The Billionaire’s P.A Episode 62



One would expect I’ll push him or scream but instead, I moved my lips on his. Well they moved on their own accord but I was well aware of what I’m doing and that’s making out with my boss. Like he said, we’re not in the office so it doesn’t really count.

He shocked me even further by wrapping his hands around my waist trying hard to deepen the kiss. That was when I pulled away getting a hold of what’s left of my self control.

“The function.”

I breathed out catching my breath.

“Oh, right.”

He ran his hands through his hair coughing nervously.

“Umm, we should get going.”


I said placing my hand at the back of my hair. He unconsciously held my back as we walked out. It was a small gesture yet I felt tingles in me.

Maybe it was because of the kiss we shared, an accidental one but still, it was damn good. I wondered what he’ll say next. That’s if we talk about the kiss at all. He might just shrug it off and act like it never even happened.

I hope he does, I’ll be more than embarrassed to talk about it.

We were back in the car with little distance between the two of us. Things were awkward and strange, I couldn’t even tell why.

The engine ignited and the journey began. I wondered what the night would hold for the two of us.


Twenty minutes had past without so much as a word from Damon. I didn’t speak either. I occupied myself with other things like what happened this afternoon. Although no matter what I thought about, my mind drifted back to him and that mind blowing kiss. I still do not know why Damon got so angry.

Suddenly, the car hit a road bump. It was unexpected so I jerked in response and moved sideways to where Damon sat. He caught me in his arms, we were inches apart and my gaze was stuck to his lips. I craved another taste so badly.

“I’m so sorry Sir, ma’am.”

The driver says snapping me out of my dirty thoughts. I had to stand up and look away. It got even weirder.

Thankfully, we arrived at the event. I get why Damon wanted me to look my best. The place was extremely fancy. I don’t get why he didn’t take someone else. I am just his personal assistant at the end of the day. The driver opened the door for us both. I searched the place for any farmilar faces. Something tells me I just might run into…


I mumbled staring at him and Octavia. Damon followed my gaze. The moment they landed on him, he frowned and his eyes turned red. I think I found the source of his anger.