Tarasha Season 2 Episode 29

Cole twitched in pain and discomfort as a bucket of cold water was splashed on his face, his eyes opened slowly. His vision was blur at first and he felt drowsy, he could see more than twenty faces staring down at him at first. It took sometime before his vision became clear, then he could see Don, Stainless and three other unknown faces.
Two of the men whom he didn’t know dragged him violently and made him sit upright on the ground. He looked around the room, squinting to accommodate the light as his head pounded with a headache, the room was quite empty except for the people in it.
He saw two other unknown faces standing behind a lady tied to a chair and blindfolded, her mouth was also covered. He didn’t recognize her at first, the disguise she had put on was not totally clean but he remembered seeing the colour of her cloth when she walked out of the hotel gate. It was then realization hit him that he had been captured just like Aisha.

He looked round again, this time at the faces of his captors. He remembered something and quickly searched his body to see if he still had his gadgets attached, his wristwatch had been removed but he still had a micro chip attached just behind his thighs which his abductors had not seen and would not be able to discover easily.

‘Cole, my boy.’ Don’s voice jerked him off from his reverie of thoughts. ‘You decided to bite the hands that fed you and made you who you are,’ Don continued, beginning a circular motion around him. ‘I know you thought you were working with the best; you think Tarasha is the best. I don’t know what the wh*re put in your head, or maybe she allowed you sleep with her once or twice and with that she formatted your brain.’ Don stopped his motion and squatted at his front, looking straight into his eyes. ‘As you can see, now I got you and I can do anything I want to do with you…’ Don stopped suddenly on remembering something. He flashed a look towards where Aisha was placed, ‘Come on, take off the blindfold, let her see who she thought was going to save her.’

The boys standing behind Aisha responded and her eyes were uncovered. Don made an evil smile at her and rose up, he took some steps towards her but stopped midway. He faced her and shook his head at her in mockery, ‘You used to be my number one, my number one in bed and my number one in the kitchen. I sent you to do a simple job of spying Tarasha but you allowed her turn you against me, I don’t know what she gave to you but it’s sickening to know that a girl that’s obviously younger than you could control you.’

He paused and proceeded to her, he stopped in front of her and placed his hands on the chair arms. He brought his face very close to hers, with his nose almost touching hers and stared deeply into her eyes. ‘Now, I’ll make sure you don’t end up better than a dog,’ he whispered to her and grinned evilly. He stood upright and turned, ‘I’ll make sure all the boys here bang your brains out before you’re thrown into dustbin especially if you don’t cooperate with us,’ he said in a loud voice followed with a roar of laughter from him and murmurings from the boys.

‘Banging a notorious person wanted by the police is really a good thing, especially for young chaps like this, they could add that achievement to the curriculum vitae.’ Stone commented and added a brief chuckle.

‘You still have a better offer,’ Don said, proceeding back to Cole. ‘Agree to join us and…’
‘Where are my parents?’ Cole snapped, cutting him short.

A crooked smile gradually appeared on Don’s lips. ‘Oh! Thanks for reminding me about them, your parents are in safe hands,’ he said and then turned to give Aisha a reassuring look. ‘We’ve stopped torturing them since you agreed to come and we’ll keep it that way for now.’

‘You have to let them go,’ Aisha demanded.
‘Of course baby, I’ll allow them go but not until you give me what I need.’ Don replied.

‘And what is it that you want?’ Cole asked in a coarse voice.

‘I was about to say that when you interrupted me rudely. Join our team and help in capturing Tarasha,’ Don offered.

Cole bowed his head for some seconds, then he raised it up slowly with a slight smile on his face. He stared thinly into Don’s eyes and spoke out, ‘You know that’s never going to happen, don’t you?’

‘Never going to happen?’ Don asked back, returning to Cole the same kind of smile. Then he turned again to Aisha, ‘Work with us baby and we may spare your life and your parents,’ he offered her too.
‘You can’t win Tarasha, she’s not your mate.’ Aisha slammed.

Don’s anger was kindled at her words, the viens on his head became visible as he tightened his fists. ‘You want to act stubborn right?’ he asked and paused to stare at their faces. ‘Don’t worry, you both would die like Benny did.’ He said and paused to see their reactions. Aisha and Cole’s eyes locked at that moment, a kind of fear could be seen on their faces, Don was glad on seeing the effect his revelation of Benny’s death had on them. ‘ But yours will be different and special, I’ll make sure you experience the death of your parents first and I promise you it would be the most brutal one you’ve ever seen.’ He concluded and watched to see their reaction again.
Cole had been made visibly angry by his words and attempted to stand up to atack him but Ojo and his boys quickly held Cole back.

Don made a sign to Ojo and Ojo responded by covering Cole’s nose with a handkerchief until he was unconscious and his body fell to the ground.

‘Tie him up like she’s tied, tie her mouth back and then his too,’ Don ordered and stormed out of the room.

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Maitama, Abuja

‘Their pulses are not been felt again,’ Omotara said, pointing to something on the screen of the computer. She was now sitting on the seat Henry was seated previously to allow easy control of the system by herself while Henry was seated on previous one she sat on.

‘What does that mean?’ Henry gave her a short stare.

‘It can either mean that they’ve stopped breathing or their wristwatches have been taken off their wrists,’ she replied him.
Henry frowned as he considered the first option she mentioned. He shook his head, rebuking the possibility in his mind. Cole’s picture came into his mind and he remembered the day Cole pursued him into the bush, attempting to kill him. But all that was gone now, the couple of days which they lived together in the same house had made Henry automatically forgive him and grow a kind of attachment to him, especially because of Cole’s skills in computers and developing.

‘But why will they take the wristwatch off?’ Henry asked, his frown getting thicker.

‘It only means they’ve been captured by the enemies, they won’t take it off under normal circumstances,’ she answered.
‘But we’re still being able to track their location,’ Henry argued. He stretched towards the system and maximized a running software to prove his point.
‘Yes, the tracker is hidden somewhere that cannot be easily seen, and it isn’t going to stop working even if it has been removed or the person carrying it is dead until it is damaged or destroyed itself.’ she explained.

Henry closed his eyes briefly to think while Tara stared thinly into the air.
‘So what are we going to do now?’ Henry finally asked.
‘What are we going to do?’ Tarasha asked with a raised tone, stressing the word ‘we’. ‘We are not doing anything.’

‘Huh?’ Henry’s eyes widened in shock of her response.
‘Yes, we are not doing anything.’ she repeated as she sprang up from her seat. ‘I’m going to do something while you stay here, you’re not doing anything with me.’ She said and straightened her shorts. She turned around to the other side of the table.
He stood up after and followed her, ‘You want to go alone? I can’t leave you to go all by yourself,’ Henry argued.

She glanced at him and rolled her eyes before turning towards the sofa. She squatted by the edge and touched something under the chair, three seater seats of the very long sofa opened up, revealing neatly arranged revolvers and boxes of bullets.

‘I’m not going to allow you go alone,’ Henry repeated again after waiting for her reply and getting none.

‘You would, you should stay here. It’s dangerous for you out there and you are not even trained for this kind of jobs,’ she said, flashing a look at him and then turning back to continue the selection of arms.
‘It’s dangerous out there for you too and even if I’m not trained like you and the others are, you may need my help for something else,’ Henry said.

Tarasha closed the opened seat after taking out two revolvers and rose up to stare at his face. ‘You took a dangerous step by coming out tonight,’ she said in a kind of reprimanding tone.
‘But it was worth it, something bad could have happened to you if I did not come.’ Henry retorted
‘Nothing would have happened, I would have found a way out.’ She said in a sharp manner which portrayed ungratefulness and turned back to the sofa. She moved four steps and squatted sideways while Henry remained fixed to his spot. She pressed something under and a longer line of seats opened up, about two times of the first, it had long guns in it and other boxes of bullets.
‘So you mean all I did earlier today was just a waste of time?’

His voice made her freeze. She could sense the pain and hurt in it. She had purposely wanted to make him feel bad and unneeded so that he could stay back but she didn’t really like the outcome afterwards.
For a moment, she remained motionless in her squatting position. After a couple of seconds, she rose up slowly and turned. She could see the pain and disappointment Henry carried on his face, she moved slowly towards him and unfolded his arms which were folded on his chest. She squeezed his palms in hers as she stared into his eyes. She moved her face closer and planted a short kiss on his lips. ‘No, you didn’t waste your time but I don’t want you to come with me now, I’ll be more careful,’ she said and stared into his eyes again before touching his lips with her own lips again.

It took some time before he responded to the kiss, but just as he did, she broke away.
‘Someone is putting on the wristwatch again,’ she said, raising up her wrist to check the wristwatch screen. It had vibrated and was now blinking red. She stepped back from Henry and returned to the computer, leaving the weapons on the floor.
To be continued