Teenage Love Episode 14


“And, who was that girl?” she asked breaking the silence.

“Oh! That girl. She is Jummy.” he said.

“Jummy is her name?” she asked.

As he was about to reply, he heard his name being called. Which made him stop and could see Jummy running towards them. She caught up with them in no time.

“Let’s go. I am going the same way with you guys.” she said.

“Ok, no problem.” segun said as they resumed walking.

“Hi.” she greeted Nike.

“hi”. Nike replied.

“My name is Jummy.” she said.

“I am Nike.”

“It’s nice meeting you.” Jummy said smiling.

“The pleasur is mine.” Nike replied.

They continued walking as Jummy tried engaging Segun in some dry discussions but Segun expertly changed the topic so as to carry Olanike along. They got to the bus-stop where Segun will board a bus going to Iwo-road and Nike will cross to the other side to get to the GRA while Jummy will also cross to the other side to get to Ikolaba grammar school(Omolayo’s centre) very close to the GRA.

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“Bye.” Segun greeted before hopping into a bus that will convey him home.

“Bye.” they both replied in unison. Jummy and Nike walked towards Ikolaba grammar school before Nike diverted towards the GRA, where she lived.

Segun got home late in the evening and was suprised to see his big bro around.

“Bro Tope, good evening.” he greeted.

“Wassup bro. He replied extending his hand for a handshake.

“Am good o.” he replied collecting the handshake. –

to be continued–