Teenage Love Final Episode


Segun opened the door to the living room and entered.

“Go and fill the generator with the fuel.” Mr Akinola commanded.

“Wassup man.” Mike greeted. He ignored his greeting and headed for the backyard where the generator house was located.

“Segun, can’t you see your friend is greeting you?” Mr Akinola asked. Segun kept quiet and looked at Mike in anger. The guy just kept smiling.

“Hey.” Segun said no chalantly and shook hands with him. Immediately he left the room and walked to the backyard. Mike followed in the direction he went to. Segun got into the generator house and opened the tank, he began filling it.

“Lets clear the air and forget about the past.” Mike said. Segun felt like slapping him but some forces held him and he stayed put.

“I know i offended you but we are friends and it is bound to happen.” Mike explained. Segun was suprised he couldn’t attack him despite his anger.

“No problems. What are friends for.” Segun replied then shook hands with him. Segun put on the generator a few minutes later. They both walked back to the front of the house chatting happily. Jummy walked in with Mrs Akinola.

“Good evening ma.” Mike greeted prostrating.

“Good evening my son. How is daddy and mummy?” Mrs Akinola replied.

“They are all fine ma.” Mike replied. Mrs Akinola walked in leaving Jummy behind.

“Hi.” Mike said extending his hands to Jummy.

“Hello.” Jummy replied shaking hands with him.

“You are looking good. I guess my guy here is taking care of you.” Mike said laughing. Segun frowned in anger but replaced it with an evil grin before Mike could notice his changed countenance.

Jummy smiled uncomfortably walked in leaving the two friends to their discussion.

“Guy whats up now. Don’t tell me you are not dating this babe.” Mike said smiling sheepishly.

“Oh boy i don jonz o.” Segun replied.

“Wetin happen?” Mike asked with concern written all over his face.

Segun explained how things went from the time he met Nike, how he started dating Jummy for what she can offer, how his mother interfered because of some promises, how he started dating Nike, how blissful their relationship was. The interference of his mother in the matter. His breakup with Nike and coming back home to continue with Jummy only to meet her with another guy.

“Na so you take loose on both ends.” Mike lamented.

“Oh boy i loose big time.” Segun said sadly.

“Remember i told you to go for one of them or you’ll loose at the end of the day.” Mike reminded him.

“I know but right from time, i went for Nike.” Segun defended.

“Then you shouldn’t have striked any friendship deal with Jummy talkless of bringing her home.” Mike explained.

Segun kept quiet and digested all what his friend said.

“I personally wanted Jummy for you. That was why i reported you movement with Nike to your dad.” Mike confessed.

“So you are the spy?” Segun asked inwardly.

“Factors that led to your loss is not far fetched. Its just that you are naive and inexperience coupled with you anger.” Mike explained.

“Truely i became the looser just because of my naivety.” Segun said aloud.

“Yes my brother, now you have learnt your lesson.” Mary said from behind. ¤–


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