Tears On My Pillow Episode 12


7 days later, I started feeling better I could actually feel my body again. The Charismatic members from my church came over and prayed for me. The priest also came and talked to me at length.

“There’s hope for every living being my child” he had told me.

“we error as human beings because we are not perfect, however, in our weakness God shows himself mighty. You have to get better not only for yourself but for the sake of those who love you and wants you alive and well. Think of your mother dear child, a poor widow, don’t be selfish Jena, do it for others if you won’t do it for yourself. Whatever it is that hurt you so much take it to the Lord in prayer and he himself will heal your brokenness.”

I listened to him speak, though it didn’t fill the gap in my heart, it eased up things.

The next day uncle came in and told me someone had been calling the past week and he wanted to talk to me. I nodded indicating him to put the phone close to my ear. Uncle held the phone to my ear.

” hi my love, I know you can’t speak but I want you to know am here and will always be here for you, the last days have been so hard for me my love. please be well, am coming in a few days and whatever it is bothering you we will come work it through together. I love you and I want you to be well again.” He spoke with so much pain in his voice.

I felt his pain and I really wanted to reach out to him.

“Ben ” I finally answered.

It was the first word I had said in a week.

“yes my love, thank God you are speaking again, talk to me love please.”

“Ben she’s gone.. I lost her.” I said

” who is gone? Jena I heard him ask. “please talk to me..”

” I…I….I..I ” stammered tears forming in my eyes. uncle withdrew the phone, answering it instead.

“well young man let’s not stress her any more that’s enough for the day.” he hang up and came to me.

“well, either that man is really special to you or he said something great to open you up. So what can I get you? ” he asked

“Water ” I said in a low tone. My throat felt so dry.. He opened the side drawer and got a bottle of water. Helping me up, he gave me the water and i drunk almost half the bottle.

Later in the day aunty Nelly, mom and bana Junior came visiting me and relief was on their faces.

The following day mom came to see me alone.

” am happy you are able to speak my dear. we were worried about you. please Jena I beg you tell me what is bothering you. Am your mother you can trust me.” She pleaded holding my hands.

Before I could start telling mom. uncle came in and excused himself seeing we were talking. I called him back to the room

” you have to hear this too uncle” I looked at him. I then narrated the whole story to both of them. They listened in silence and mom shed tears.

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“you didn’t have to go through all that my poor child, baby is something sacred it’s a gift from God. I wish you had said something.” She cried.

“we are partly to blame” uncle added. “how is it possible that all these months we had no idea what was happening and I hate the fact that your aunty hid the letters from your boyfriend . Maybe if you were in touch the two of you could have found a better solution, anyway what’s done is done. The only thing is that we have to find your child. So you have any idea where the Mwapes could have gone or maybe any relations around here? ” Uncle asked

” no uncle, I was only interested in my daughter and besides we never talked about their family. ”

“Well? I hope we find something to help us locate them and you have to tell Ben everything you have told us. I hope he understands.” He sighed.

“Oh well he has to understand, it’s his fault my daughter had to go through all this. He took advantage of her and left her pregnant, he will answer to me I swear on my husband’s grave.” mom snapped.

” how could he? he left all the girls in this town just to come and destroy my daughter’s life. oh! No, he will find me. ”

“hey take it easy ” uncle told her.

“It’s too late to play blame games now, let’s just be calm and find a solution to this mess, the damage has already been done.” He spoke calmly.

Surprisingly my family was so supportive, even aunty Nelly apologised for treating me badly and hiding Bens letters. I was now home and felt much better. Though Was still feeling weak.

Ben called that he was coming in a couple of days.

” I just hope he will understand and still love me.” I really wished he understood.

Jim came in one afternoon and gave me a note.

“I found it were you had fallen” he said.

“you read it?” I asked afraid of how much the news will blow all over the town and at church too.

“Yeah ” he grinned. “but I didn’t understand. Jena you have a baby?” He asked, before I could answer him aunty entered the sitting room.

” no she doesn’t. I mean have you ever seen her pregnant..?” She looked at him seriously.

” No aunty ” he answered..

” well, there you have it, no one can give Birth without being pregnant first.” She shrugged

I smiled at aunty she really saved me that time. I wished my daughter was ok, I kept thinking and crying before falling asleep. My pillow was always wet in those days.

Story continues…