The Billionaire’s P.A Episode 16



I realise I’m staring at him as he waves his hands in front of me. I blink my eyes and snap out of my trance.

The door is open and he gets in while I do same. He turns on the heater in his car which I didn’t even know could exist and I suddenly feel a little better.

“f****ng cold…” I hissed after a few seconds.

“You should get home. We wouldn’t want you to be late tomorrow.” He says starting the car.

“Just give me directions to your house.”

I gulp again, smacking my lips.

“He can’t find out where I live.” I thought forcing a smile.

“Go straight and take a left at the next street.” He nods his head and drives away following my fake directions.


After a while, I make him pull over at a neighborhood. It’s close to mine but still a little far away.

“This is where you live?” He asks turning the car off.

“Yep.” I reply popping the “p”

“I guess I’ll see you tomorrow.” I said getting out of the car.

“Alright.” He responds in a hard tone.

I started walking turning around and he’s still there, I shrug it off and continue walking finding an alley to use as a shortcut. There’s still a slight drizzle adding to the fact that I’m a little cold so I have to rub my skin and try to warm myself up.

It’s really late so I walk as fast as I can through the dark alley clutching to my purse as tightly as I can.

“I’ll be home soon.” I say trying to reassure myself.

“Who goes there….” A gruffy voice calls out and I shiver slightly.

“Looks like our catch for the night.” A much deeper voice adds.

“Pretty too.” A cold voice says making a voice count of three men. I finally catch a glimpse of them in front of me. I turn around and try to run but they’re fast on my Chase.

“Where do you think you’re going….”

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One of them says holding me by my leg making me hit the ground. Another one grabs my purse containing my phone and some money.

“Let me go!” I fight him off standing up but the other is quick to grab me.

I bit down on his hand harshly, he let me go holding his arm in pain.

The other one grabs me by my waist and raise me up and the first slaps me across the cheeks.

“We were going to let you go but after that stunt, I think I’l””l have a taste of this feistness ” He says touching my cheek, I try to slap his hands away but I’m held back tightly. He licks his lips and I can only imagine what’s he’s going to do to me.

Suddenly, he pushed back to the ground and I hear punches flying. It’s dark so I can barely see the face of my saviour. One of them holds onto me while the other goes off to help his friend.

I hear him groan and he’s also on the ground yelling in agony. The last one took the coward’s way out and ran out.

I fell to the ground looking forward and his face becomes clear. He reaches over with my purse in his hand and I try to breath properly.

“How stupid do you think I am?” Damon asks in an angry tone.