The Billionaire’s P.A Episode 42



I shook hands with the directors closing off the deal properly until the last one left the room.

“I’ll be leaving now.”

“Do you have someone to drop you off?”

“I’ll give Mr Salvatore a call, he’ll send a driver for me or maybe there’s one waiting downstairs already.”

“Maybe. Or maybe I could do it.”

“Thank you but I’ll have to respectfully decline. Your wife might not like it.”

His eyes twinkled in remembrance. Did he actually forget he was married. Well the one thing I’m sure he forgot was his knowledge of me. If he knew me as well as he thought, his instincts would notify him I don’t do well with married couples.

I had an issue with his engagement, he lied to me making me believe he could call it off. At the end of the day, he still ran back into her arms while I stood from afar and watched like a weakling, a powerless poser. Never again will I give him such control over me.

“It’s ringing.”

With that, I walked away to talk to Damon.

Of course his driver arrived on time and saved me from hell itself driving me back to work.

I plopped on the seat of the car resting my brain for a short while.

Today has been really stressful. I’m so glad that part is over. I won’t have to go there for another day and the next time I’ll just have to be prepared.

I shut my eyes recollecting my past life once again.


I took the elevator going back to Rash’s office in the speed of light. With immediate effect, he turned in his resignation letter already boxing up his stuff.

“Rash wait, I’ll take to him. I feel like this is my fault…”

“It’s yours!”

He spat out and cut me short.

“Haven’t you done enough? Just go before Mr Mikeslson makes one call and no one ever hires me again. Just go Elena.”

He requested in firm but extremely sad tone. I bowed my head in compliance and swiftly walked out.

Disregarding Octavia’s warning, I took the elevator to my former floor. It dinged and I marched my way to his office and barged it.

“You’re a sick man. A sick, sick man. Someone just lost his job because of you for no good reason. At this rate, I can only find you disgusting.”

He smirked and got up.

“Elena. Let’s get one thing clear, the fact that you’re not close to me anymore doesn’t mean I won’t be watching you. I still am. I won’t let anyone come near you or harm you.”

“And the pot calls the kettle black. You’re the one harming me!”

I lashed out

“Doesn’t change the fact that you’re mine.”

He retorted. I lost all my lessons on calmness at his words.