The Billionaire’s P.A Episode 43




“What did you say?” I asked praying I heard wrong but still needed to clarify.

“I said you’re mine.”

“You seem to have lost your mind. Let me refresh it for you. We went out together when you were f****ng engaged. I had no idea. When I found out, it wasn’t from you it was way too late. Put yourself in my shoes and think about how you would’ve felt.”

I paused then clicked my tongue.

“That wasn’t the end of it. Your fiance embarrassed me in front of everyone in that party. I became a laughing stock. A f****ng laughing stock. Guess what, you stood there and still did nothing.”

I paused unable to stop my voice from getting a little cracked up.

“That wasn’t the end. I went to clean myself up and you frigging rubbed it in my face that you’re still engaged to her. You lip locked with her, I watched like someone who had no value and all. It hurt like hell but I endured everything. I didn’t do it because I couldn’t fight back, I did it because I decided I wouldn’t fight back. Tolerate everything and leave once I get enough money. ”

I paused once again, my voice broke out into sobs.

“That still didn’t end the tale. Your fiance made sure to fullfil her promise to me, demoting me. I made a friend who didn’t care about who I was. He helped me and what did you do, you ruin his life.”

I spat out and took a deep breath.

“After everything, you still had the guts to call me yours. You selfish insignificant bas***d. I quit!”

I yelled in his face.

“Elena, wait….”

He held my hand, I took it back and slapped him.

“Stay the f**k away from me. I’ll email my resignation letter… Sir.”

I scowled storming out of his room making sure to slam the door shut.


The car came to a halt and I stepped down extremely happy to be back in farmilar surroundings.

I twisted my neck sideways and walked in feeling a little proud. I helped signed a deal. I’m proud of myself, I actually did it. I didn’t flunk or screw it up. I can’t stop grinning.

The scowl on the receptionist’s face couldn’t even ruin my mood. Not today. I can’t wait to give Mr O’Cornner the good news. I can’t wait.

I rushed to his office, knocked. Received a confirmation from inside before pushing the door open.

“How was the deal?”

He asks seriously.

“Perfect, no….”


He commanded cutting me short.

“Okay Sir.”

I looked perplexed.

“Miss Salvatore….”

“Yes Sir.”

I gulped and he folded his hands.

“I’ll ask a simple question. You’ll answer with the truth and nothing but the truth. Is that understood?”

“Yes Sir.”

I respond.

“Good, my question is….”