Tears On My Pillow Episode 9


I hang up quickly, aunty Nelly was heading to my bedroom calling my name.
“yes aunty!” I answered rushing out to see her.
” we are going for small Christian Community Meeting, make sure you prepare dinner on time. We are coming with uncle George and his wife this evening.”
“yes aunty” I responded.
“Come open the gate for us” she added getting her bible heading out. I watched them as they drove out joining the road then I saw Jim flirting with some girl outside.
shaking my head, “I pity you girlfriend” I thought to myself. Before I could lock the gate Jim came trotting to me.
” hey what’s up?”
“Hey you” I answered back.
” so what’s for me?” he asked with a wide smile.
” when are you going to leave me alone Jim..” I snapped..
“well, whenever you would accept me as your boyfriend.” He grinned
“oh too bad you will wait for eternity..” I said closing the gate.
He pushed it open.
“wait wait.. I know the deal you have. so you think that Ben is special and better than me uh? let’s see what happens when he dumps you for some white chick or someone better.”
I laughed out..” you know what? get out of here” I said pushing the gate in his face.
I went back Inside and checked my phone. I read a text Ben sent.
“He’s sleeping” i thought.
“how I wish i could talk some more with him.. anyway.. ” I sighed going to prepare dinner as ordered.
…. 2 months later….
I went to the Mwapes one afternoon, reaching the door. I heard Grace crying. I knocked and rushed in immediately someone answered. Mrs Mwape was busy sushing the baby but her efforts yield no results.
” what’s wrong with her? ” I asked concerned
” she has a fever and she has been crying since morning.”
” let me see if I can help.” I touched her neck
“oh my ! she’s burning up ” I removed her clothes quickly and asked Maria for warm water.
I got Grace’s small towel, diping it in the water and massaged her whole body. I repeated that 5 more times, by the time i was done her temperature had dropped.
“Do you have any panadol syrup ?” I inquired. Mrs Mwape handed it to me. I gave her a dose.

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After about 5 minutes the baby’s fever had come down. I held her close, her head leaning on my shoulders. she instantly fell asleep.
” wow ! how did you know all that?” the puzzled Mrs Mwape asked.
” I learnt it whilst taking care of auntys girls. she probably is teething” I told her and to confirm my suspicions I opened her upper lip. for sure her gums were swollen. I waited for about 30 minutes and Graces fever had completely come down, then stood to go.
“I should be going now aunty just buy her teething powder it helps sooth her.” I advised
“hey Jena! whats that on your back” she stopped me, i turned but couldnt see a thing.
“what’s there ?” I inquired.
“oh it must be baby powder” she chuckled coming to dust my back. I stood as she wiped my back in the process she pulled my hair.
“oh sorry ” she apologised.
” it’s ok,” I smiled at her before heading out.
I received an admission letter to study law at UNZA that same week, I was so excited. Thank God everything was going ok so far. uncle gave me some money for buying myself new clothings.
” You are going to a big institution, go get yourself suitable clothes.” He spoke as he handed me the money.
I was so grateful, luckily aunty showed some support too. she in fact drove me to Lusaka to pick up new clothes. I can admit she had her good tastes. we went to expensive boutiques and got shoes and clothes. Basically, I had changed my wardrobe.
Before I left for registration I passed through the Mwapes and told them I was going to school. I promised to go back as soon as I could.
I couldn’t help but Notice those two were acting weird for some reason I had a bad feeling. But I quickly blushed it off.
That day before I walked out of the yard, Mr Mwape called and asked why I loved their baby so much..
I wasn’t expecting the question. I mean, i had been going there for months and none of them bothered to ask me such. Especially in a very serious tone.
“Anyway” I said to myself.
“as long as my baby was ok I was good..” I simply explained that i liked kids and nothing more.
Walking back home. I wondered, surely something was off. I planned on telling them the whole truth as soon as I settled in school. I just had to do it before Ben comes. He had the right to know the truth.
“I will not mind what people will say ” i whispered to myself,
“as long as I have my baby it’s all gonna be okay.”

Later in the night I talked to Ben. He was supper excited I was finally going to the University.
“You deserve it my love” he told me..
” just ensure to take good care of your self.”
“of course I will” I assured him.
“just come back here already” I laughed
” I miss you..” I heard him crack too
“sooner than you think love” he said calmly.

Story continues…