Elom walked over to Kafui and confused most of the cops, they didn’t know Kafui was a twin.

He ignored them in typical Elom fashion. “Kafui, what’s going on?”

Kafui stared at his brother for a few seconds, rose and hugged him.

They stood in that position for a while. Kafui felt it, there was something different about Elom, Elom being Elom would have pushed him away.

They were brothers, there was no point in them fighting all the time. Kafui whispered into his ear. “Sedi was murdered by Patrick……and Patrick died of a heart attack”.

“Noooo, no no no, Sedi can’t be dead, I didn’t make peace with her, how stupid and self centered I’ve been”.

He wept like a baby as Kafui held on to him. It was a sorry sight to behold, two adult males crying their eyes out side by side.

The body was taken to the morgue and the policemen started to leave, eventually it was just them and Dan.

After a while, Dan left them. “where have you been Kafui, you dropped off the grid”. Kafui looked at him and forced a smile.

“you wont believe it, I was kidnapped……though the people who kidnapped me said they were protecting me”.

“Kidnapped………by who, how is that even possible, and by the way, why would anyone want to kidnap you?”

Kafui saw the genuine concern in Elom’s eyes and wondered what had changed, Elom had always been selfish but this Elom………he didn’t know how to handle him………they should have been like this years ago, but Elom had taken every opportunity he could get to mess his life up.

“like I said………they said they were protecting me……and I was blindfolded the whole time so I didn’t see who they were or where they kept me” Kafui said with his head bowed.

He was thinking of Afia. She had said she wanted  to see him but he wondered what for.

It was terrible how he was beginning to miss her and think about her.

He had never had a woman fill up his mind like that…….but she was his brother’s woman.

As if reading his mind Elom spoke out. “ I really miss Afia, she was the one real thing in my life and I threw it away, I frustrated and tortured her, I made her life a living hell….

And now she’s no more, I’ve lived the most terrible life I can live and I have no one to blame except myself, I will have to live with this guilt forever, the guilt of not apologizing to Sedi and Afia before letting them go”.

“ so if you had the opportunity to apologize to them, you’d just do it and let them go?”

“of course, what else would I have done?” Kafui sat still, he thought carefully. “ I was also in jail”.

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He turned sharply to look at him. “ you were in jail…….for what?”. Elom turned to look at him for a while.

“ I was in jail for you, the cop who arrested me knew I wasn’t you but he asked me to shut up and pretend to be you else they’ll kill you”.

“ And you agreed?”. Elom looked at Kafui and chuckled. “yes, I know you would have expected me to bail….but I didn’t……I shut my mouth and stayed in, I was almost raped in there Kafui, I had never been that scared in my life, imagine, being raped by a group of men, I saw some of those who had been through that, the light had left their eyes, they were completely destroyed. They just sat there, they didn’t talk, they didn’t chat, they didn’t laugh, they didn’t smile, they just sat there….it was as if they were just waiting to die”.

“oh God, so those things are really true, they really do these things in prison”.

“ you have no idea brother……the kind of nightmares that happen in that forbidden place, I’m just grateful to God that he saved me from that disgusting thing, I promised one guy I’d have his case looked at and have him released, I worked on it and he will be released tomorrow”.

“ that’s amazing, it’s good to see you like this brother, this is the brother I longed for all my life, this is the brother I would have given up everything to have”.

“ I’m sorry I wasn’t that brother Kafui, but I’ll do my best to be that brother now……if you’ll let me, it’s never too late, we just have each other now”.

Kafui nodded, smiled as they looked at each other. “ there’ s something I need to tell you……I’m telling you this because you said you feel guilty, I want to give you a chance to rectify one of your mistakes”.

Elom turned in his seat and watched Kafui. “ what are you talking about?”. Kafui looked at him and thought carefully.

Elom had just said he’d only apologize and leave them be, he wanted to trust that……he wanted to believe his brother would let go, though he knew Afia didn’t feel anything for him.

He swallowed and thought…here goes nothing. “Afia is alive”. Elom stared at Kafui for a while and chuckled.

“ you are still in dreamland aren’t you, I was arrested as you for her murder”.

“ She is not dead, I saw her”. “Elom looked at Kafui for a while and smiled. “amazing…… where is she, I need to see her”.

“ to apologize to her right?” Elom looked at her and smiled. “ of course, to apologize to her………and to beg her to come back to me, I’m a changed person”.

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