The Brat and The She Devil-Episode 20


He didn’t say anything, he takes his hankerchief and wipes his mouth…then he turns and begin to walk away, her laughter reaches him, when he turns she has resumed going on her way again.
He was halfway back when the call came “’What is it Betty?”’
“”Mr Emeka is furious here looking for you, where are you and please get back too the conference room to where madam and the others are working, he is there waiting on you”’
“’Betty,stop calling me”’
“’I will, because i don’t want Mr Emeka to keep screaming at me“’
“’whatever, tell him i have gone home”’
“’He says to tell you that if you dont’get back here within the next five minutes, your present state would be the least of things you will worry about Brian”
“’Tell him that he should get off my case Betty“’then he cuts the call

Barely a few minutes apart, Emeka the pig was calling him
“’Have you called me to gloat again Emeka?”’
‘’ ’If you don’t come back right this minute Brian, forget 20%, i will remove 50% no, make that a 100, the more second you waste, the more reason i have to not even pay you your salary and there is nothing, absolutely nothing you can do…come back here and actually do help out, i don’t care if you have to tuck your tale between your legs ——“’ Brian takes the phone away from his ears and allows it dangle,he wasn’t in the mood to listen to whatever he was yabbing about.
This Emeka was getting out of line, and soon he would put him in his place, soon. But for now, he would return back to the room, and then he would look for a way to kick him out of the company.

When he places the phone back to his ears, the line was dead. Good.
He gets back and then strolls in, a few females flash a smile across his way, he winks at them, Betty turns up her nose when he gets to her
“”Stop calling me Betty, i mean it..but if its anything other than this office and that Buffon of an Emeka,we can walk something out’’ he winks at her
“’You wish, i am gay, you don’t facinate me one bit Brian, get out of my face and it is Mr Emeka, one day they are going to fire your ass and i would be glad”’
“’For a pretty girl like you? oh dont worry, i know how to ungay chicks that’s my specialty, you probably never had a good stick to break that nonsense trait from your head”’
“’Mr Emeka is waiting on you in the conference room ,why don’t you make yoursef useful for once…making others clean your mess, really stupid”’ she truns away from him and continues to work on her desktop ignoring him.
He shakes his head and turns away, walking down the hall, he pushes the door open to find the pig, the witch and her lapdog staring at him with the other minions taking cue.
He felt as though he just walked into the den of the stupid and the wizardly..without a word he goes into the room, grabs the seat he was seating on and then crosses his legs, staring at them..
“”Stop staring, i know i am handsome and stuff but quit staring at me, thank you”’ he says
Mr Emeka walks to him, leaning close to him,whispering “”Your father would be highly disappointed in you, despite it all, you don’t seem to want to learn and your arrogancy is shooting off the roof…you will remain in this present situation for a long time,…i hope you do know that i report to your father every second …so this would be told to him too…and maybe every little privilege you had would be wiped away too…then lets see how you can keep up with this arrogancy and brat-ness with a broke ass and a fine face..
Get to work and i need you Brian, you to get me the reports before the close of the day, you will work with Adora to clear this up totally and you both would bring the reports to my office before the close of the day and if this mess isn’t handle before the close of the day…you are not going anyway and you are getting nothing, maybe that luxury you are cooped up in might be taken away from you, and the car and the bodyguard and maybe your ego too…get to work brat, no one can safe you now because your daddy, your rich daddy don’t want a spoilt brat like you …no no no”’ then he smiles straughtening up

Brian face was like granite.
“’Again Miss Adora, he is all yours, use him as you dim fit”’ with a chuckle he walks away leaving them alone
“”Bastard”’ Brian mutters under his breath, then he turns to them his jaw flexing to find them staring “’ I believe i said i didn’t want you all looking at me, it is creepy..get to work’’ he says folding his hands so he isn’t tempted to fling something at the door as MR Emeka closes it behind him.
I roll my eyes and continue talking to my team, bringing their attention back to me.
Tombra enters the room “’Sorry Madame i was delayed, had to use the ladies’’
I nod collecting the files “’ Okay, we are making progress guys, while we are waiting for that to click, what strategys do you think we can work with for a re-branding?’’ i say handing them each a document, i place one infront of the fool and walk away, he didn’t open it, he is staring at me, i ignore him
I watch them flip through the file “’ this approach looks nice, the bull-pull one””
“’Yes, it has proved to be effective, i used it for a company who was going under and in lesss than a fee weeks , things began to pick up, but this compmay is much wider, a hundred times bigger in every aspect, so we need more stringent methods… i was thinking about the two last methods, we already have laid down tools, i worked on that last night, we just need to apply it. So as soon as this dust clears amd settles down, we apply this full throttle”” they nod their heads
‘’So here is what i need you all to do, we are going to compare and contrast about methods that has walked in the past and what can be useful now. The charts are looking good but we want better, and the only way is to hit the market …competitors would assume with this we should be wallowing in our losses but we have to show them that a few set backs won’t deter us”’
He snorts
I continue talking ‘’so lets begin please“’
I take a seat, with my file i begin to work..and i see from the corner of my eyes everyone was busy, but him, him?

He is doing nothing.
It’s another fours hours when John clears his throat standing up after files were passed to him “’i think this would work just fine Miss Adora, we are going to do more promotional work, a few freebies, the bull-plug and throtle method, and we are thinking of a few home fitting from the design departmnts too, we just need that department to come up with soemthing really good to make the market want it, plus…why don’t we host a charity event, what way to look good if not to give the community what they don’t have, maybe denote some computers, school accessories who knows, and we are picking the last five approaches as well with the other competitors…we know how to pull this off and it would be nice to beat them at what they think they know, this is what the team have come up with so it is left for you to give the approval and we would commence “” John says beaming, i smile taking the files and going through them
“”Well this is pretty good guys, i came up with a few too, we would run it by Mr Emeka and see what he says“’
“’I believe you don’t have anything to add?”’ i look up , John was looking at Brian
“’Oh i do, here…this is what i think would be appropraite”” Brian says raising the file to John, John steps forward and takes it, looking at it his eyes grows big…
“’You-“’ John’s eyes flares, his movement suggests as though he was going to hit him, i wouldn’t have minded that but i didn’t want nothing of that sort here, my job was more important..
“’what is in the file he passed?”’’
‘’Ma’am, you don’t want to look at this, this is-“’
Brian is seated, his legs crossed and a mischevious glint in his eyes, i stand up grabing the file from John, i read it over, my pretty face constorts into a frown,
Breath Adora, Breath
It is apparent the devil is trying to provoke me to sin…
“’Take a seat John, let us continue, ‘’ i fling the file away to the table and turn, my hand shaking with violent anger.
Just breath.
John stares at me,then at him, the fool was smiling…”Take a seat dog, your master has commanded”’
Before i could say anything John grabs him by the collar and Brian, with a quick reflexs pulls John’s hands away and pushes him away from him, causing John to tumble backwards, almost falling,i turn around in shock,John regaining his balance is geared to reach for him, it was Bola and Peter who quickly hold him back…
‘’Guy relax, relax’’
Brian is rearranging his collar,and sitting back down ‘’ you should listen to them dog, you don’t want your teeth knucked out do you?Only a push and the breath left you, don’t ever do that again’’
‘’You are lucky i am being held, this room wouldn’t contain all of us you ignorant fool, you think everyone is like you that lacks repsect,? Everyone is here trying to work hard to avert the damange you have done and here you are doing nothing other than write the witch Adora and her lap dog John and drawing me and her in a very compromising situation..what the hell is wrong with you? You think that everyone is a fool like you?I dont know whatever air you carry but in my village we treat fools like you wella’’
Brian snorts ‘’You must admit, it really was a funny picture, i figured you both would have a laugh, afterall, you seem like a loyal dog, always coming to her rescue and barking , and she is a witch, she knows that much and it isn’t my mess, it’s her mess, she caused it if she had just respected herself and kept her silly mouth shut and tried not to stain my image that day, this wouldn’t have happened, besides…it’s her job so she should do it and for you..Dog, you are a puppy you hear, a puppy, don’t try to mingle with the big dogs, because my bite would cripple you, Dog’’ he crosses back his leg, turning away from John and he is staring at me, daring me to act, do something..
Peter turns to Brian ‘’Dude, you really should tone down a little, i dont know what your issue is with madame but whatever it is, it doesnt make sense to insult her at a given, John is right , you are being disrespectful, the least what you can do is try to apologise her and even to John than drawing that, it isn’t cool’’
‘’For real Brian’’Tombra states ‘’really uncalled for though’’
Brian looks at them, he rolls his eyes ‘’Well if you both are looking for an apology, look under the table, where you won’t find it’’ he is drumming his fingers on the table
‘’take a seat everyone’’ i struggle in remaining calm, ‘’let us continue, we have an hour or two before closing time,i need to get reports to Mr Emeka’s desk before he leaves’’
It takes a bit before everyone is seated,we go back to working and i could sense John’s anger directed at Brian who didn’t care at all.
We discuss more on a few plans,put more methods into action and within the next two hours we were more progressive.
Despite the he-goat in the room, we achieved so many things, but it seemed that he was just determined to ruin our day, at every opportunity he had, he snorted,he rolled paper into a ball and played invible basket dungs which had to pass my head and hit the board behind me.
I ignored him, Johns jaw is flexing, i see his fist folded, i shake my head and continue…but i get distracted still, it’s either he is getting up and making sounds with the chair, sitting down noisely, or going back to making snorting sounds to everything i say to the group.
There was one thing bound to happen today, either Brian leaves the room and me and my team in peace or i will literally go out of my mind trying to be calm and it is not my nature to remain calm for long, i would get so angry i would start to get really really crazy, and i dont want to get crazy, i dont want to get a call from the Boss of boss and i don’t want to lose my job,i have been seated here for past ten hours trying to work and clear this mess he got us into and if he doesnt want to help, he should get the hell out of my face…and we would be fine without him.
But whatever MR Emeka had him on is keeping him here and i don’t want him here,i would go crazy..i want to hit him, fling something at him, i want to scream and pull out my harm,i want to cause him bodily arm and the fact that i am trying to keep calm is making me shake with violent anger and i don’t know how much more i can stay this way. I look at the time, a few minutes more. Hold on Adora, a few minutes more.
‘’Miss Adora ‘’Tomiwa gets my attention ‘’ how about we get some blogger to do a good review of the company, i mean we have a few good deeds up our drawers, before and now, it would just help to put us back on track of things’’
‘’Yes that’s a good idea‘’ Tombra nods
‘’okay, which blogger should we go for?’’
‘’we wouldn’t go for anyhow ones, Pobsonline and the likes are bloggers who owns much wider audience on her platform’’
‘’but she is expensive’’John says
‘’but she would get the work done’’ i sat back folding my hands ‘’what better way to break a good story with someone who was the first to post about the picture incident too,we pay her a good some and she would be spitting gold our way,a good review, more markets for us’’ i say smiling at Tombra who beams
‘’let me add that to the file i gave you’’ John says as i give it to him.
Brian snorts again
‘’For today, anything else?’’
They are shaking their heads ’’’okay lets go back to the charts and see how far we have progressed today.’’ With a smile on my face ’’ i see we have gained back some old clients…good work guys’’
‘’when she acts like she is the boss of everyone here‘’ Brian states ‘’well she isn’t the boss of me, please be done so i can leave here,really need to be elsewhere’’
‘’Ahahan Brian’’ Tomiwa nudges him under the table
He can’t help it, he doesn’t like her, not one bit. And the fact that he is without money, freezed account and stuff, the more he hates her. If they hadn’t made him her PA, He wouldn’t have ran into her, they wouldn’t have had that argument, she wouldn’t have reported him, and they wouldn’t have known or met at that club nor would she had mouthed that he was gay and likes older women causing people to insult him and have him manhandled by the secuirties, he wouldn’t have come to the company to do that image damaging that affected it and now..he wouldn’t be thinking of going back to that club tonight by 8pm, dressed in briefs and a white t-shirt and a bow tie feeling violated each time a woman calls him to take an order and spanks his butt or tries to touch his member with no remorse or apology.
Yes, he hates the witch and being in the Same room with her only makes him want to lash out, he can’t be the only one suffering. He had to eat mama-put today, okay the food was nice but still..the humuilaton,the shame,..all that because of this pretty evil witch standing infront of him, still has her job and is being paid three times the amount he will get at the end of the month and they say the world hasn’t come to an end…No oh, he can’t help it!.
Whatever chance he has he would show her how he hates her, and he would make sure she knows it by doing things to her,he would just refrain from affecting the company..

And his father can’t stop him from treating her the way he likes…
So as long as he is in this resent state, he would release his frustration on Adora Chima, that would be his consolation untill his father forgives him and lifts the freeze, which would be soon. He hopes. She is ignoring him, he laughs inwardly..
Let’s see if you can ignore me for long… he begins to hit the desk from under…while she and them are discussing..
He does it for few minutes, she stands up going to the board, and draws a chart, John comes to her and he is pointing at something and going back to check on the computer. Everyone is busy.
He sighs, grabbing a paper, he squeezes it, and without waiting for her to sit, as soon as John turns away he throws it and it hits her square on her face as she turns.,
Everyone gasps, he begins to laugh ‘’Oops, but bulls-eyes, damn! I am good!’’ he claps
John is boiling, again for the last time, i shake my head at him, in anger he sits down, i swear he was devicing means to get back at Brian, i..i just wanted the day to end…
I close my eyes, and open it again ‘’i think we are good to go for today, if i forget anything, please bring it to my notice’’
‘’no ma’am, i think it’s all good’’ Bola says
He snorts loudly now…
Oh dear Mary, i have had enough, Enough!!
“”i am trying to be calm but Brian, i believe this is a not a pit because only pigs snorts when they are covered in slime, this is a working environment and only smart and intelligent people are meant to be here and if this is not your type of high, you can leave, there is the door ..but oh , i forgot you can’t leave because Mr Emeka has you by the balls so if you wont contribute, do us a favour and be a little good boy and be quiet untill called upon, thank you, but if you do any more thing to disrupt my meeting or try to make any form of gesture that would inflict pain on my person, i swear it Brian, i swear it you will be trully sorry, i have had it with you,..and i will not tolerate one thing more, dare me”’ i am looking him directly into his eyes
Damn the condequences, this boy has gone too far. Boss or no Boss, this was a direct insult to me and i won’t take it, i won’t!!
I see him grab another paper, and squeezes it…his eyes not leaving me.

Does he have no fear what i am capable off, does he not know not to try a burned woman, does he not know that i Adora Chime can burn as well as i can be calm..?
Does he not know that he had crossed all civil line and now we are sworn enemies and i would make sure i give him back a double dose for whatever he has metted out to me , espeically this…
Oh Brian , you have chosen the wrong person to pick a fight with, you have. I wait for him, daring him to stone me again…waiting, and it felt as though everyone was waiting as well..
Betty comes in that minute, and i won’t be able to know if he would have done it ‘’Mr Emeka needs you ma’am, and you too Brian’’
I nod staring at him, i see his frown deepen, but he doesn’t drop the paper, i get up …’’ tell him i would be there in a minute’’ i say picking up the file i want him to see
‘’ma’am do we wait or leave, its already past closing time’’
‘’No it’s fine, you all can leave’’ i tell them ‘’john just pack everything up and leave it, i would handle the rest when i am done with Mr Emeka,’’ i say leaving the room