Tarasha Season 2 Episode 28

Rex watched in anger and disgust as the truck drove off. He wondered who the truck driver was and where he had come from. He had carefully planned this attack and did not see signs of anyone showing up to save Tarasha during his planning. His mind was disturbed for a while. Then he noticed the brightness behind him, the headlights of the car was still on. Then he saw his body and clothes dirty and filled with dust, he had been forced to lay flat on the floor to escape being hit by the truck. He began to dust his body with his bare hands as he returned to the car, feeling angry and defeated. He stopped at the driver’s side and opened the door, he flung the guns and the torch in his hands to the passenger’s side and stared around the place again before entering.
‘Dear Goodness!’ Chief Rikau exclaimed in a loud voice. ‘I thought you were dead.’
Rex glanced at him but said nothing in reply. He readjusted the rearview mirror and wiped his forehead with his palm before starting the car engine.

‘Call the Vice President, tell him she’s gone but may be back very soon.’ he ordered Chief Rikau as they drove off.
Chief Rikau obeyed and passed the information to the Vice President. Rex drove on a high speed until he was about to turn into the main road which led to the roundabout, his eyes met with something and he suddenly slowed down and turned on the trafficator. Luckily for him, there was no car coming behind theirs. The road had been deserted immediately after the gunshots. The noise from police sirens could already be heard approaching from different angles.
Rex reversed the car a little backwards, staring at something by the side. Chief Rikau stretched his neck to see what he was staring at. It was a taxi parked just off the road. Rex reversed more and turned out of the road, he parked behind the taxi.
‘She didn’t go with the car she brought,’ he said to Chief Rikau as he killed the engine and stepped out.

‘Wow wow wow! See who we’ve got here,’ Don Dan said mockingly as he strolled into the room where Aisha was tied to a chair. Stainless and Stone followed him closely behind. ‘My sweetheart who has abandoned me to follow a fellow girl like her.’

Don stopped at her front and took off the fold covering her mouth, he smiled on seeing the furious but helpless look on her face.

‘Where are my parents?’ she barked out immediately her mouth was free.

‘That’s quite rude bae. Have you lost your manners? Is that the first question you ask when you meet your real boss and lover?’

‘You’re none of that anymore,’ Aisha snapped, staring at him with disgust shown on her face. ‘And stop beating around the bush. Where are my parents and what’s the deal you brought me here for?’

‘Be patient dear,’ Don said walking back to her. He covered her mouth back with the fold easily even with her struggle to put up resistance. ‘Let Cole come first, I know he’s somewhere on his way, tracing you here.’ He added an evil roar of laughter as he turned back and walked out of the room. Stainless followed him and then Stone followed too after staring at her for few seconds. He made a loud bang with the door as he joined his colleagues.


Rex was driving when the smaller phone began to ring, he picked the phone with his right hand and stared at the screen, he saw the name ‘Cole’. He stared at it for some few more seconds before the call ended. He dropped the phone and picked his, he then dialed Don’s phone number.

‘How is it going there?’ he asked immediately the call was answered.

‘It’s going well Rex, I’ve been waiting for your call,’ Don replied with enthusiasm. ‘We’ve gotten the girl and we’re waiting for the guy to come around. Like you said, they came together and have been in close contact with each other.’

There was a brief silence. ‘Do you know who is called Cole?’ Rex asked.

‘Yes, Cole is the guy who came with her?’

‘Thank you,’ Rex said calmly. ‘I’ll call you back in one minute.’

He ended the phone and picked Tarasha’s small phone again. He took a brief glance at the Inspector General at the back seat and said to him, ‘Start making arrangements for a car to pick you up, I’ll drop you off at the next bus stop.’

A frown formed on Chief Rikau’s face immediately. He checked his wristwatch and stared outside to see where they were, then he took out his phone to make a call.

Rex opened the call register on Tarasha’s small phone, he expanded the missed call list and crammed Cole’s number. Then he dropped the phone and continued driving for three more minutes until he got to a junction and pulled over just after the junction. ‘Tell them to come and pick you here,’ he said to the Inspector General as he picked his own phone. He opened the messaging app on his phone and typed in Cole’s number which he had crammed, he tapped the enter key and typed below, ‘Track this number, it’s Cole’s.’

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**55 minutes later**

‘Stop please,’ Omotara suddenly said in a commanding tone.

Henry took a quick glance at her, he knew her reason for asking him to stop was connected to the notification delivered by her wristwatch. ‘What’s the matter?’ he asked as he turned on the trafficator.

‘I need to go back to Metro street,’ she said, taking off the seat belt as Henry gradually brought the car to a halt.

‘What?’ Henry stared at her, surprised.

‘I need to pick up something I forgot in the car and I also promised to return that car,’ she said and attempted to open the door.

Henry grabbed her hand, ‘Which car are you talking about and what did you forget?’

‘I borrowed a cab and forgot my two devices there,’ she stared at him and tried wriggle off his hand but he held on firmly

‘But we can’t get other devices and block those ones completely,’ Henry said.

‘What about the files stored on it?’ she argued.

‘Your storage is connected to the server at home, remember?’ Henry replied in a confident tone.
She heaved a sigh and stared at him, she felt she had given him too much freedom to know so much about her activities. ‘But I also need to return the car, besides Cole and Aisha seems to be in danger, I need those devices to be sure of what help they need.’

Henry stared at her quietly for a few seconds, trying to decide whether to allow her or not. He heaved a sigh and released her hand. She tried to step out of the car but he held her again. ‘Don’t go, you can connect Aisha and Cole with my device ,’ he said, pointing a tablet at the backseat to her. ‘I copied your system files into it.’
She hissed tiredly and stared back at him for some seconds, she seemed to be considering whether to stay or not.

Henry stretched to pick the device from the backseat for her, hoping she would agree not to return, he knew he couldn’t stop her by force if she decided to still go.
‘I need to make the other devices stop working first before it gets to the wrong hands,’ she said as she took the phone from him.

‘We’re just five minutes from home, try extract Cole and Aisha’s numbers first. I’ll help you with that once we get home,’ he replied as he kicked off the engine.

Cole stared at the gate from his dark hideout, confused. He tapped the power button by the side of his phone again softly, it turned on. He opened the call register and dialed Tarasha’s number again. A system automated voice replied him, saying the line was now switched off. This added to his frustration, ‘Was the boss now turning her back against them now?’ He asked as he returned the phone to his pocket. Maybe she wanted them to sort out this challenge solely by themselves and didn’t want to interfere like she did in the Robin Kahn’s encounter.
He took out the tablet from the bag and turned it on, the tracker app was running already. He selected ‘Specify Location’ among several other options and a map displayed immediately without any process of loading, it zoomed in and showed him an address. He heaved a sigh and stared at the big black gate again, he also took a quick glance at his wristwatch. Aisha had been taken in for almost one hour and there had been no movements since she had been placed at a position.

He had been there watching the gate all through, but he had not seen anybody go in or come out. He glanced at his wristwatch again, and then at the gate unconsciously, wondering when he was going to see any activity take place there.
**20 minutes later**
‘Here, you can call him now,’ Henry turned towards Tarasha as he heard the door creak open. She walked in, already changed into tight shorts and a mini top which stopped above her abdomen. She proceeded towards him and took the phone, a phone number had been already typed into the dial pad so she clicked the green button and sat on the seat beside Henry.

‘Cole,’ she called softly after the call was answered.
‘Boss, they’ve got her in a highly secured building. I don’t know what’s going on with her, I think the earpiece must have been discovered and taken off from her clothes,’ Cole replied, rushing his words.

‘How long has she been taken in?’ Tarasha asked after some seconds of silence.
‘About one hour now, I’ve been trying to re…’

‘Are you been conscious of your environment?’ She cut in as she was certain that he was about to complain of his not been able to reach her for almost two hours.
‘Yes, nobody has seen me here, I’m behind a stature.’

‘Rael University road right? I can see your location here,’ Tarasha said, staring into the computer monitor at Henry’s front.
‘Yes, somewhere close to…’ Cole was saying but the line went dead suddenly.

She stared at the screen briefly before dialing again, it rang once and stopped connecting. She tried again and it returned the same response.

‘What’s the matter?’ Henry asked, staring at her inquisitively.

‘I don’t know yet,’ she replied and dialed again.

‘Yes, somewhere close to…’ Cole dropped to the floor as the butt of Ojo’s gun hit the back of his head.
‘Pick him up,’ Ojo ordered his boys. The three boys responded to his order and picked Cole up, they followed Ojo’s lead as they proceeded towards the gate.
**20 minutes later**
In a large and empty room without any kind of furnitures, Cole laid unconscious, sprawled on the floor. Ojo and the three boys surrounded him with pistols in their hands.

The main entrance door flung open and in came Don, Stainless and Stone, followed by two other boys who carried blindfolded Aisha in the chair she was tied to.
‘Nice job Ojo,’ Don clapped his hands as he proceeded towards them. ‘You’ve done great.’

‘Thanks boss,’ Ojo replied with a brief smile.
‘I also saw a girl with your boys, is that the catch for tonight?’ Don asked with a crooked smile as he got closer to Ojo and the boys. ‘Not really a catch, she’s a prey but I’ll also make sure I have her before ending her life.’ Ojo replied.

To be continued