Blinkered Prologue


Tonia, a beautiful lady who was born with the sickle cell condition has given up on life and expects death to come for her at anytime. This makes her turn down the advances of several guys who are in love with her, including Jerry, an extremely handsome man. Even though Jerry and Tonia’s parents tries secretly to get them married to each other, Tonia still resists.

Here comes Tosin who is also a victim of the sickle cell condition, he falls in love with Tonia and becomes a competitor with Jerry. Tonia has nothing to fear because Tosin has the same condition with her. But, her heart is with someone else.

Would Tonia ever be able to enjoy her life and be with the person she loves? And how long would she live to enjoy whatever she can? Find out in this story.

Starting tomorrow, stay glued


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