The Billionaire’s P.A Episode 75



I stole a glance at her back before they disappeared into his office. Then, I got up and got as far away from the office as possible. Tears were brimming at the edge of my eye but I was determined not to shed one single tear for her or her scumbag of a husband. And Damon, he invited her over. Is it possible he’s aware of the connection I shared with Van. Why would he purposely want to hurt me?

I thought she was in the past but obviously I was very wrong.


A female voice says making me look up. I was standing in a shed thinking about all the bad choices I’ve made in life. The lady looked a bit older than I was.

“I’m sorry to pry but you seem distraught. Is everything alright?”

Her voice was tender and soft. It soothed an ache in my heart.

“No ma’am. I’m fine. Thank you.”

I responded forcing a smile. Talking about my life problems with a stranger is not on my to do list.

“It’s okay if you don’t want to talk about it, just remember that no matter what , everything will be fine. Live everyday as you see it and don’t think too much about what tomorrow holds.”

She says with a smile of her own.

“Thank you once again.”

I appreciated. She nodded and took her leave. A spark lit up inside. I realised I worried too much about the next day and the day after. I love planning but I missed being clumsy and carefree. Now, I’m just boring and lame. Sighing, I realised all of that ends today. It starts with me going back to the office and facing Octavia. No more running from her.

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I gulped another cup of coffee heading back to my desk. Who knows? Maybe I’m wrong and nothing bad will happen after all

Just then, Damon’s door was burst open and Octavia’s glum face came into view and met with mine. She rushed towards me standing right in front of me.

“The b***h is back.”

A short cackle escaped her lips.

“I didn’t come back here to look for any trouble. I came back to work and live a good life.”

I defended myself against her ranting. If it wasn’t for Damon, I would slap her right across the face but that would also make it seem like her words affected me and I was guilty.

“Like hell! You came back because you wanted to be a slut again. Running after people’s husbands. Guess what? Not this time, I’ll crush you before you even have the opportunity. You’ll be like chewing gum under my boot. Think hard and well before making any stupid moves like last time. b***h!”

“Thank you Mr O’Cornner.”

She faked a smile towards Damon and shoved my shoulders before stomping away leaving me in awe. For a sophisticated lady, that was low. My gaze moved and landed on Damon’s dark eyes. They were furious. I’m sure he heard all of that and he must be thinking I confirmed his suspicions. His secretary or assistant had an affair with a married man or maybe it’s still ongoing.

He didn’t break eye contact until about a few seconds later when he stormed back into his office and slammed the door. I shuddered forcing myself to exhale in deep breaths.