THE BLUE WINDOW Season 1 Episode 6


I watched as Fred sat quietly, he said he wanted to tell me something and I was waiting but the words couldn’t seem to come out.

“Fred, what is it that you can’t tell me, did I do anything wrong?”

He turned to look at me “yes, you cared too much, and you made me start have feelings for you”.

What the hell was he talking about, what did he mean, my mind swirled with questions.

I rose and stared at him. “How did I care too much, I was just being a friend”. He rose and held my hand; somehow, I felt goose bumps all over my body.

“yes, you were just being a friend, but no friend ever treated me the way you do, you made me develop feelings for you, I know you have been through a lot though you never told me, yet you know me, you know I will never hurt you, give me a chance to…..”

“relax relax Fred, you’re scaring me half to death” he pulled me close to him and kissed me as I felt his hands around my waist.

I felt a surge run through me like I was standing on a live wire. Before I knew what was happening I had landed a slap on his face. I walked away more out of shame than anger.

I thought of him, we had come a long way and yes I did feel something for him, though that slap had been on impulse.

I turned and saw him walking towards me. “Let me walk you home” he said calmly. I nodded sheepishly and looked away as he walked with me.

We walked silently till we got to my place. We stood in front of my gate. “I’m sorry I kissed you” he said as he held my hand. “It was bush of me, I shouldn’t have, I’m sorry”.

“I’m sorry I slapped you, I shouldn’t have either, it was on impulse, I’m sorry”. He smiled and walked away. I raised my head and saw Kwesi’s curtain move like someone had just touched it.

This was a predicament I couldn’t handle alone, I needed Kwesi to help me, to tell me what I had to do, I turned and walked towards Kwesi’s house.

Is Kwesi going to be able to give the advice needed?

Let’s see what happens in episode 7………


  1. if Kwesi is in love and wont say, then he should be left to suffer in silence. meanwhile, i doubt if he can give sound advice. hmmmmm waiting ….next episode plzzzzzzz

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