Teenage Love Episode 55


“I never knew we could be back together this soon.” Jummy said.

“What did you say?” Segun asked.

“I said i never believed we could get back this soon.” she said.

“Get back together where?” he asked.

“Never mind.” she replied.

They continued walking until they got to the bus/stop where they boarded a bus home. They arrived home fifteen minutes later. They entered the sitting room and saw a small basket filled with drugs.

“I think Mary is at home.” Segun said.

“Lets check on her.” Jummy replied. They both walked towards Mary’s room. They knocked on the door and were told to enter.

“Mary, how you feeling now?” Segun asked.

“Much better. Welcome.” she greeted her brother.

“Have you eaten?” Jummy asked.

“Yes.” Mary replied.

“Do you mind if i get you an energy drink?” Jummy asked.

“I don’t mind.” Mary replied.

“Segun where do i get the drink?” she asked facing Segun.

“You first turning by the left in the dining area is the kitchen. So you check inside the fridge you will see there.” Segun explained in the best of his abilities.

“Okay.” Jummy said and went outside.

“I’ll come back and check on you.” Segun said and left. He got into his room, changed from his school uniform to his house wears. He sat down on his reading table and began reading his biology textbook without bothering to take his lunch. An hour into his reading, his phone ranged and checking the caller, it was Nike.

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“Hello.” he said smilling happily.

“hello. How are you.” she replied.

“Am not fine o.” he replied.

“Why?” she asked with audible concern in her voice.

“You are yet to give me a reply based on what i told you the last time we spoke on phone.” he said.

“Oh that?” She asked rhetorically.

“Yeah and i have been having headache since then.” he replied which made her burst into laughter.

“You are not serious.” she said playfully.

“I am.” he replied.

“Really?” she asked.

“Nike, i love you what of you?” he asked.

The line went silent on the other end. Segun checked the phone to confirm if he was still on call or she had ended the call. He confirmed it that it was Nike that kept quiet. “Nike, are you there?” he asked. There was a sniff on Nike’s end. “Are you crying?” he asked.

“No, am not. Its just that…..” Nike said with a shaky voice.

–to be continued–