicked on a file and a folder containing details about the made men, it came out. She quickly downloaded all information about them.
She saw hidden files there too, some were documental and she smiled, however one quickly caught her attention. The file contained everything they have done and everything they plan on doing.
She clicked on it and just then, her uncle came inside her room.
“Natasha, you are awake, how are you feeling now?”
“Am fine uncle.” She replied, stylishly hiding the laptop.
“What are you doing?” Her uncle asked her. She quickly clicked on download file before minimizing the software she used to hack into the server.
A warning notification came up that an alarm may go off if she continued with the process but she didn’t have time to read through the notification as she quickly minimized the software
“Erm.. Nothing. Just playing with my system” she said facing the laptop to him.
“Alright, come and eat. Your food is in the living room.”
“OK uncle, let’s go”
She said as she led the way and her uncle followed her from behind.
“Sir, someone just hacked into your server and the person is tempering with our secret files” a young man said to froshberry Froshberry was about to enter his car and drive home when he heard the news. He turned pale white out of fear.
His thoughts were that the Shadows have hacked into their server. Because if someone could temper with their secret files, then the person must have hacked into their server first.
He knew that no Nigerian will be able to do that, he had secured their server and system with the best software, one that wasn’t even in Nigeria.
Surely the person must be from another country and that leaves the Shadows in his thought.
Without wasting time, he ran to his office that is filled with computers and workers who were trying their best to stop whoever was the hacker.
“Have the intruder opened the file yet?” He asked no one in particular.
“No but it seems the person is trying to download the contents” a young girl replied him.
“Good, everyone should work together and ensure that the person did not download the file and corrupt the hacker’s system with a virus”
“Sir, how is that possible?” A boy shouted from a corner.
“Stop asking silly questions and upload viruses to the hacker’s system in place of the original files!!!” Froshberry shouted angrily. He was having a bad day no doubt about it.
Seeing the sluggishness of his employee, he took a laptop close by and without wasting time, he uploaded viruses to the hacker’s system in place of the original file the hacker wanted to download.
“Sir, done” some of the workers shouted but truth be told, froshberry was the catalyst behind everything.
“I know, ensure that the server here is protected, reset everything back to default settings and check if any damage had been done” froshberry commanded.
“Sir it might take a whole day to archive that” a young girl shouted.
“That’s why you are advised to start immediately” froshberry said not letting go of his keyboard.
“And what about you sir?” The young guy that called him earlier asked.
“I will trace whosoever the person is. If he is in Nigeria, then he is doom for sure” froshberry said smiling.
He just finished his typing and clicked on a column, then Nigeria displayed boldly on the screen.
“Aha, the b—–d is in Nigeria. He’s going to jail for sure” he said typing faster. Maybe today wasn’t bad after all.
After series of typing, he clicked on another column and waited.
displayed from his monitor after fifteen seconds, he tried for about six times but it was the same.
All he knew was that the hacker is in Nigeria. The thought of another computer guru in Nigeria provoked him so much.
He stood up, today was the worst day for him in this week, he wanted to go out of the office and head home to chill his head with a bottle of beer but he stopped at the entrance of his office, walked back to the laptop.
He sat down, breathed in and out and tried again.
–××{LOCATION —-__^^^
He stood up with all the strength he could muster and broke the laptop into pieces.