The Billionaire’s P.A Episode 55




I have no idea the exact moment I began crying while thinking. I slept off unable to remember anymore. The next morning, dried up tears were visible on my cheeks.

I shrugged it off with the promise I made to myself. Van Mikeslson would be in the past. I shouldn’t even be thinking about him anymore. I needed to get to work really fast, I might be late soon. I sipped on my latte getting my things ready. With any luck, I wouldn’t have to lay eyes on the bas***d all day long.

Satisfied with my look, I locked up and left praying the day brings joy and nothing more.


The aura surrounding the office was terrible. I stepped into the elevator feeling depressed. I stepped out and a woman ran past me crying. It was so weird. I walked on and the sounds of someone trashing things got louder.

The grunts and groans were farmilar. Mr O’Cornner seems to be in one of his moods this morning. It’s best I stay out of that. I only feel pity for the unlucky lady who happened to be in the way. She was obviously at the receiving end of his anger. For someone who made my evening better yesterday, I’m left to wonder why Mr O’Cornner is in such a bad mood.

The phone connecting our offices starts ringing. I feel a little scared to answer but I know if I don’t, I might be the one he lashes out on next.

“Good morning Sir.” I state in my best work voice.

“My office. Now.” His gruffy voice demands, I exhale calming myself before moving towards his office.

I step in and the office is barely illuminated. He must love to work in the dark or something.

“Get me a cup of coffee.”

He demands, I snort lightly. Obviously he could’ve requested for that on the phone or something. I don’t make any snarky comments instead I simply move away to do his bidding.

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I held the coffee in my hands and used the other to push his door open. I’ve spilled too many coffees on people to know when to be careful whilst holding the cup.

“Here you go Sir.”

I placed it on the table waiting. I really hope he hires someone soon. I bet it was the woman who makes his coffee that he fired. Let’s see what fate has in store for me.

“I don’t like sugar in my coffee. Take it away. Go make a new one.”

He snaps rudely and pushes the cup to my side. I gasp unable to take his treatment.

“Last I checked making coffee wasn’t in my job description. I get it you’re the big bad angry wolf, don’t put your anger on me.”

I blurt out with a scoff. He raised his head slightly staring at me.

“What did you say?”

He asks in a calm tone making me piss my pants.