Today’s movie preview takes us to a movie titled “Taare Zameen Par” or popularly known as ” like stars on earth”. I want us to watch it as parents, yet to be parents, relatives and friends. It will teach us to have the understanding that not all kids are the same and also, we are sometimes responsible for our kids’ pain and sadness without even knowing it, it is also very good for teachers to understand that their jobs are actually a chance for them to give someone a life they never thought they could have and have them remembered for life. lets focus on Ishaan, the little eight years old boy who is the main character in the story, his father and his teacher, it will do you good to watch this movie, enjoy


  1. truly a must watch for all – its a family movie. the first time i watched it i shed tears. there are lots of children in our schools who come out / or will come out with the tag “dumb head’ which in actual fact isn’t true. the teachers only need to go the extra mile to identify their peculiar challenges and help them overcome such challenges. its one of my favourites and i watch it at least, once a month.

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