Colour Of Love Episode 1


Mr and Mrs Ayensu lived with their two sons namely Ryan Ayensu and Roland Ayensu. Ryan was 3 years older than Roland. They were very brilliant in school, very respectful, God fearing and very humble. Everybody liked them in all places they went to. So they named them R2 .
They grew very handsome and girls in their neighbourhood started giving them their attention. But they ignored them all.
R2 were singers in their church and in fact they were really talented with voice. Whenever they sing, you can feel the anointing in the church as if heavens are coming down.
There was this multi millionaire in the church called Mr Willington who also had a child called Adriana.
Adriana is very beautiful, quite and shy person. She was in the Cambridge university in the United Kingdom. She only comes home and spends holidays with her family. But she wasn’t attending church with her parents until one day she decided to go with them.
Church was full as usual. As the service was going on, the MC invited R2 to minister before the preacher comes but unfortunately that day, Roland wasn’t feeling well so he was absent from church.
Ryan came to sing. As soon as he started singing, Adriana felt something very cold on her as if someone had poured cold water on her.
After Ryan finished singing, Adriana asked her mother who Ryan was. Her mum smiled and said Ryan one of the best young guys in church.
to be continued soon