Teenage Love Episode 13


They took a walk round the school compound talking about so many thing. They walked, sat down talking, getting to know themselves better. One hour later segun had suceeded in knowing so much about her.

She is Olanike Olajire. She is 16yrs old just like him. She was born into a christian family of five in october. She attends a private secondary school in ibadan in the name of ‘Steadfast Comprehensive College.” she likes reading,writing, cooking, making friends and meeting people. But disliked watching films. She was also a music and fashion freak.

They got into the examination hall exactly the same time when the invigillator entered. He distributed the question papers. And the students began writing. Most of the candidates were checking answers online while some others were exchanging micro-chips and all manners of examination malpractices.

Segun was busy providing answers to the questions before him. But, out of sympathy he managed to assist those who called for his help.

3:15PM The paper which started at exactly 2pm ended by 3:15pm. Segun stood up and made to get out of the hall to go and wait for Olanike outside but Jummy came by and dragged him to the back of the hall.

“Hi.” she greeted.

“Wassup.” he replied.

“How was your paper?” she asked.

“It was great and yours?” he asked

“It wasn’t bad. Even though it was difficult.” she said as they both laughed.

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Segun saw a sign of tension relief on her face as she became a little bit free with him.

“You were telling me something last night.” segun said.

“Yes, i meant all what i told you.” she replied.

“But what if i have a girlfriend?” he asked.

“I had done the research about you.” she informed.

“Hmmmm.” he sighed. “That’s strange.” he added.

“What’s strange about that?” she asked. Just then his phone beeped. ‘a new message on whatsapp.” He read the message, it was from Olanike. It reads;

“Am ready to go, wah about you?” He read it and pocketed his phone.

“I have to go.” he announced.

“Oh! So soon?” she asked rhetorically.

“No o i’ll sleep here.” he said inwardly.

“Okay, bye.” she said.

“Alright.” he said and walked to the enterance where Olanike was waiting for him.

“Hey, sorry, i kept you waiting.” he said apologetically.

“Oh! No, i just finishe what i was doing.” she said smiling.

“Okay. Let’s go.” he said and they both walked down the stairs leading to the tarred road which surrounded the football pitch in silence.

“And who was that girl?” referring to Jummy.she asked breaking the silence.

–to be continued–