Time flew very fast, it had been six months since Kwesi had started that regretted relationship with Rasheeda. Against his will, she had fallen in love with him and over time, he had realized she had no idea he had been with her friend.

He had considered telling her several times but wondered how that was going to turn out, somehow he felt he was doing the same thing Eli had done to him.

Only he had started it on purpose and had gotten stuck, also against his will, she had gotten accustomed to all his friends and they were beginning to vouch for her.

None of them had however dared to tell her the story of his ex. She entered the room without knocking, something she enjoyed doing, something he didn’t like.

“hey babe, what are you up to, how was work, I’ll be back soon, let me fix dinner so we talk”. She said before going to the kitchen. This was the only thing about her he liked, she took care of him, Eli was a better cook but she was always in a hurry, Rasheeda had all the time in the world for him.

“After about thirty minutes she returned to the room. “you know, it’s been some months now since I last saw Eli, I find it really weird that she hasn’t gotten in touch with me, has she gotten in touch with you or something?” she asked, looking at him expectantly.

“why would she reach me when she hasn’t reached you, aren’t you her best friend?”

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Eli felt a bit of unease, she felt like she needed to use the washroom but whenever she went there was nothing.

Her auntie also came out and asked her what was wrong with her, when she told her auntie, she smiled at her and went back indoors.

They had grown close within the past few months she had been in the village, she felt a gripping pain in her belly and smiled, she was sure what it was, baby was ready to come to mama.

She wasn’t scared, the pain was normal, it wasn’t as bad as she had been told it was, she almost smiled but the pain that gripped her was worse than the first, she was ready to feel all the fear, but her auntie was by her side.

Auntie, is it as painful as people say? Her auntie looked at her and smiled.

“My dear, maybe it will be more painful than you were told, the good side however is that, at the end of the day, you are going to have your beautiful child in your hands, don’t think of the pain, think of your baby”.

She forced a smile as pain gripped her. “Auntie, please let’s go to the hospital”. Her auntie looked at her and rubbed a hand across her shoulder. “We don’t have hospitals in this village sweety, the mid wife is on her way, I called her”.

“No hospital?” she asked, she didn’t have the time to ask more for the pain that came next threw her off her seat and in a second, she was kneeling on the floor screaming. Her auntie held her and sent her to the room as the others gathered outside, the midwife arrived and was led into the room.

To be continued


  1. I can’t wait for the next episode. It becoming more interesting. We hope it ends in season 3

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