The Billionaire’s P.A Episode 73



I went to bed shortly after forcing all ridiculous thoughts out of my head. They made up for it by appearing in a nightmare. I witnessed Damon and that woman getting married and I just stood there crying. I screamed for them to stop but it was like they couldn’t hear me and he leaned in kissing her passionately.

That was when I jerked up in bed sweating lightly. I turned on the lights and sprinkled water on my face. After that, I went back to bed but I just couldn’t sleep. My eyes were shut but I was wide awake.

*The Next Morning*

I tossed lazily in bed trying to find the snooze button for my alarm. I ended up falling off the side of the bed and all evidence of sleep was drained from my face.

After that, I grudgingly prepared for a day at both Mr O’Cornner’s office and Van’s industries. I had to go over there once again because of the contract so I can only imagine how my day would go.

As I shut the door, the dream I had last night came into mind. I shuddered at the thought of Damon getting married to her. I didn’t even know why it would hurt as much as it did. I could feel the existing pain. I didn’t dwell on that thought too much because the cycle has got to end. I dealt with Van last night and possibly Damon so I’m moving on and living my life the best way I can.

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I arrived at the office grabbing a coffee on my way, I had a strong feeling I’ll need it badly. I knocked at his door to inform him of my departure although I wanted nothing than to avoid him all day long.

“Come in.”

He responded and I twisted the knob. He raised his head from the door scanning me slowly.

“Good morning Sir.”

I greeted curtly.

“There’s no one here.”

I quirked my brows trying to tell him the greeting was for him.

“I mean I told you to skip the formalities.”

He rolled his eyes chuckling even.


I nodded my head awkwardly.

“I just wanted to inform you that I’ll be leaving with your driver.”


“The contract.”

“Oh, that. I handled it so you don’t have to go there anymore.”

“But that’s…”

“It’s handled.”

He says with a tone of finality. His demeanor enlightened me about not asking anymore questions and just taking my leave.

“Alright Sir, I guess I’ll just go back to work.”

“Actually, I want you to cancel all my meetings for the day. I have someone I’m seeing today.”

My face scrunned in annoyance and I made no effort to conceal it.

“It’s a professional visit of course.”

He added making me straiten my face.

“Of course Sir, I’ll do that right away.”

I turned around to take my leave.

“Oh and Elena…”

“Yes Damon…..”

I turned around hurridely.

“You look beautiful today.”

He complimented throwing me off guard. A large smile abrupted on my face.

“Thank you Damon.”

I nodded once again unable to stop smiling while returning to my desk.


The smile remained on my face as I cancelled all his appointments in anticipation for his guest. Half an hour later, I heard heels clicking towards me.

“That must be her.”

I thought to myself.

“Good afternoon.”

She said in front of me. That voice. I know that voice anytime any day. What is she doing here?


She added. Oh my God. More importantly, how am I going to face her?