The Billionaire’s P.A Episode 39



It’s becoming part of everyday life for me to make an absolute fool of myself while speaking. It has to stop.

“I mean your burger. The file close to your burger. Such an important file. What’s in that burger…. file….”

I chuckled nervously and almost started crying at my stupidity.

“I’ll shut up now.”

He actually chuckled slightly amused or something.

“Should I go back or…”

“No Sir. I’ve got everything you said.”

“Ok then. The driver’s waiting downstairs.”

“Alright Sir, I should be back later.”

“Alright. I’ll give him orders to stop by a restaurant on the way. We can’t have you attacking burgers now.”

I face palmed myself in embarrassment and walked out of his office.

True to his words, the driver was downstairs. I got in and he drove to a restaurant. They had an indoor drive through so we just gave an order and collected it on the way out.

I moaned a little too loudly the second my lips connected with the big belly burger and took a sip out of my juice.

Moments later, I was done and I carefully disposed of them.

“Whoo! Am ready.”

I said arranging my clothes, hair and the documents I had. Even the driver looked amused. Maybe I should become a clown or something then.

That’s not a bad idea to be honest. If Van continues to torment my life, I could drop all this and move to a life in the circus.

I bursted into a round of laughter at my own thoughts, the driver stared at me through the mirror. I looked like a crazy person for sure.


I mouthed and kept shut until we got there.

Mikeslson industries was nothing compared to Mr O’Cornner company but it sure as hell puts up a good fight.

Being a resourceful person, I fought to find my way without asking for any help. Failing miserably at that attempt, I sucked it up and asked for directions from the receptionist.

Luckily, she was a hell of a lot more friendly than the one at my work place. She told me where to go and I did just that.

The signing and talking would be done in the conference room so that’s where I’m heading.

The elevator dinged and I walked out in the most professional way I could think of. I stood in front of the big door labelled “CONFERENCE ROOM” I actually considered knocking since this would be my first time doing something like this.

“Oh f**k it.”

I pushed the door open and gently walked in.

My eyes met with “her” the woman I hadn’t seen in more than three years, the one who made my life a living hell. Octavia Snow. Or if all went well, Octavia Mikeslson. What the hell was she doing here?