Rasheeda entered the room when Kwesi asked her to and looked around. She wondered how come her friend had chosen Fred over Kwesi.

Kwesi was definitely the catch, but if she had, she wouldn’t have had the chance to be with him so cool all the same, she stared at Kwesi who walked over to her and welcomed her before asking her to sit.

He asked what she wanted to drink and was surprised when she said whiskey. He liked this, at least this one was naughty but didn’t hide it like Eli did.

This one was good for games, he served her and poured himself some. They sat together and drank as they watched a movie, he noticed she was getting closer but pretended not to, once in a while, she run a hand over his thigh when laughing or put an arm across his shoulder for a while.

The movie got a bit mushy and Kwesi knew exactly how Rasheeda would react. She run a hand across his thigh and slipped it into his shorts.

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He felt something but it did nothing to rival what Eli made him feel, he however needed the distraction so he allowed her, she kissed him and kept touching him for a while before he turned to her and started kissing her back.

They had sex but it was ordinary, filled with no emotions, for Rasheeda however, everything had turned out perfectly, the sex had been amazing and she knew there and then she wasn’t going to let him go.


Eli looked at her belly in the mirror, despite her shame she knew having a child was something magical, she could imagine her baby in her arms, she wanted a boy, so he could look like his father.

Unwillingly her thoughts drifted to Kwesi causing her to close her eyes for a few seconds, she missed him terribly and she thought of him every single day since she had come to the village, she wondered if he had forgiven her, if he still loved her or had moved on, Kwesi wasn’t one to forgive easily and she had realized that during their friendship.

She felt the tears flow down her face and thought of her mom, weekly, she spoke to her mom on her aunties’ phone, several times she had been tempted to tell her mom the truth so she could have some information on Kwesi, but her mom was terribly disappointed in her and if she found out Kwesi was the father of her child, Kwesi was going to be in so much trouble.

She walked out of the small room and sat on a stool, she missed her friends, she missed everyone, even Fred, and even the mates she had never spoken to, she was willing to go back in time to change the whole situation, but it was too late.

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  1. Oooo kwesi he hasn’t done well kraaa , getting come at Eli doesn’t guarantee him to sleep with her friend. Even though she started it. He will surely regret his actions one day

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