Eli looked at her mom, she couldn’t talk. She suddenly felt sweaty.

“Eli am I not talking to you, did you say Kwesi? So your baby’s father is called Kwesi, who is he?”

Eli then remembered. She was one of the very few who called him Kwesi, most people knew him to be Jason. That included her mom.

“Eli, you’ve had your baby, don’t you think it’s time to tell us who the father is, who this Kwesi is?” She looked away. She carried her daughter who had started making cute noises.

“she’s hungry, feed her”.

Her mom watched as she breastfed her baby.

 “if you leave your breast in her mouth, you’ll make her lower lip hang loose when she grows up, so you have to hold your breast and try not to cover her nose with it”.

Her mom taught her how to raise her girl, she came to the village every two weeks for two years, she enjoyed seeing her granddaughter grow, week by week, they bonded.

It was beautiful to see how Judith for that was what she named her grew to love her grandmother.

Eli had started learning to sew with the best seamtress in town and Judith had started school, there were days she was so excited watching her walk, she was like a dream come true, a gem, and the love Judith showed her was God sent.

Through those two years, the love she had for Kwesi never waned, she still loved him with the same fire and passion.

Fred however, had gotten lost in her thoughts, she could barely remember his face. Becoming a mother had suddenly made her tougher and opened her eyes to some of the realities of life.

There was someone she missed more than the world……her father, during the two years that had passed, he had never called, never come to visit, he was still angry for she was an only child and had greatly disappointed him.

She heard a little voice outside “where is auntie Eli, I want to go auntie Eli”. Her auntie responded

“erhhh….so you don’t know me, you only want auntie Eli eh”.

“I go auntie Eli” she responded.

Eli rose from her seat, unimaginable love in her heart. When she stepped out, she saw her little ray of sunshine, looking beautiful as usual, in her cute uniform, as soon as she saw Eli, she run and hugged her, she was a very happy child, she had unlimited love in this place.

She turned and rose in shock, her father was standing behind her, looking at them, tears in his eyes, Eli rubbed her eyes to be sure she wasn’t dreaming, she rose and walked to her father.

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“I’m sorry daddy, I’m really sorry”. Her father looked at her, he was aging fast, or maybe it was because she hadn’t seen him in two years.

He held her hand and hugged her as tears flowed down her cheeks.

“Judith, come and say hi to grandpa”. Judith looked at the old man and smiled, the popular smile that had made her the most popular kid in the village.

Her grandpa walked to her and squatted, surprisingly she just run into his arms as he hugged her.

“hi gwanpa” she said in her little voice causing everyone around to laugh.

The old man turned to Eli. “I will be here for three days, say your goodbyes, you are coming home with me”.

Eli is coming back home, she has a kid for Kwesi that he has no idea about, he is also in a relationship with Rasheeda, what is  it going to be like being back home, find out in Episode 8…..