Tarasha Season 2 Episode 185


Location : Asokoro, Abuja
Time: 03:40am

There were a total of six police men standing at different positions inside the fence. Two of the men were standing close to the gate at the edges of both sides of the fence, two others were standing close to the entrance of the house – one at the balcony and one down the balcony and the remaining two were standing at either sides of the building close to the backyard and watching the back comfortable from where they were seated.

Tarasha numbered each one of them, watching from her tablet device. She knew there were at least ten other men who would be in the same building securing the place. Six of the ten could be the ones changing shifts with the ones currently on duty outside the house and not less than four would be on duty inside the house. She also expected that at least one person would be monitoring the footages from the security cameras.

She exited the current footage she was watching and returned to the dashboard which displayed an option of more than twelve footages on a page and still had three other pages. She scrolled to the third page and began to select the footages one after the other, trying to see the security cameras placed around the house and what the method of connection to the house system was.

After checking some footages, she got what she wanted – the certainty that the cameras made use of wireless connections. She took out another device from her bag and placed it carefully on the dashboard. She turned the BiV wifi app on her tablet on and searched for the available connections. The BiV wifi app was an application which was created to search for and identify networks located both at near and far distances from the searching point. It could also help to connect to the network as far as it wasn’t secured.

She picked the second device as the BiV application began it’s search. She turned on the address locator on the second device and sent a request to locate the distance in metres from her point to the State Staff House where the Inspector General was being secured. The address locator processed the results in seconds. The BiV WiFi app had found up to fifty available networks and was still searching. As it displayed the networks found on a list, it also displayed their distance in metres and directions from the point where the device was. It took five more minutes of searching before the app could locate the network available at the exact distance the Staff House was.

Tarasha clicked on it from the list and viewed the details of the network. It was secured as she expected. She copied some numbers from the details and minimized the app, she opened another app and pasted the numbers into a pop up box.


Location : State Staff House, Abuja

Time: 04:00am

‘Sir, we are having some glitches with the network.’ Agent Tim heard the voice sound in his ears. At first, the words didn’t make sense to him. He had not woken up completely yet after answering the fifteenth knock on the door.

‘What do you mean?’ He said, trying to open his eyes wide enough to accomodate the light.

‘It’s fluctuating, going off and on.’ the officer in front of him answered.

‘Why?’ Agent Tim rolled out of the bed and sat at the edge. He picked his phone on the footstool and checked the time.

‘I think its about to rain, there’s heavy wind outside.’

‘So what do we do?’ Agent Tim.

‘We were thinking of switching, the network officials could switch for us if you make a call to them.’

Agent Tim checked his time again. He sighed. He had barely slept for two hours and his boys had come to wake him up again.

‘Their call service opens by 7am, they would not give us a quick response at this time.’ he answered.

‘But you could make a call to their boss, that’s why I came to tell you.’

Agent Tim yawned. ‘How bad is the fluctuation? What are those things it is affecting?’

‘Our communication and also sending and receiving of texts but most especially the cameras, the signals are going off and on.’

Agent Tim checked his time once again. ‘If that’s the case, we can manage till 6am, I’ll call the man then,’ he said and made his way back to his sleeping position. He didn’t think there was any cause for alarm. Nobody knew where the Inspector General was kept and the state staff would be the least suspected place.

‘Okay sir,’ the officer bowed slightly and turned. He walked out of the room, typing a message on his phone as he walked.


‘Let’s make use of the network till 6am, the networks should be back up at least by 6:30am.’ a message popped into Tarasha’s device.

She read for a second time and checked the time. ‘Six thirty,’ she muttered under her breath and smiled faintly. She had two hours to work conveniently.

She held the message on the screen down with her thumb and a list of options displayed. She clicked on the first option “Release”. That way, the message would go into the devices of the people it was sent to, but if it was withheld , it would never get delivered to the right people.

She was already close to the staff house now. Her backpack was at the passenger’s side of the car. She pulled out two pistols from the backpack and placed them between her legs. She also took out a communication pack from the outer pocket, she fixed the earpiece in her ears and fixed the mouthpiece on the collar of her shirt.

‘You can connect now,’ she typed in a textbox and sent to Cole’s number. She then opened the door and stepped out carefully. She took a quick look around the area before picking the guns on the seat and putting it into her pockets. She bent in and picked her backpack. It was lighter, unlike how she took it from Lagos. She had emptied some of the contents into the boot of the rented car. She strapped the bag to her back and proceeded to the neighboring compound beside the staff house.

She got to the gate of the compound and tapped it gently. She didn’t get any response at the first time. She tapped it the second time and she began to hear the sounds of dogs barking. She then took out a small radio device from her bag, she put on the radio and placed it on the floor in front of the gate, leaving it to make noise as it was tuned to no particular station. She walked away quickly to the next fenced compound which was a church, she had studied the place already and knew there were only two security officers in the place and they had been locked in their security room since night time, probably because the place was less prone to attack.

She scaled over the fence into the church compound, landing as quiet as possible. She picked a white plastic chair beside the gate and walked straight to the left side of the church. She placed the chair beside the fence and climbed on it to see what was going on in the other compound. From there, she could see the only security man in the compound with the two dogs beside him at the gate, the dogs still barking at the noise from the radio outside. She took a minute to observe the barriers on the fence and carefully placed her hands on the safe places and jumped into the other compound.

She landed quietly like she landed the first time and the noise from the dogs barking helped to make her landing more unnoticeable. She glanced one more time at the gate, the security man there was still pointing his torchlight through the holes to see what was outside. She walked hurriedly to the backyard to make a turn to the other side, her sneakers were perfect enough to ensure that no sound was made even as she walked hurriedly.

She stopped at the left corner by the fence of the new compound where the dogs were barking. She turned back and looked around for a while, she located a twenty five litres jerrycan. she went for it and brought it closer to the fence. She climbed and raised her head carefully to peep into the Staff House compound. She could find no one at the left side of the compound, she knew that the dogs barking would have caused the movement of the men from where they were previously stationed.

The dogs’ barking reduced and Tarasha heard the sound of the gate opening. In a twinkling of an eye, she crossed over to the staff house. She landed safely in a squatting position. She took out one of her pistols and ensured the silencer was attached. She walked to the backyard of the house, there was no one and nothing there except some containers of paints and painting materials. She walked to the edge of the building at the other side and hid behind the wall to peep. She could see three of the men from where she stood, all facing the gate and saying some words to themselves.

She turned and walked to pick three painting brushes. She returned to the edge of the wall and took another look, then she tossed a brush from where she was to the fence to make some noise. She pulled her head back a bit and saw as the man behind turn back. He put his gun forward and began to walk towards the back. She could hear every of his footsteps as he came closer.

‘They found a radio at their gate,’ Tarasha heard a voice say.

‘A radio?’ the man coming to the back stopped and turned again.

Tarasha squatted and took a quick look.

‘How did the radio get there?’ the man asked and began to go forward again. One of the men Tarasha saw at the front before had joined another outside the compound. Three men were now at the front space of the compound, two outside and one at the right hand side where Tarasha was.

Tarasha tossed the second brush to the wall and the man turned back sharply. He pointed his gun to the back and looked about randomly to see where the noise was from. He noticed the two brushes at the side of the wall. They weren’t on the same spot but had a difference of about one and half metres between. He halted on that spot trying to remember if he had seen the brushes there before. He shook his head in negation and pointed his gun forward as he proceeded to the back, now slowly.

‘Who is there?’

Tarasha positioned her gun well in her hands.

‘Who are you talking to?’ one of the men shouted from the front.

‘I think there’s something, or someone at the back,’ the man said without looking back.

An idea struck Tarasha’s mind at that moment and she got up from her squatting position and walked to the spot where the paint buckets were, she behind the buckets placed on each other. That way someone coming from the right would see her easily but the guy coming from the left wouldn’t.

She waited for some seconds until the man got to the back, she could tell where he was from the sounds of his steps.

‘There’s nothing here,’ the man said in an unsure voice as he got to the back of the house. Tarasha peeped from the side and saw that he wasn’t pointing his gun anymore. He was however walking closer and checking around.

Tarasha held her gun firmly and peeped once again. She counted three silently and at the third time rose out of her hiding place and fired a shot to the right shoulder of the man. The man staggered and fell to the ground on his bum with his gun dropping away from him.

She got to him immediately and rushed him two blows on the face, making him fall back to the floor. Then she pushed her gun into his mouth and placed a finger on her lips.

‘Shhhh… If you want to live answer all my questions quickly,’ she said in very low tones.

The officer nodded in fear.

‘In what part of the house is the inspector General?’ she asked.

The man continued to nod his head and make incoherent sounds, a sign for Tarasha to remove her gun from his mouth.

She took it out and he quickly tried to take advantage by pushing her away but she was able to resist him and ended him hitting his head with the butt of the gun. After that she sent a bullet straight into his forehead. She looked up immediately and could hear footsteps of someone else coming closer. She quickly rushed to the back wall of the house and waited at the edge.

She stepped forward and pulled the man to the back of the building immediately he surfaced. He tried to hit her with the swing of his hand but she dodged and slammed the man’s back to the wall.

He groaned but quickly tried to dip his hand into his pocket to take out his gun but she followed up with a kick to his stomach and then dragged him by the neck and turned his back to herself. She pulled him to where the glass window was and slammed his head into the window, smashing the glass and leaving him with several injuries on the face. She turned him back and pulled him from the wall, she sent a blow to his face and he fell to the ground. She placed a knee on the ground and quickly pulled him by the collar. She placed the gun to the forehead.

‘In what part of the house is the Inspector General?’

The man raised his hand and pointed a finger to the left side. ‘The first master bedroom at the left.’

She twisted his neck and dropped him on the floor. She took out his gun from his pocket and proceeded to the right hand side. She could still see one of the officers at the gate but he wasn’t looking back. She proceeded slowly and as fast as she could. Then she stopped as she noticed a door by the side.

She tried to turn the knob but it wouldn’t open. She noticed that the lock needed a card to be swiped into a card reader for the door to open. She glanced at the man at the gate again, he was still too busy to look back. She took off her backpack and took out a set of screw drivers. She looked at the lock of the building to pick the matching screw driver. Then she began to loose the screws of the lock mechanism. In two minutes, she took o.ff the front pack of the card reader and the covering. She located the string which released the door whenever the card reader reads an authorized card and pushed the string in with the screw driver. The door opened with a loud sound. She glanced at the man she could see standing at the gate, he was now looking back and she was sure he had seen her.

She pushed the door and stepped in with her tool pack on a hand and her backpack on the other hand. She closed the door back immediately and destroyed the mechanic with two shots from her gun. She quickly returned the toolbox into her backpack except for the screw driver used to make loose the lock machine. She strapped her bag on and proceeded further.

It was a passage of about two metres wide and five metres long. She could hear some footsteps approaching from inside the house as she proceeded. Timing the distance of the sounds of their footsteps and relating to the entrance of the passage, she surged forward with great speed and rammed a kick into one of the men approaching the passage. Another man was behind the first man and he raised his gun to shoot her but she quickly grabbed his wrist and directed his hand upward, making him shoot at the ceiling. She stabbed in the belly with the screw driver severally and pushed him to the wall.

The second man was up and he came rushing to her with a kick but she swerved away and grabbed his leg and slammed him to the wall of the passage’s entrance. As she raised her head up, she saw another man entering the straight passage. She cocked her gun and fired a quick shot at him before he could take out his own gun. The bullet entered into the man’s chest and he fell to the ground at once.

The man who was stabbed in his belly was still making efforts to get up. Tarasha glanced at the second man who she had slammed to the wall and fired a bullet into his body.

She picked up the screw driver used to stab the man and quickly fixed it into the outer pocket of her backpack. She pulled the man by the collar and began to drag him along with her.

She had hoped that the whole operation would be done silently but that had changed since the man she was dragging tried to shoot her and she redirected his hands up. The bullet sound would have attracted the attention of other officers on duty and even the ones sleeping. She would now have a lot of officers to deal with but she was ready and up to the task.

She dragged the man some metres away from the bodies on the floor and made him sit on the ground with his back against the wall beside a door. She looked around and noticed that five other rooms along that corridor. ‘Where is the IGP?’ she asked, staring into his eyes.

‘In the first master bedroom.’ the man replied in a weak voice.

‘How do I get to the first master bedroom?’

‘It’s the second room where you enter through the living room.’

‘Shi*t! Tarasha cursed. She had not come in through the front door, so it could be quite difficult to locate the master bedroom. Her ears began to pick sounds of footsteps approaching hurriedly as she thought of other ways to get to the master bedroom faster.

The footsteps were getting closer and Tarasha was not yet decided on what to do. She stepped closer to the door to the room beside the man and turned the knob, it opened easily. She pushed it in and quickly dragged in the man. She closed the door just in time. Three men surfaced in the passage from the front at that moment, one of them stopped beside the dead body close to where they entered from and another proceeded slowly and carefully to the other body lying at the entrance to the left side passage at the wall end.

‘Where’s your service room?’ Tarasha asked the man in low tones.

‘Service room?’ the man widened his eyes, not knowing what she meant.

‘Your control room where I can find a map of the house or where the security cameras are being monitored from,’ she explained.

The man shook his head, unwilling to talk.

She landed him a blow on the nose. He developed a headache that instant.

‘You have to go forward,’ the man replied reluctantly in a voice almost muffled by the pain. He raised his hand and made gestures to describe the way. ‘You get to a lounge after stepping out of this passage, another passage leads into the lounge and the control room is the last one along that passage.’

Tarasha hit the butt of her gun on his head immediately after he mentioned his last word and he fell unconscious. She hit him in the head once again to make sure he stays longer in his unconsciousness.

She rose up and moved close to the door to listen. She could hear footsteps running around and walking up and down the passage. Then she heard the sounds of kicking and slamming of doors, she knew the men were opening the doors of the rooms along that passage one after the other and checking inside, she knew they were coming to that one. She quickly adjusted the straps of her backpack to make it loose and stretched her hand to the middle zip to pull it down. She picked out cartridges for her revolvers and changed the catridge in the gun she held and also put another catridge in the gun she took from one of the men.

She moved away from the back of the door and leaned against the wall beside the frame of the door. Soon as she expected, the door was kicked open and a man rushed in. She slammed the man with the opened door to the wall and with the guns in her hands pointed outside. She sprayed the bullets randomly to the front, hitting two officers at the front side of the passage. She quickly glanced to the back just in time to see a man coming from the wall end corridors firing a shot at her. She quickly bent and fired back a shot. The man dodged and hid behind the wall of the passage quickly. She heard the steps of a man from the front and fired a shot straight into his belly as she swung her right hand there.

She got up and began to fire shots with her left hand to the passage direction as she began to walk forward in the corridor, her head swinging left and right as she proceeded. She added speed to her steps when she saw that the man hiding at the passage wasn’t coming out and stopped at the passage entrance which was the back door to a lounge.

‘Mr. Dangana, what the hell does it take you to fix another entre-net and send us the details right away?’ Agent Tim said angrily into the phone. He had been forced to come awake now that it was obvious the house was being attacked. He was just trying to force the chairman of the network service installers to provide another for them, so that they could use the security cameras.

‘Sir, I’m not in the office and would have to call someone else who also isn’t in the office. It’ll take some time for the person to get there and that’s even if it’s possible.’ a male voice replied from the other end.

‘Dude, do you realized that the house is under attack and we can’t even collect footages from what the camera is recording.?’

‘Oh! What the heck,’ the man cursed. ‘I would make a request for a new network now but you could also send me the details of your previous network so I could check and see if it’s rectifiable.’

To be continued


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