Tarasha Season 2 Episode 232 Final


October 11, 2031.
Location: Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria.

Five months after the death of assassin Samantha Osman, her body is yet to be found and the Marine officers have no explanation for it. Chief Nonso Onwuli has been sentenced to ten years imprisonment for his involvement in employing the services of the deadly assassin. Security agents and police men who worked with Elvis Richards in perpetrating evil including Agent Tim have been arraigned and are preparing to face the court of law.

Henry Ekene George was declared not guilty after the final trial last week when the court discovered that he was a victim of the assassin’s mind control techniques. He has since been employed as a consultant to the ministry of defense on the use of technology in security and as an assistant to the chairman of the NSCC, Mr Sylvester.

Police Agent Dakolo celebrates his wedding anniversary yesterday with his wife Angela Dakolo and they had many dignitaries at the event including the Inspector General Of Police. Several agents of the SSS including Agent Elizabeth Thomas have been dismissed from the force for their involvement as accessories to secret crimes, some others have been served jail terms.

The Inspector General Of Police however assured the nation that Samantha Osman was gone forever and would never reappear in the history of Nigeria as she could not have escaped death after the secret agent shot her four times. He however noted that the search for her body would continue and the nation would be told when it’s found.

Ever since the death of Samantha Osman, politicians have expressed their fears and boldly encouraged people to avoid evil to ensure that an occurrence like Samantha Osman never has to repeat itself again.

‘Damn it! Damn it! Damn it!’ Henry cursed loud and flung off the remote control in his hand. He didn’t see his mother coming.

‘Come on Henry, ‘ the woman scolded him.

‘I’m sorry mum, I didn’t see that you were coming.’ he quickly apologized.

‘And what is wrong this time around?’ Mrs George asked and sat beside him in the three seater.

‘Nothing mum, I just finished listening to an exposé on the Samantha Osman’s case and they still haven’t found anything about her body.’ Henry replied.

The woman sighed. She wondered why her son was so obsessed with finding the body of Samantha Osman. ‘Listen Henry, she is already confirmed dead, I don’t understand why her body should still matter to you.’

Henry shook his head and let out a breath. ‘You won’t understand mum.’

‘Well,’ the woman shrugged and got up to her feet. ‘Dave James is in his car outside waiting for you, he says he wants to take you on a ride.’

‘Dave James? What the hell is he doing here again?’ Henry got up to his feet and stormed out of the house. He saw the Jeep parked in front of the house and walked straight to the Jeep.

Dave wound down the window. ‘Henry get into the car, I have something to show you at the Honesty Park.’

‘What? I don’t want to see anything,’ Henry replied, trying to be calm because of Stephanie George who was sitting beside him.

‘It’s important sir, please come with us.’ Stephanie said.

Henry let out a breath. ‘Okay, It’s not far from here, I’ll walk there and meet you in ten minutes.’

‘No, I don’t want you to walk.’

‘Then I’ll come in my car,’ Henry retorted.

‘Please join us,’ Dave pleaded.

Henry wasn’t about to accept until Stephanie spoke. ‘Please, come with us sir.’

Five minutes later, they got to the park. Henry and Dave sat at a table under a shed. They were served fruit drinks, Dave began to take his drink but Henry just stared at him.

‘So, how’s work Henry?’ Dave asked.

‘Stop asking me and go straight to your point,’ Henry slammed.

‘Hey! Cut the crap. I’m only trying to be friends with you here,’ Dave fired back at him.

Henry leaned forward with his hands on the table. ‘I can never be friends with you,’ he whispered.

‘Because I did my job?’

‘I don’t know what your job is, but I know you killed Tara.’ Henry said with a gasp. ‘Look, I appreciate your help in exonerating me in court but I can’t just help this, every time I see you I remember how you shot and killed her.’

‘I was only doing my job, you can’t blame me.’ Dave replied.

‘I’m tired of hearing that.’

‘Well,’ Dave sipped his drink. ‘How is Madam Henrietta?’

‘She’s fine.’

‘Well, I was thinking of sending her some things for Christmas, I hope you are going to do the same.’

‘Damn you Dave! Do you have anything else to say?’ Henry slammed his hands on the table and got up.

‘Anything else to say?’ Dave questioned.

‘Yes, you’re wasting my time here.’

‘Please sit and let me get to my point,’ Dave pleaded.

Henry sat back reluctantly.

‘I and Stephanie were thinking of a way we could make Madam Henrietta happy since she doesn’t have her daughter with her anymore,’ Dave continued.

‘Come on, you made her sad since the day you killed Omotara.’ Henry fired at him. Stephanie joined them on the table at that moment.

‘I did not kill her,’ Dave replied.

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Henry raised his brows thinking Dave was crazy.

‘Yes, how could I have killed the only person left of my family? How could I have killed the only sister I grew up to know?’

Henry was more confused now. He stared at Stephanie’s face to see if she was confused like him.

‘You must have seen my name in the citizen’s records, it’s Agent DJ. DJ doesn’t stand for Dave James, it stands for Danjuma Jerry.’

Henry opened his eyes in shock.

‘I didn’t kill my sister, I shot her tranquilizers and she fell into the sea.’ Dave added.

Henry’s mouth was left agape for a moment. He closed it and then tried to ask a question but he couldn’t articulate.

Dave knew what he wanted to ask and smiled. He rested his back and just stared above his head.

Henry noticed that Stephanie and Dave were both staring at something behind him. He turned slowly and looked back. He couldn’t believe who was standing behind, just about two metres away from him.

He blinked his eyes to check if he was dreaming but he wasn’t. He slowly rose from his seat. She didn’t look like a ghost, she was real.

Dave and Stephanie smiled on seeing Henry’s drunk-like motion.

‘So, only four of us knows now that she’s alive.’ Stephanie whispered to Dave.

‘Five of us actually, remember Agent Emmanuel.’ he reminded her.

She chuckled. ‘That man doesn’t remember a thing that happened,’ she said.

Dave raised his brows, ‘What do you mean?’

‘I added some benryl to his drink that night,’ she replied.

‘What? Where did you get it from?’ Dave asked, pleasantly surprised. He realized that it was the reason the Agent never spoke to him about it, he had always thought the agent was afraid not to be penalized for aiding Samantha Osman’s escape.

‘After you told me the plan that night, I returned to Samantha Osman’s previous base which the police has previously discovered and I took the liquid from the lab.’

‘Haha!’ Dave laughed loudly. ‘You’re an evil genius.’

They both stopped talking to watch the reaction between Henry and Omotara.

She stood where she was smiling at him but Henry was too dumbfounded to move his legs. It still looked like a dream to him until she began to walk towards him. He released a smile and let out a deep breath.


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I’m grateful to all of you readers and followers for following the story through the years. The story Tarasha(1 & 2) is my second book and it’s amazing how far it went and that’s because you took time to read and invited your friends. It’s just the beginning and I plan to do something bigger with my upcoming story RESTLESS.

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