The Billionaire’s P.A Episode 17



My feets were quaking by the time I stood up properly. I grabbed my purse away from him.

“What if I didn’t follow my instincts about being suspicious and trail you huh! What would’ve happened. You would’ve been mugged and possibly raped, for what?!”

Anger is visible on his face as he mouths every word.

“All for what, you don’t want me to see where you live? Do I really look like the kind of person who judges the less privilege. If that’s why you’re hiding it you don’t need to.” He adds before stoping to exhale.

“Wait, he thinks that’s why I didn’t want him to come.” I thought to myself deciding to play along. It was far better than the truth.

“I’m not judgy Elena now let me take you home.” He offers and I blink before nodding my head.

Throwing caution in the wind and breaking one of my own rules, I gave him the right address to my place and he starts the car and drives off.

It’s pretty close by so it doesn’t take us long to get there.

“Are you sure this is the right address?” He asks and I nod my head before stepping out of the car.

“Thanks Mr O’Cornner. I guess I’ll see you tomorrow. ”

“This isn’t the office Elena and it’s not working hours. Call me Damon.” He says, I bit the insides of my lip and he zooms off.

Opening the door, I step inside and shut it behind me.

“Call me Damon.” His last words ring in my ear and I smile to myself.

“Ouch!” I groan slipping on a shoe and twisting my leg.

“f**k!” I curse holding my leg in pain.

“Why am I so clumsy!” I screamed sitting on my bed. Too tired to take a shower, I kicked off my shoes and went straight to bed.


My alarm beeped rapidly and I turned it off. Today was going to be a good day, I know because I woke up at 7am. One freaking hour to get ready and I intend to enjoy every bit of me.

I take more time in the shower seeing as I didn’t get to take a bath yesterday.

Picked out a better outfit and even had spare time for a cup of coffee. I hadn’t tripped on anything because I wasn’t in any rush. By the time I locked my door I was grinning like a cat. I inhaled sharply.

“Today’s going be a good day.” I repeated and boarded a cab to work 15 minutes early.

I paid the driver and continued my journey into the building still full of smiles. Then it hit me, I just jinx the day. And with the way I’m smiling, something’s bound to go wrong. I crossed my fingers hoping I was wrong about this. I got into the elevator trying to keep an open mind.

Just then, the elevator was closing but something caught my eye. Someone actually. The figure walking in with his assistant or something . Van Mikeslson.

“Oh no…” I whimpered then gulped.