The Bodyguard Reloaded Episode 7


You ! She screamed ,

yes me I responded lifting her by her dress .

I saw the bed was empty , where are the kids ? I asked her still holding her.

Let me go you fool I don’t know what you are talking about .

Oh sure you know , l snapped angrily and you will tell me now

She smiled wickedly , go to hell you bodyguard and Gold digger she spat .

I felt my anger rise and I knew at that moment I could do anything even kill for my children .

Listen am not a fool , you showed yourself at my wedding and the boys went missing and I have your acomplice outside so stop playing games or I swear to God you will not like me at all . I scolded pushing her hard to the corner of the bed not caring as her dress went up exposing her spoted thighs .I noticed she had patches all over her body . lt was evident she used lighting skin lotions but her old skin was not really accepting the bleaching .

Let me go and leave me alone you idiot or I will scream she Warned .

Oh I see you are not good at dialogue , scream and let them call the police so you see how all this will work out for you .

With force I grabbed her neck and pushed her further to the wall .

She gulped her eyes popping out .

Where are they ? I asked agian as I lossened the hold on her .

She started saying something but her voice wasn’t coming out . I let her go and she breathed heavely .

What was that again ? I asked her .

She stayed quite .

Now I was done being patient , I lifted my hand and landed it on her face , the next one missed her eye and l saw a bump rise on the corner of her eye .

She tried to scream but I quickly held her mouth , tell me were they are I warned my eyes direct set on her.

Talk now I whispered angrily before I could hit her again .

She shouted .

In the next room ! raising her hand to avoid my slap .

I lifted her with one hand , move you are showing me the room . She staggered as she led me to the next door and I quickly grabbed my phone and text Jim to come enter and secure the doors not to let Jane escape .


Days past after Ackim managed to rescue our twins .I knew Ackim was quite hurt that day but efforts to get him to see a doctor failed .

I recalled how he spent the whole day home , he played with the twins that afternoon moving them around the yard . One wouldn’t tell they were kidnapped earlier .

We had a case where we had to testify in court for Chikola and her accomplices and so we had decided to concel our honey moon .

It was however not as bad as Ackim made each moment worth it .

The day after Chikola and her people were charged and given their sentence , Ackim told me we had to take a trip somewhere .

But babe why won’t you tell me where we are going I complained as I got in the car . The twins remained home with the nanny and Ackim’s sister who had just paid us a visit .

He drove for minutes and before he could turn off the main road he stopped the car and moved to the passenger’s seat where I was .

What’s going on babe ? I asked him with a smile .

Well , my woman can’t be allowed to see anything from here onwards he said getting a tie and blind folding my eyes .

Oh no come on don’t leave me in the dark I winced .

He came close and asked me to open my mouth . I did and he put his lips on mine kissing me .

Do you trust your husband ? he asked after a second .

I nodded my head as I searched for his head .

Come on that’s not enough of a kiss Ackim . ls that why you didn’t want me to see anything ?

I heard him giggle and closed the door , there are more kisses where we are going my love he told me as he started the car engine .

I stayed quite as he drove , where are we now? I asked for the third time hating the suspense he was leaving me in . I could bet his face wore a smile as I spoke , he rubbed my thigh on the skin left by my short . I wore a short which went slightly on top of my knees and a vest .

It was one of Ackim’s favourite dressing , he would always tell me . lf you wear shorts and a vest I wouldn’t stop looking at you .

Well soldier you love nakedness and vest outlining my breast , l bursted out laughing , on the day he had first mentioned it . He came behind and held my waist .Yeah , he whispered but don’t you ever think I will let another man admire you . I laughed at how much jealous Ackim had become . He always warned about another person touching or admiring me .

I told him he was becoming too jealous and he told me , get used to it my love . From now on am not letting anyone near you for you are mine alone and God gave you to me .

I knew he loved me and I guessed being jealous was just one way of showing it .

I felt the same too and now I was becoming jealous of Serah .I noticed her change of altitude towards Ackim but she still tried hooking me up with Jay .

They both stayed on claiming they had a one month vacation in Zambia . I had no way of chasing her but everyday that past I started wishing she had gone already, she had no respect for my home and I saw Ackim getting irritated when ever she was around . I had to plead to let her stay as she claimed she had no enough money to get herself a room at the hotel . Since it’s only for a few weeks I decided to bear with her and let her vacation come to an end .

Lately Jay would call me and text even came over especially when Ackim wasn’t around . All this time he acted innocently and pretended to just be visiting , according to him he was having a great time touring some Northen province tourist attraction sites such as Chishimba falls .

We are here now Ackim announced bringing my senses back to the present .

Can I remove now ? I asked nervously .

Not as yet love hold on he shouted coming to open for me .

He held my hand and helped me out my eyes still covered .

A few steps from the car and he went behind me unfolding the blind fold .

Now you can open your eyes he whispered in my ears .