The Billionaire’s P.A Episode 35



The rest of the day turned out to be nothing more than a castatrophic disaster.

So far, I bumped into at least ten people. Missed my step twice or so and yelled at a random person in the office. All because I’m nervous, anxious, and scared all at once.

Going back there would rip out old wounds in me. I bandaged them without trying to heal so imagine those bandages somehow got lose. That’s how I felt with Van.

My past with him was painful. I pushed it down, went on the run from him for years and after all said and done, here I am today. He still caught up to me, still has the same effect on me or does he?

Tomorrow would be the judge of that. I will keep my face straight, be as professional as I can be. Besides, I have twenty five days left to work here. The plan still hadn’t changed.

Once I make enough to keep me, I’m quitting this job and my life here. The only difficulty I’ll face is slipping out without Van sending an army my way. He’s possessive that way.

During lunch break, I didn’t leave my office for two reasons. The first and most important was that I really didn’t want to spill coffee on anyone. The other was that I had work to keep me busy so I focused on that.

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I turned into a semi-workaholic over night. Doing anything I could get my hands off. If I get free for just one second, my stupid mind drifts off to events of the past. I’ve already had three memories. It’s enough because by the time I get to the actual one, I might have an episode.

“Miss Salvatore…”

Damon says walking out of his office.

“Yes Sir…”

I raised my head up with a pen in my hand.

“It’s closing hours. You’ve been in your office all day. Aren’t you heading home?”

I gasped lightly. Checking my watch I figured he wasn’t wrong. I worked all day, taking no break and eating nothing.

“Yes Sir, I’ll be leaving now. I guess I just wanted to catch up properly.”

He nodded his head but everything I said was a lie. I finished today’s work ahead of time and moved on towards things that were not in my work profile.

“I’ll be heading home now.”

I grabbed my things and walked out with him

“Do you need a ride home?”

“No Sir, I’ll just take a cab. I’ll be fine.”

I half smiled. Walked ahead of him, out of the building boarded a cab and was on my way home.

I got down and paid the kind man his money. I jingled my keys in my hand before walking towards my door. Placing it in the key hole, I carefully opened the door and walked in meeting the shock of my life.

“Oh my….”

I trailed off staring at what occupied more than fifty percent of my living room. Flowers of my favourite colour, yellow. Sweets and different brands of chocolate and lastly, a couple of balloons.

On one of them was a card, I carefully picked it up reading aloud.

💬 With all the love in my heart. Van Mikeslson.

I flung it away after reading enraged at what’s happening….