Natasha Reloaded Episode 19


Donflex was in his office as usuall. Froshberry was besides him smiling and the MADE MEN are all there, complete. They were planning a coup against the president.
Donflex: so this is how it’s going to be. We are going to plan a coup against Mr president.
Froshberry: nice one sir.
Professor Johnbull: with the MADE MEN, the task is as simple as ABC.
Donflex: so how many Assassins do I need for the task.
Professor Johnbull: Hahaha, we don’t need much assassins. Just you, the MADE MEN and froshberry.
Froshberry: this is how we are gonna do it. The president is guarded by fifty armed soldiers and one chopper. Thirty men outside and twenty inside and a chopper above them. If Lisa could gain access to the chopper and distract the pilot there, rapheal and Leo can take out the guys outside while lex and Alex will handle the ones inside.
Donflex: lovely.
Froshberry: after killing the guards, we kill the president and make an open declaration that you are the new president of Nigeria.
Donflex: by what time will the assassination take place.
Froshberry: 11:40pm.
11:40 pm.
The guards were already on duty. Froshberry smiled. Lisa took a mini grabbling hook. She shot it at the chopper and began to climb upwards.
Froshberry: time for my part.
He said, brought out his laptop and pressed a few button and there was a total black out in the area. The pilot in the chopper quickly switched on his powerful torch beam.
Lisa: hi handsome!
She said in a sexy tone. She has unbuttoned the first three buttons of her jacket and her boobs were displaying, her fresh, nice and big boobs.
Pilot: *stammering* but, how, how, did you get inside.
Lisa: never mind.
She said again, came close and started kissing him.
She broke his neck and he died instantly.
Lisa: eww!!
She exclaimed in disgust as she hurriedly buttoned her jacket and took control over the chopper. She switched off the light and everywhere became dark again.
Froshberry: go in, go in.
Alex and Lex jumped over the fence. The guards inside didn’t see them. Lex caught two and broke their necks. Alex gave one a circular punch and another a running kneel. Silently, they were killing the guys inside.
Froshberry: *through headphone* Rapheal and Leo, take out those guys outside.
Rapheal: with pleasure,
he wore his night glasses and brought out his bow, took three arrows and
Leo brought out a sniper, he set it at night mode and
six men fell down dead silently without the others knowing.
Rapheal: twenty six men to go!
Guard 1: freeze!
Guard 2: don’t move.
They said pointing two guns at their heads. They stopped because if they move an inch, the guards are ready to make two head shots.
Guard 1: drop your weapons.
Guard 2: slowly!!
Lisa saw them from the chopper and smiled.
Lisa: they need my help.
She brought out two long swords and jumped from the chopper that was very high, high away from the ground.
Lisa: ahhhhyaaaa!!!
She shouted as she fell on top of one, stabbed him with a sword at her right hand, she turned swiftly using the sword on her left hand and cut off the other guard’s head.
Alex: impressive.
Lisa: is that my thank you.
Lex: thanks but no thanks.
Before the thirty guards outside would know that they have been ambushed, it was already too late.
Rapheal and Leo brought down the remaining two and Froshberry smiled.
Froshberry: sir!
speaking to donflex
Donflex: yes froshberry, go on!
Froshberry: the coast is clear!
The president was sleeping when Donflex dragged him roughly from his bed.
He was taken to his sitting room where he was held captive.
Donflex: froshberry, hope you are with your camera?
Froshberry: yes sir!
Donflex: then lets make this very very swift.
Jummybabe who has had the fun of her life came into the base smiling. Robidon and Jay-x were angry at her before but she has begged them and they forgave her.
The trio, jummybabe, robidon and Jay-x were confused. Why was everyone including captain Val was looking sad.
They were still looking sad when Farouk’s computer beeped again. This, the video sent by froshberry started playing by itself and the content threw the SHADOWS into another wave of sadness, emotions and confusions.
What is the content of the Video?
What is the fate of the president?
Find all these and more in the grand finale of NATASHA [reloaded] season one.