The Billionaire’s P.A Episode 77



Being the messed up person I am, my mind immediately drifted off to Van. Not in that way. I just tried to recall if he’s ever said the words to me. I’m not sure we ever made it that far.

I did say it to him, countless times over and I think there were one or two times he said it back. Now that I remember, I realised how pathetic I must’ve sounded and cringed at the thought.

It’s supposed to be a cycle but Damon seems to be breaking out too. He said those words first and I’ll be lying to say they didn’t leave me stunned but at the same time mushy.

After what happened with Octavia, I just couldn’t stay with myself I had to go in and check what was happening and here we are.

I dared to look back and he was breathing really hard. At least three fingers were in his hair already.

“What did you say?”

“Elena, I…”

“Just say it again.”

“I love you.”

He breathed out and I exhaled as well before moving towards him and pressing my lips against him. I planned a short, simple kiss but he had other ideas.

Being the dominant male, he decided to take control and deepen the kiss. I lose dominance parting my lips letting him gain entrance. Once he did, our tongues were rolling off each other and I was tugging at his hair softly.

He groaned and his hands slipped to my waist and then lower and before I knew it he was squeezing softly earning a low moan from me. I can’t believe I was making out with my boss in his office. I forced myself not to compare this situation to try and figure out if I’ve done something similar with Van.

We broke away individually panting and once I’ve had enough air, he pulled me right back kissing me fiercely.

Suddenly, his hands were back to my waist lifting me off and like instincts I wrapped my legs around his waist and he placed me on the desk.

The air in the room had changed, his eyes said everything I needed to know. If I didn’t stop him now, there’s no going back at all. Too bad, I didn’t care.

My hands were busy undoing the buttons of his shirt. I bit my lips enjoying the view of his abs with my skirt barely covering my thighs.

“Like what you see Miss Salvatore?”

He asked placing soft kisses at the side of my neck.


I admitted wrapping my arms around his neck.

Admist all this, somehow I managed to hear heels clicking.

“Someone’s coming..”

I barely recognized my voice while pushing him off me slowly.

I got off his desk and he buttoned his shirt back on. I tried not to look like we were just about to have sex as his sister stepped in.

“I’ll get back to my desk now Sir.”

I breathed out staring at him. I swear he licked his lips before nodding his head and I walked out of his office unable to spare one glance at his sister, Catherine. My demeanor would give me away.

In the restroom, I stared at my reflection and my face was flushed. Barely recognizable. What just happened?