Tears On My Pillow Episode 8


In Russia…

“Ben! Ben!.. wait up man what’s the rush? ”

Oliver called me out. My phone had rang twice as the lecturer concluded his lesson. I ignored it and thought I would call later. I figured it could have been my sister since the number was from Zambia.

I put back my iPhone in the pockets and it vibrated indicating I received a text. I took out my phone, drew the pattern

“hey it’s Jena.” It read.

my heart stopped for a second. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I had been writing to Jena for months now and she had never bothered to answer back. In fact, Oliver would always tell me to forget her and move on.

“man forget that your girl from your country, if she still cared about you she would have said something by now. Maybe she’s hooked up with some other guy.. ”

“no man…” I told him.

” I know this girl.. I have known her since she was just a kid. she can’t do that to me, no way man.”

Oliver shrugged And patted my back.

“it’s your loss” he shook his head” going to see my chick.” he said with a grin and walked out of our room.

He was my friend, we met on the first day at the university during registration. we bonded perfectly especially that we were doing the Same course. He was from Tanzania and very wild with women too.

unlike me, Oliver had had a chain of girls since we started studying. He dumped his girlfriend from his home country barely 6 months in Russia.

for me on the other hand, my heart and body belonged to Jena. She was the love of my life. I fall in love with her the day I saw her first, but then she was just in grade 8 and I was doing grade 12. I had to wait until she was old enough. however, managed to befriend her, she was my neighbour and her aunty was friends with my sister. So I had the opportunity to see her every day.

The time I went visiting Zambia I finally saw her, she really had grown into a beautiful woman. I realised Jena had changed so much in 3 years. I couldn’t help admire her beautiful figure, the first time I saw her she wore a chitenge and was busy cleaning the yard. I gazed at her behind and I felt my manhood flinch.

” damn this girl” I cursed.

“She will drive me crazy” when I called her name. I almost melted, the smile on her mouth was enough to knock me down. I fought hard not to rush out to kiss her.

I immediately knew she was the one, though I dated Chipo from high school. I never fell in love with her. she was all over me but I couldn’t just love her. In fact, I ended our relationship a year after high school.

she however had been calling my .. sister and pleading for my number. I heard she was working as a nurse in Lusaka. I cared less anyway, even after my sister insisted she was the right person for me to marry. I never heed to her advice. My heart longed for my simple Jenala. I never told my sister that, knowing she would tell Jena’s aunty. I didn’t want to get her in any trouble not until I was ready to face her.

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I remember the first time I made love to her, she was so shy, that day I got so hard I couldn’t let her go. I could see some dilemma in her eyes but I went for her still, the animal in me was so strong it needed calming down. I made love to her and God it was the best sex I ever had. I noticed some stains of blood on my sheets, somehow I felt guilty I broke her innocence. But I couldn’t hold my desire that afternoon. I promised myself I would stay away fropm her.

The next time I took her out to Kafue again, we sat and watched the river flow. I held her waist as we talked. I couldn’t control it when she leaned on my chest, her hair touching my face. I asked her to look at me. gosh, her face made things worse. I got so hard I felt pain.

” I love you so much” I whispered to her, like always she just smilled. I wondered why she never told me the words i love you straight up, but it mattered less. Her actions said it all. surprisingly she kissed me and I was so gone. How on earth was I suppose to control myself with her soft lips touching mine.

I stood up and asked her to follow me. we went back to the car parked behind us, thank heavens my sister allowed me to use her car after i lied I was going to meet up friends.

I pulled her in the back seat, left one front window a bit open and closed the tinted back Windows.

“can I make love to you here? ” I asked her kissing her again. she nodded between kisses. I held her tight….


“thank you,” I said in her ears.

“for what? ” she had asked shly.

for making me a happy man” I said honestly.

The 3 rd time was a good bye. I saw her off to school the following day and promised to get in touch, of which I did, but without her responding.

After serious arguments about her with Oliver I realised she might not have received my letters.

“you know man” I told Oliver one day,

“Her aunty is something else. I am now beginning to doubt if she ever gave her the letters. Damn! why did I forget to get her school address? I have been so stupid” i hit myself.

That’s when I decided a week after to use her uncles address. since the company manager’s addresses were listed online, on the company website. I easily got hold of his postal address and sent the later to Jena.

I looked at the text again

” to hell with the lecture” I rushed out heading to my room so I speak to her. I couldn’t wait to hear her voice.I knew she was obviously sleeping cause it was aroud 12 hours in Russia, meaning it was aroud 23 hours in Zambia.

Here I was stopping and waiting for Oliver running towards my direction.

“hey Ben whats the rush?” He painted holding his file close.

” Oh man, you wont believe this” I opened the text and showed him.

” well it looks like your girfriend has resurrected, talk to her then my man. maybe you can become normal again ” he teased.

“see you later then, let me see some books over the library.” He smiled

“great” I answered walking away.

I sat down to call her, the line was almost cutting before I heard her sleepy voice answering. It was worth the trouble, I thought to myself as I hung up after an hour of talking with her.

Later in the evening I text her I knew they had gone to church. I only wished that jerk Jim stayed away. I recalled him approaching me after seeing me with Jena..

“you stay away from her Russia boy” he scolded me.

I almost hit him in his stupid face but I decided he wasn’t worthy it .I held his muscle T shirt and shook him hard.

listen to me you jerk, Jena is my girl and should I hear any funny stories of you messing with her. you will have to deal with me.” I roughly pushed him and he staggered.

He spat and giggled like an idiot he was..

“we will see about that.” he said proudly.

I watched him walk away in anger. he was lucky I had grown. If it were back when I was 18. I could have broke his stupid face.

I sighed pushing away the thoughts of Him. Then i decided to watch the photos on my phone. I had watched them a thousand times. But I never got tired of seeing her face.

” I hope she’s truly ok,” I thought to myself. I hated the part when she sounded sad, like something big was up. Even when she insisted she was ok, i knew she had something going on and I promised to go find out first thing i land in Zambia.

I smilled at her text, she was out of mass. It was almost 22 but I knew I could just talk to her before sleeping. I missed her voice too..

“Hey Ben !” I heard her answer on the other side. I loved the way she called my name.

“my love how is your day? ” I asked.

“great, i went to church, We just reached home. how have u been?”

“Not good” i told her . “I miss being With you.”

I could feel her smile on the other end..

“well come get me.” she teased me.

“don’t tempt me Jena, if i had a way, you could be besides me right now.”

She chuckled…

“so tell me something new ” i asked her.

“oh I have something to tell you Ben but not on the Phone.” She responded.

I couldn’t help wonder what made her talk that way. That sad tone again for some reason I felt her pain.

“whats up love, at least give me a hint . ” I pleaded.

“Take heart” she answered “all in due time.. ”

I didn’t want to push it.

“ok then ” I shrugged. “Talk to me then” I changed the subject.

“um, I have to go” I heard her say

“but…” I couldn’t finish my sentence, she hang up.

“damn!” i cursed. I looked at the photos we took together at the river cliff again, smilled at the sight of her smile and decided to leave her a text

“am off to bed now.. take care.. love you….”

I connected my phone to the charger, before getting on my bed.

“its gonna be a long night” I said loudly. I looked at Olivers empty bed. he probably was sleeping out again,

I clossed my eyes and imagined being with my Jenala.

Story continues…