THE BLUE WINDOW Season 1 Episode 3


The look my mom gave me when I entered the house signified that I was in very big trouble. She pulled off her cloth an re-wrapped it around her body, not caring who saw her half naked body

“ Good afternoon ma” she looked at me angrily.

“You were outside with that useless friend of yours huh, waiting for your grandmother to come and cook the banku right? Yooo, you follow that foolish boy, if you get pregnant, you’ll go to the village, and you’ll see how you’ll suffer, foolish girl, when you are advised you don’t take it”.

I watched my mom quietly as my anger built.

“Ma, why do you always talk like this, I told you, Fred is just my friend”.

“Shut up, stupid girl, when I talk don’t talk, You better go and put that thing you are carrying called bag down and come and cook before your father gets home”.

As I walked away I turned to look at her.
“Ma, what are we eating the banku with?” She raised her head to look at me

“Ah, what, the rest of the palmnut soup in the fridge am I supposed to sell it?”

“But ma we’ve been eating that soup all through the week, I’m tired of it”.

“Yoo, rich girl, you are tired of the soup, don’t worry okay madam, you can go prepare the soup you want, or you can go and get something from the restaurant”. She said sarcastically

“I’ll grind pepper” I said with a scowl on my face. She smiled “

“ok, that’s not a bad idea” I smiled back.
“But if I see one pepper or one tomato missing from my basket you’ll go to school without money tomorrow, nonsense, are you better than those of us eating the palmnut soup?” She took of her slippers and threw it while I ducked.

“Go and change and come and cook” she screamed after me.

I went inside and changed, despite her anger and complaints, my mom allowed me to grind the pepper, with her pepper and tomatoes, she even topped it up with some fish for me, even though we were always seen fighting the love was deep.

As I ate I looked at Kwesi’s window, his light was on making the window look blue but I couldn’t see him through it.

When I turned my mom was staring at me.

“ is that where the food is, you better eat fast and go and do the dishes before I smear the soup on your face” the thought of my mom smearing the soup on my face sent me into fits of laughter, she imagined it too for she started to laugh with me.

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