It had been two months since Eli had vanished and Kwesi thought deeply about it, he was sure she had left town out of shame but he preferred not to care, after all she had broken his heart.

She had made a fool of him, he Kwesi, the Kwesi that every girl in the hood wanted, had been fooled by one. He walked around his room and remembered what it had been to be with her, he missed her, that much he knew but he wasn’t going to forgive her easy for what she had done to him.

He picked his car keys and stepped out. Kwesi arrived at the school about twenty minutes later, he was lucky, it was lunch time and he had no difficulty finding Rasheeda.

“Hi, its been a while, it’s really cool that you came to see me today” she said with a flirty look causing him to smile. Fred walked to them before he could say a word causing Kwesi’s temper to rise but he kept it in check.

“You know I haven’t seen Eli for two months, you are her best friend, did she tell you anything?” Before Rasheeda could say a word, Fred answered.

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“Oh yea, she told me she was travelling” he said dumbly.

Honestly, he had started suspecting that Kwesi had feelings for Eli so he wanted to check by Kwesi’s reaction if that was true, he had lied, he had no idea where Eli was and neither did Rasheeda.

Rasheeda turned to look at him.

“ She told you…..and didn’t tell me?” He looked at Kwesi before answering

“ well…. She didn’t really want anyone to know, but since you two are friends of hers, I decided to share it with you”.

Kwesi felt the anger inside him, Eli had told Fred she was travelling but hadn’t told him , great. He turned to leave but Rasheeda held his hand.

“Are you leaving, I thought you came to see me….or was it because of Eli?” Kwesi looked at Rasheeda and suddenly a plan formed in his head causing him to smile, he was going to punish Eli in a way she’ll never forget.

“of course I came because of you, come over to my place when  you close from school” Rasheeda looked at him and giggled.

“Ok, see you then” she said with a wink before letting go of him.

She turned to look at Fred who smiled at her before walking away.

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  1. Kwesi just acted childishly!!! how can he say he is punishing Eli in a way she would never forget when he didn’t give her the chance to explain situations to her????

    knowing Fred has an interest, he shouldn’t be listened to him
    I pray he will be ashamed of himself when he finally gets to know the true story. guys, two wrongs don’t make a right.

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