The Billionaire’s P.A Episode 78



My hands were in my pocket staring at Catherine as she blabbed on and on about whatever she was talking about. I wasn’t paying the tinest bit of attention to her. My mind was elsewhere.

Specifically on the make out session that just occured. The one where I had Elena right here on my desk and if she hadn’t showed up who knows what would’ve happened.

But I really don’t think I would’ve had sex with her here. She deserves better than sex in the office.

“After all, you do love her.”

My inner voice so callously added.

“Yes, I do love her.”

I blurted it out to her and myself. We both needed to hear it. I couldn’t keep denying the inevitable. The moment she arrived, everything changed.

Maybe it started when we were in the elevator and she couldn’t breathe because of her phobia or maybe it’s her feistyness. Maybe it’s the fact that she’s amusingly clumsy or maybe it’s something else.

I still can’t tell when or how I fell for her but I did.

My mind was pre occupied with her and everything just feels darker without her. Then Van showed her, he was just the icing on the cake and the more I think about it, the more I find out I’m happy he came back into her life after her little accident.

If it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t have kissed her and he wouldn’t have pushed me hard enough to realise I actually love her.

One thing is for sure, I’m just glad they aren’t still having an affair.

After she explained things, I felt rage directed towards him. He used her for his pleasure and turned two women against each other. When he was done, he simply dumped her like trash.

Now, he’s back again obviously trying to win her back or something when he’s clearly a married man.

“What if she goes back to him?”

My face fell at my own thoughts.

“What if he promises to leave Octavia for her and she actually agrees to go back to him?”

I asked myself once more.

“She wouldn’t do that.”

I provided an answer to halt the mini breakdown I was about to have.


Catherine screamed and I jumped in shock.

“I’ve been talking for nearly five minutes but obviously you have your own world. Did you hear a word of what I said.”

“No, I didn’t. I’m sorry Sis.”

“Ugh! I’ll just come back some other time but it’s nice to see you’re not interested in Van. I thought he has you pretty riled up.”

My face shot up at his nice.

“What do you mean interested in Van?”

“That’s what I’ve been saying but you weren’t even listening..”

“Well, you have my attention now. Tell me.”

“Is it undivided?”

She joked earning a glare.

“No, I’m not saying a word. You’ll just have to find out yourself.”


I scolded but she only smirked.

“Goodbye brother.”

“Just say it already!”

I fired but smiled at the end trying to convince her.



“It’s nothing serious at all but I just heard from a good source that Van Mikeslson is planning on leaving his wife very soon. Like real soon.”

My eyes popped out of their sockets. Now, he wouldn’t have to tell her they aren’t together any more.

“Are you okay Damon?”

She asked and I managed to nod my head.