Marital Humour#8 Wedding Invitation Acceptance Conditions



  These are the conditions that will make me spend more than 20k on anybody’s wedding;

1. Your father must be very rich so that I can make useful business contacts in the wedding.

2. Your husband must be very rich too so that I can be rest assured that I am going to find love where rich boys will be present. If your husband’s friends don’t make sense that wedding no fit commit pass 10k for my account.

3. You must give me very useful and equally expensive souvenir.

4. You will lodge me in a good hotel not somewhere with brown toilet seats and musty white bed sheets.

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5. You will show me the venue of the wedding so I am sure the “creme de la creme” will be hanging around. Transcorp can get you my money. Sheraton, all them 4 star hotels.

6. You must have donated blood for me in 2008 or done something meaningful to my life.

7. Your friendship Must have opened doors for me before and capable of opening more doors.

8. We will sign an undertaking that if you divorce before your 25 anniversary that you will refund me my money.

9. If all these is not present, you are a joker. I cannot spend money on a wedding Wey no dey bring credit alert. If I invite you to my own do not come.



Source: Facebook/Amanda Chisom
Image Credit: Facebook/I Do Gh