I Love Him But He Is Poor




This is the story of one lady who came to counseling , and she said ” Counselor, I am in love deeply with one good man, he is God fearing , he has a vision of becoming great in life, but he is very poor and I am confused about my love for him”

  As I listened to her to understand her issue, I quietly asked myself ” Does she really know what love is? Does she really understand who a Poor man is?”.

  Afterwards, I spoke to her deeply and she had a change of mind. If you think a poor man Is someone who does not have money, then permit  me to talk to you.

  There is nothing wrong marrying rich man,and it’s not wrong to be poor, but it’s wrong to choose a partner just because they have material possession or are rich.

  If your definition for poor man is someone without possession, then you are deprived indeed.

  A real poor man is one without any vision, while a man with a vision will make an effort to get to a place of abundance .You meet him today in a poor state today, tomorrow you will see him do something to effect a positive change in his life.

  Money is a by product of vision.A man without possession and also lazy is  not poor but a fool.

  What a woman needs is a man with a vision and a rich heart.the vision is seed now and if the woman is patient enough , she will reap abundance of wealth.

  A man with a rich heart is someone who loves God more than the woman , someone who loves you unconditionally, and is ready to grow with you. He follows God’s counsel because , marriage was ordained by God and only his counsel will stand .

  But we have been advised by some parent and society not to marry some who has little money, due to this, most ladies are looking for already made to marry.

  Ladies, don’t look for money before you commit yourself, for it is not how you see things today, but is all about how you will see things tomorrow.

  In this light, ladies, stop looking down on someone does not have what it takes today, because so long as he has a vision, rich heart etc. , you will be surprise to meet him at the top tomorrow, for you are not God but only human.

  A man who try to keep  you happy, put a smile on your face and doing everything possible to effect a change in his poor state , should be much appreciated and supported .

  Don’t marry a lazy man; one who is not doing anything to effect a change in his poor state or one who is comfortable with his poor state, for  when you marry such a person , he will make your life  miserable.

  In conclusion, love those who will love you  when you have nothing to offer but your company.

  And never ignore a person who loves you, cares for you,and misses you, because one day you might wake up from your sleep and realise that you lost the moon while counting the stars.

Credit: Relationship Talk / Rev. Eric Otoo