The Bodyguard Reloaded Episode 8


I rubbed them a bit and opened . Wow ! There in front of me was a well built house painted and completed , the yard was so green all round except for the passage ways which had small flat stones making walk ways to the front door . Back and the bigger path towards what looked liked a garrage .

Babe what’s this ? I turned to ask him , are we moving in here ? I asked my face obviously showing surprise . I had been telling him we buy another house as renting the current one wasn’t worth it . Let’s buy a new house Ackim I had told him but everytime he just told me , we will in due time my love .

It’s our new home my love . I spent the last few months building this house for my family . I wanted it to be my wedding gift to you and our son’s . You like it ? He asked .

What ? Oh you didn’t I shouted hugging him , babe this is wonderful and I I I ….. I dont know what to say.. where did you get all this money honey , this must have cost a fortune ? I asked looking at his smiling face .

His well shaved moustache outlined his handsome features as always .

He wore a slim fit short sleeved shirt and a pair of brown cargo pants and some loose slippers . Looking like my Ackim making me feeling proud , he was my husband .

Come on inside l will answer all your questions , he pulled me forward .

I loved the interio , he had it well furnished with the perfect things .

Our room was well done , l couldn’t believe it , the twins room had everything in terms of furniture and their white beds with the initials for Paul and Kim .

The green cabinets in the wide kitchen left me in awe . The house had four bedrooms, a gym , a kitchen , dinning room, living room and a Tv room , two small storage rooms and a big verandah behind . It was more than perfect for me. His taste of things was amazing .

We toured the whole house including the back yard where he told me will be a flower garden , it was next to our bedroom window .

Wow ! Honestly I love this Ackim , it’s so beautiful thank you l said walking around taking in the back view and the wide varandah .

This house is a token of my love for you my woman , he told me when we sat in the living room , the comfort of the long burge couch making me feel relaxed .

Now to answer your question where I got all this money , am an intelligent officer working for the government under special operations . Don’t ask me what I do my love cause I can’t tell you that . The thing is that there is no quiting the force especially after receiving the training I did , so I was reinstated a month after George’s issue , he explained holding my hands .

Oh , Ackim why didn’t you tell me? No wonder those days you went away without really explaining yourself ?

He nodded . Yeah I had gone on a mission involving the president but I couldn’t tell you , am sorry he said looking at me . l would never cheat on you Paula .

I recalled the time Ackim had gone for almost a week . I tried to ask where he was going but he insisted it was some business trip concerning the lodges he was running . Dad had practically left all the 15 lodges across copperbelt to him and he had over time expanded the business. I helped to design the interiors but he did most of the outside works making sure the places look beautiful outside and the same . I recalled telling him how a good landscaper he could make and he smiled . l don’t know a thing about landscaping but I know the right people to do it he bragged .

Okay so you are telling me this job is well paying and dangerous right ?

Well paying yes he chuckled , dangerous , sort of . He smiled , some days are tougher than others but it’s survival of the fittest right ?

Please just tell me nothing will happen to you babe I won’t let you put your life in any more danger than you have been already .

Don’t worry my love l will try stay strong for you guys and it’s not only the money am paid there . Look , he said handing me the documents showing his shares under Lusaka stock exchange and a few other investments .

I cant believe this Ackim , you mean you have all this money ?

We have , my love. He corrected me . All this is ours he smiled kissing my hands .

You are unbelievable babe , l don’t know what to say .

Well you can start by giving me the whole of yourself right now , he teased diving on me .

After spending some time at the house we headed back home . He told me we would move in as soon as the electric wall fence was worked on . Later that afternoon we arrived at the apartment ..

We found Serah outside looking kind of upset . Hey girlfriend what is wrong ? I asked sitting next to her as Ackim walked past us to the entrance , let me see the boys he kissed my forehead before leaving us.

It’s Jay she started .

What happened , you guys had a fight ? I asked her . I mean . I have noticed you guys look close , I added shrugging .

No Paula , she snapped angrily . How can you think that I would go out with your man , no ways girl .

Wow wow , come on Serah we both know he’s not my man come on . am married and happy I told her frankly .

Whatever, she said carelessly . As you are enjoying yourself am disappointed to tell you that Jay still loves you and he wants you , he doesn’t care you are married . He told me you are his .

I don’t care what he thinks I think it’s time you guys left for Australia already I told her seriously .

We will Pauala but for now I beg you she whispered , you need to go and talk to Jay . I left him wasted he wants to kill himself , please you are the only one who can help talk Sense into him . Just go and see how you can talk to him .

I refused to do as Serah asked of me but after she started crying that she was responsible for him and that if anything happened people back home would blame her cause she invited him . I felt for her .

I couldn’t tell Ackim knowing he wouldn’t let me go. I just lied I had to take Sarah somewhere and left .

Unknown to me , they had set a trap for me..

To be continued