Afia woke up feeling refreshed, she heard noises in the hall, it was Patrick’s voice, the bastard had arrived.

She wasn’t going to let him go scot free, she was going to make him pay for what he had done to her and no one was going to stand in her way.

She was definitely going to do it before anyone got her or she was found for murder.

She rushed through brushing her teeth and taking a shower and stepped into her room.

She used the most scented of all her body splashes and put on a top that showed as much cleavage as she could risk, she didn’t want Sedi to get suspicious in any way.

She put on the shortest skirt she had showing of those curves and ass. She added a barely noticeable touch of make up and stepped out.

She was more surprised than disappointed because Patrick turned, looked at her for a split second and looked away but Sedi kept staring at her, just like she had expected Patrick to look at her.

It was as if Patrick was gay and….., she didn’t even want to think about it, the way Sedi looked at her made her uncomfortable but Patrick seemed not to have noticed.

Sedi looked at Afia, damn she couldn’t hide it anymore, she was bisexual, she had changed for Patrick, she had tried not to be drawn to any girl until she met this one.

She took her breath away and she had even started dreaming of her having steamy sex with her.

She knew the smartest thing to do was to make her leave the house but she was getting more and more drawn to her than her own husband, she feared she was falling in love with her.


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She looked at Patrick who wasn’t aware of what she was feeling and went back to looking at Afia.

“You look …..beautiful” Sedi said in a way that made Afia feel like worms were crawling all over her body, the way she said it felt like she had touched her in a way she wouldn’t want a woman to touch her.

She reminded Sedi of the last girl she had dated. Maybe that was why she felt that way around her.

Sedi had dumped her lover for cheating on her in a threesome, she caught her in bed with a guy and a girl, and the guy was her older brother.

Sedi nearly killed herself because she really loved Sofie. Sofie made love to her like no man or woman had ever done.

Sofie was the love of her life. When she dumped her, Sofie did all she could to get her back, she begged her friends to talk to her but she wouldn’t forgive her.

If she had cheated with just another girl it would have been forgivable but with her brother and another girl, when she had turned down her offer to have a threesome once, that was unforgivable.

When she asked her why, she said she couldn’t bear to see another woman touch her whiles she was also touching her.

This babe right in front of her was beginning to rob her of her senses and she didn’t know how she was going to handle that.

Somehow, how she felt when she saw Afia was very different from how she felt when she saw Sofie, how she felt about Afia was dangerous.

“Sedi, are you going to disrespect me?” Afia’s mouth dropped. Patrick had noticed what had just happened but it was far from that.

“You are going to let this whole thing go, this feud has lasted for too long, I invited your brother here, he’s on his way so you are going to be a lady and entertain him, he should be here any moment…….”.

The doorbell sounded causing Patrick to smile and kiss his wife passionately enough to jumble her senses.

It annoyed Afia to know that after what he did to her, he could do that in her presence but he didn’t even look at her.

He went to the door and opened it.

Afia froze, it was like cold water had just been poured on her because standing at the door was her husband, the same husband she had murdered, she was standing face to face with Elom.

Interesting….let’s see what happens in the final episode in the first season….