The Billionaire’s P.A Episode 38



By Seven the next morning, I dragged myself out of bed to get ready.

I winced in pain every five seconds holding my tummy. I didn’t have time for take outs. I’m already running late plus I have to be at Mikeslson industries as soon as possible. I’ll just hold it in until I get to work.

I got my things ready, my tummy rumbled in hunger again.

“Just be patient please. I’ll find something to eat at work.”

I rolled my eyes realising I had just spoke to my own stomach.

I shut the door, locking it boarding a cab to work squirming in hunger.

I paid the cab driver his fare and rushed to the office.

Mr O’Cornner would provide the means of transport for me to get there, plus I still have to ask if he authorized any arrangements for me and Van afterwards.

I rushed for the elevator and Mr O’Cornner’s office. I was hungry as hell

My eyes were on the mean receptionist as she dipped her french fries in ketchup before munching on them.

I needed to eat something, anything.

The elevator dinged and I walked out straightening my skirt. I placed the things I wouldn’t need on my desk seeing as I might return earlier than planned. I don’t want to spend any more time with Van than I have to.

“Good morning Sir.”

I greeted pushing the door to Mr O’Conner’s office open. My jaw dropped at what he was doing.

He had two burgers in front of him. One was currently in his mouth and the other layed carelessly on the table. My mouth watered up. I’m so f****ng hungry.

“Morning Miss Salvatore.”

His greeting made me fix my gaze on him. He wiped his lips with a napkin afterwards.

“Umm Sir. Did you authorize any other signing afterwards, I received a call yesterday.”

I asked straight to the point but lied about Van visiting me knowing how strange that would seem to Mr O’Cornner.

“Yes, I did. I actually forgot to inform you yesterday but you shouldn’t stress, it’ll take less than ten minutes.”

“Alright Sir.”

I responded in a professional tone.

“You should be leaving for Mikeslson industries the moment my driver is ready, he’ll take you there and bring you back.”

I nodded my head like a mindless zombie before focusing back on the burger.

“Mr Mikeslson and his investors should explain everything for you, tell you all you need to know and show you around the company as you’ll have to go there some other time.”

I heard his lips moving and that was all I got. My mind and gaze was on the burger but he continued.

“He should also show you blue prints and budget plans, of course you’ll write a report on those when you get back….”

His voice trails off because I was completely gone. My mouth watered up, I wanted it.

“Miss Salvatore.”

I jumped in shock at his raised voice.

“I’ve been talking, have you been paying any attention at all.”

I shook my head in negativity without thinking.

“Umm, I mean yes I have.”

“Clearly you haven’t. What are you thinking about?”

“Your burger….”

I blurted out not caring how I sounded.