When Dan walked in, Patrick was dangling in the hall.

He rushed to get a knife, climbed atop the table and cut the rope.

“what the hell is wrong with you, are you mad?” Patrick sat in the sofa and wept profusely.

He was mad at Dan, he had wanted to die and Dan had prevented him, he had stopped him from finding peace.

“Dan why did you do this, you should have just let me die, why did you save me?”.

Dan stepped back and looked at his friend, this wasn’t the Patrick he knew, the Patrick he knew was a strong man who faced life’s issues with his head held high, this Patrick, was a loser, he stood in front of him, trembling like a leaf.

“what do you mean I should have let you die, what is going on, this is not you, what in God’s name is going on, where is your wife and her visiting brother……….and her friend…erhmm, Afia?” .

Patrick stared at him quietly. Afia is dead……….Kafui, my wife’s brother is missing…… wife, she’s in the garden.

She’s just there, you can go say hi to her”. Dan looked at him in a strange way, he wasn’t making much sense to him so he rose and went to the garden.

He run back like a mad man, he was trembling, he had helped his friend, many many times but what he was seeing now, he had never seen that before.

“ you killed her, what happened, how is she looking all sandy and……Patrick what the hell is happening?” he  shouted at his friend.

“Dan, I’ve become evil, I don’t know the difference between my reality and my horror, I’m losing parts of my memory and when I find them, it’s not good.


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I remember the first time Afia saw me, she passed out and I wondered why she’d pass out in my presence.

She told me I looked like someone who had hurt her, despite that, she never really allowed me close.

I accepted that I look like someone who hurt her too bad so I respected her distance.

Then today I have something like a vision, I see my own memory, me, on a trip, drunk and rough, i…I Dan, I see that I am the man she hates, because I raped her.

And yet the first time I saw her, my memories didn’t even give me the slightest jolt of familiarity.

There are days I wake up in the streets.

Last night I went to see a doctor, I left and came home, saw blood on my hands and my wife’s dead body in a pool of blood so I knew I had killed her.

I buried the body and when I went out, the body had been exhumed.

I watch the news and realize I hadn’t killed my wife, I had rather killed my doctor, and I had no memory of it at all, so I know my life has come to an end, there’s nothing I can do anymore, and I don’t want to hurt anyone anymore”.

Dan sat rooted to the spot, he was shocked.

“Patrick, get up, dress up and come with me, hmmm, I don’t even know what we should do about the body, but get dressed and come with me”.

Patrick nodded, rose and went to the bedroom. Dan sent a sat quietly, he had to take Patrick to see his pastor, they knew more about these things.

He sent a message to the pastor who agreed to see them. His friends’ life was being destroyed and he had no idea what was going on.

Patrick stepped out of the room after cleaning up and dressing up. They drove for about an hour barely saying a word to each other.

Dan was honestly terrified. He was sitting beside a friend who killed without knowing, he loved his life and he wasn’t about to die.

They arrived and he parked in front of the church. Patrick turned to look at him, he suddenly looked different, more frightening, totally different from the Patrick he knew.

“where do you think you are taking me, I am fine, I don’t want to be here, take me home else I’ll kill you”.

Dan started to retreat in his car. With the look Patrick had, he knew the guy could kill him.

He slowly unlocked the door and jumped out then he locked Patrick in, he watched him as he tried to open the door.

Dan rushed and called the pastor. When the pastor stepped out, he opened the car door and looked at Patrick, he was calmer now, he was quiet and didn’t seem to remember what had happened a few seconds ago.

“look at what you have done to yourself, when you are in your youth , you do whatever you like”.

He turned to Dan. “your friend’s problem is not mental, his past has caught up with him”.

What did Patrick do in the past, watch out for the next episode……