Tears On My Pillow Episode 10


6 weeks had passed since i settled in the university. luckily i met up with Muma my friend from Chipembi. we were accommodated after a struggle for a room.

I came back from lectures one afternoon and i had just finished having lunch when i received a call from Ben.

“hey love whats up ?” he asked the moment i answered

“hey Ben, am just from having my lunch and since am free the rest of the day I intend to take a nap. ” I responded

“oh great” he said.. ” I wanted to let you know that I will be coming in a month`s time.”

” well that`s great news love. am so glad you are finally coming back.”

” yeah i can`t wait to see you too my love you know i miss you.” I heard him sigh.

we chatted for another hour and after hanging up. I decided to call home and find out how everyone was doing. aunty told me they would be traveling to Ndola, my other aunty the elder sister to dad was ill.

“I will go with your mother ” she added.

“Oh sad, whats wrong with her” i inquired.

“am not sure we going to find out tommorow.”

” thats right, regards to the girls” i added before hanging up.

“So Ben is coming back i told myself, i now have to make sure i talk to the Mwape`s before he comes.” i decided i would go the coming weekend so i pay them a special visit. I couldn`t wait to be finally free from the burden of keeping such a big secret. I cared less what people would say. I decided to do whatever it would take to be with my daughter and make my man happy. I knew he will love Grace.

……THE MWAPE`S………………………..

Honey how can you say that that girl just has love for babies” Mrs Mwape told the husband.

” well dont you think its awkward how much attached that Jena seems to our baby? In fact i suspected something fishy the day i found her sneaking around the living room window the first time i met her and besides just come to think of it, she’s always visiting Grace.”

Mrs Mwape thought for a minute,” i think you have a point. Her appearance immediately we found Grace is too much to just be a coincidence.”

” yeah it was too much to be” answered the husband.

“I think of two possibilities, either she’s the biological mother to Grace or she knows the mother.” Mr Mwape added.

” but i don`t understand honey ,why don`t anyone know about it? No one even saw her pregnant.”

” well i think there`s a possibility she concealed it since she was in boarding school and you yourself you told me she ain’t outgoing, its surely possible to hide a pregnancy”

” and who can possibily be the father?” Mrs Mwape asked.

” who knows mama.” Shrugged her husband.

“I can`t lose Grace my husband please we have to do something. if we continue allowing her here she might do something crazy and steal her of even claim back her child” she cried.

” no way dear” responded Mr Mwape

“there`s no way am letting that happen, she dumped her baby and now she`s ours. how can we raise a child just to let someone take her away? it wont happen.”

From that day they planned to make sure their suspicions were correct. The plan was to get Jena`s hair so that they can have a DNA test done, they succeeded.

Mrs Mwape managed to pull out some strands of hair from Jena and they took the samples for both Jena and Grace to the hosipital. Weeks Later, the Doctor called them and they went to collect the results. Mrs Mwape gasped when she opened the results and the match was 100% positive.

“so what now?” she asked her husband.

” oh well now we move on to plan B.. we are going to move to the farm in far away, where no one will ever think of finding us.” he explained to his wife.

Weeks later, they shifted without even telling the workers where they shifted to. Mr Mwape sold the farm.

Before going, Mrs Mwape gave a folded envelope to one of the workers who remained guarding the farm before the new owner moved in,

“give it to that girl Jena who usually visits us when she shows up looking for us.”

“i will mom ” he answered.


I went home on the weekend, I couldnt wait to see my daughter. I wanted to get her some cute shoes i saw in Ackermans. So i passed through the one in cairo road, got the shoes and headed home. I reached and found home was quite, remembered aunty mentioning going to Ndola.

She went with the kids. I knocked at the door and pushed it open when no one answered. I figured uncle was sleeping cause the main bedroom windows were open..

After dropping my back pack, i got the shoes i got for Grace and headed out..

“hey you are back?” uncle called me just before i closed the door.

“oh hey uncle! sorry I woke you up. ” i walked back to greet him.

“No, don’t worry I was just watching soccer. so how is school? ” he smiled

“its great ” i answered “interesting i would say”

” that`s good Jena you will surely make a good lawyer”

” Thanks uncle” i smiled.

” so um, you heading somewhere?” he asked.

“oh yeah I wanted to give these shoes I bought for the Mwape`s daughter” I told him truthfully.

“thats nice of you. alright then will see you later ”

” yes. so when is aunty and the kids coming back?” I asked before leaving.

” maybe today, she said your aunty might be discharged today.”

“thats good ” I said heading out.

Minutes later, I knocked at the gate to the Mwape’s farm, more than 5 times but no response.

“where could they be?” I wondered as I leaned on the gate to wait up a bit thinking maybe they had gone to town.

Story continues…


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